Why Girls Like Attention And How Guys Can Use It

Why Girls Like Attention And How Guys Can Use It

Dating has so much to do with social dynamics and a big part of that revolves around the consideration. We get lots of people asking why women like consideration a lot and the reply is extra sophisticated than you suppose.

First off, it’s not simply ladies that like consideration, all of us do. Humans throughout the board prefer to really feel like we’re not less than worthy of being seen. Second, it is dependent upon the kind of consideration being given and obtained and what meaning for everybody concerned.

To keep on the matter right here, we’re going to focus particularly on why women need consideration. The higher you’ll be able to perceive this and finest fulfill it, the better your dating life will turn out to be.

Why Do Girls Like Attention?

To reply to this query, we have to begin by understanding the kind of consideration they’re in search of. Also, who they’re in search of that focus from.

There’s an enormous distinction between the varied kinds of consideration looking for you’ll come throughout and what motivates them. More importantly in your dating life, figuring out which kind you’re coping with can information you on what to do subsequently.

Today, we’re going to stay to the 2 principal varieties it is advisable to get acquainted with to assist your dating life. Whether you’re utilizing dating apps and websites or otherwise you desire to satisfy ladies out and about, this text applies throughout the board.

Signs You’re Dealing with Attention-Seeking Women

We all have not less than one pal who’s vulnerable to this. Frequent bikini images on Instagram, heavily-filtered pics on Snapchat, and fixed monitoring of her social media. Desperate for consideration from anybody and everybody.

This sort of consideration looking for usually comes from an unhealthy place. Generally (not all the time) it comes from a spot of low vanity — looking for validation from others instead of self-worth.

Although ladies on this place will, fortunately, settle for validation from you, it’s actually not about you in any respect. She’s in search of this consideration from wherever and whoever she will be able to get it.

She must be the focal point

One apparent signal you’re coping with a consideration seeker is her have to make each dialog about her.

Mentioned that you simply acquired again from Mexico? “Oh my god, I was there two months ago and we had the craziest night. I went to this club with my friend and. . .”

She’s a giant fan of tall tales

I’ve met greater than my share of individuals like this prior to now and it might probably get exhausting to be around. No matter what the subject, she simply has to one-up it to ensure the eye is on her.

“I just got back from the music festival and I’m exhausted!”

“Yeah, I got free tickets to a festival last month. My friend knew the opener so we got to go backstage then ended up going to Vegas on a private jet with one of the DJs.”

She enjoys making a scene

For most individuals, drama stops being pleasing by late high school. For some, this drama is one other solution to generate some consideration, perhaps even really feel related.

If she appears to have some sort of dramatic story or some sort of new drama each time you discuss with her, that’s a reasonably clear signal.

She’s a bit of too all in favour of her social media

Most of us use not less than some type of social media on daily basis and that’s completely regular. For the unhealthy consideration seeker, their social media begins to turn out to be their persona.

Everything she does needs to be posted to not less than one platform. Every notification has to be seen instantly. If you’re the kind who prefers to maintain your cellphone in your pocket for many days, you’ll discover this trait in a short time.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries early otherwise you may end up staring behind her cellphone a bit too usually.

She’s not all in favour of something that isn’t about her

Another enormous signal that she’s that sort of consideration seeker is the actual fact she’s nowhere to be discovered if one thing isn’t about her.

When you’re transferring home, coping with a tough time, or celebrating one thing essential, she’s “busy”. Unless, in fact, she has the chance to make your celebration about her.

“Let’s celebrate at ABC bar, my friend works there and he’ll totally give me free drinks all night.”

How to Deal with That Type of Attention-Seeking

Specific to dating life, there are 4 issues it is advisable to be conscious of with this type of attention