Why a Girl Would Reject a Guy She Likes – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

Why a Girl Would Reject a Guy She Likes – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

She likes you, and he or she is aware of you want her to. Why on this planet would she say “no” to dating you? Why would a woman reject a man she likes? It would not make sense, proper? 

Being rejected by a woman who you understand likes you may be painful and complicated—prefer it cuts proper to the core of your manhood. If that’s how you are feeling proper now, then believe me—I sympathize. I’ve been there, too.

That mentioned, there may be some excellent news: We know exactly why ladies reject males they like. And whenever you perceive the explanations behind the rejection, issues turn into a lot much less painful and complicated.

Better but, when you understand what’s actually occurring, then you can begin adjusting to get extra ladies saying “yes” to you. And that’s what this text will do for you.

So, let’s go get the woman. Let’s begin from the underside:

Why Would a Girl Reject a Guy She Likes?

There are many causes, however, all of them boil down to 5 main ones. Later on in this article, you’ll learn to alter your methods to cope with these causes, however, for now, it’s greatest to get very conversant with them first.

Why would a woman reject a man she likes? First and foremost:

#1: She’s unavailable

Here’s an indisputable fact that’s each sobering and comforting at the identical time: 80% of the ladies you’ll strategy will likely be unavailable for dating. The causes for his or her unavailability will differ:

  • They will not be considering dating and relationships and as a substitute are just for hookups.
  • They could already be taken, and they also have no real interest in assembly and dating new males. (Up to half of them will likely be married.)
  • There could also be an excessive amount of occurring in their lives, they usually haven’t any time for love.

You get the concept, proper? It may very well be something. All in all, it’s a sobering statistic. Women would possibly such as you a lot, however just one in each 5 of them will likely be accessible thus far you. And so, in case you approached them, they’ll reject you out of necessity.

Still, right here’s the comforting half: If you’ve been rejected on many occasions prior to now, then 4 out of each 5 of these rejections weren’t your fault. So don’t kick yourself too onerous.

That mentioned, that also leaves the one in 5 rejections that were your fault. And whereas it might be cringy to maintain replaying that rejection in your head, bear in mind: with the fitting data, you won’t make the identical mistake twice.

So let’s get that data now.

#2: You moved too slowly

Here’s the second cause she rejected you even when she favored you: You didn’t make your transfer in time. Either you didn’t make a transfer on her in any respect, otherwise, you hesitated and waited too long.

As an outcome, she stopped liking you—or, extra particularly, her attraction to you pale. If she tried her hardest to get your consideration and you continue to didn’t make your transfer on time, she could even dislike you now for letting her efforts go to waste.

Here’s the large lesson: Attraction fades rapidly so that you’ll wish to strike whereas the iron is sizzling to any extent further. If you’ve been having a hassle recognizing the indicators a woman likes you, hold studying—you won’t wish to miss the ideas later.

#3: You tousled your first impression

Here, she could have favored you a lot, however, you tousled when making your first impression. There are some ways to do this:

  • You didn’t smile sufficient, and as a substitute appeared aloof
  • You didn’t flirt sufficient, and as a substitute got here off as platonic
  • You didn’t make eye contact, and so that you appeared insecure
  • Etc.

You gave her the impression that you’re not manly and enticing. You made her assume that you’re not considering her. And so whenever you requested her out, you caught you off-guard and he or she mentioned “No.”

Do you one way or the other hold messing up your first impressions on ladies?

#4: Your strategy was off the mark

Why would a woman reject a man she likes? She could have favored you—perhaps even actually favored you. Unfortunately, your strategy was awkward, needy, or complicated:

  • Perhaps you had been an excessive amount of of a good man, and never practically manly sufficient
  • Perhaps you probably did an excessive amount for her and didn’t let her return the favor, which made her really feel like she owes you
  • Perhaps you adopted her preferences as a substitute of taking the initiative and main her

As an outcome, her attraction for you turned to uncertainty. In some instances, uncertainty can enhance her attraction to you. But on this explicit occasion the place you fully missed the mark, isn’t doing you any favors. In that frame of mind, she’s more likely—virtually 100% positive—to reject you.

#5: She felt an excessive amount of strain

Lastly, in case you’re at all times rejected by ladies, it could be as a result of they really feeling an excessive amount of strain from you. You may need the next unhealthy habits:

  • Asking her to be your girlfriend out of the blue
  • Pressuring her to reply with a straight “yes” or “no” to a date with you
  • Asking for her quantity, however, it sounds an excessive amount like a proposal (“I think you’re beautiful. Can I have your number so I can get to know you better?”)

In instances like these, a lady is more likely to say a fast “No” simply to flee the strain. It doesn’t matter if she likes you—placing her on the spot like that’s a positive option to get rejected.

In a bit, you’ll study in regards to the options for those hindrances. You’ll get tips about how one can alter your seems, character, and technique to strategy extra ladies and get rejected much less.

For now, take into consideration the occasions you’ve gotten rejected prior to now. Now that you understand the 5 the explanation why ladies reject males they like, which ones apply to you?

It helps to give attention to one sore level in your technique at a time. Fix it, get good outcomes, then transfer on to the following.

What to Do When You’re Always Rejected by Women

Now, let’s speak about options. BeyondAges already has information on what to do after getting rejected—it’s right here in case you want it. Meanwhile, in case you want to steer on how one can reduce and handle the rejections, you’ll get transferring ahead, then hold the following tips in thought:

#1: Don’t take it personally

Do you understand how some guys nonetheless carry on assembly new ladies even after they’ve been rejected a whole bunch of occasions earlier than? What offers them confidence? What retains them from getting discouraged and jaded?

Simple: They know the 80% rule. They know that on the majority of occasions they get rejected, it’s not their fault—it was a cube roll that didn’t go their method. To cope with rejection in a wholesome method and soldier on, assembly new ladies till they discover the one who makes all of it price it.

That’s the primary large change you can also make in your recreation: Stop taking rejections personally. They virtually by no means are. Dust yourself off and take a look at it once more.

#2: Master making good first impressions

We have information for turning the sport on its head and making ladies strategy you. Luckily sufficient, the identical suggestions in that information are a good framework for making good first impressions on ladies, as effectively, similar to

  • Looking your greatest always
  • Being wholesome and match
  • Have good physique language
  • Be open and welcoming
  • Offer a gap to be approached and talked to

If you wrestle with making a good impression on the ladies you meet, that is how one can get ladies to strategy you rather than the opposite method round.

#3: Move quick

It bears repeating: attraction fades rapidly. The second you sense a lady likes you (and you want her to), strategy her, chat together with her, get her quantity, and arrange the one-on-one date—in as little time as you may handle.

Within 2-3 dates tops, you need to know if you need a relationship together with her—and, in case you do, what sort of relationship you need. If you wait too lengthy earlier than transferring, you’ll by no means get the possibility to seek out.

#4: Adopt a no-strain strategy

Lastly, drop the flashy proposals. Stop making an attempt to impress ladies, and as a substitute simply be cool and laid-again. If you invite her to espresso over the weekend and he or she says “yes,” then nice. If she says “no,” then no worries. There’ll at all times be the following woman.

Instead of claiming: “I think you’re beautiful. Can I have your number so I can get to know you better?”, say: “I like you. You’re funny. Give me your number.” It’s a lot simpler for a lady to say “Sure!” to a cool, laid-again request like that.

Go Get the Girl

So why would a woman reject a man she likes? Now you understand—there are 5 causes. While there’s nothing you are able to do in regards to the first cause (she’s unavailable), the opposite 4 causes are completely inside your management. You merely have to:

  1. Learn to not take rejections personally, even when they nonetheless sting generally
  2. Master the artwork of constructing a good first impression
  3. Move quick
  4. Adopt a no-strain strategy

Again, it’s greatest to repair one sore level in your recreation earlier than you progress on to the following. Now go on, get to work, and get the woman.

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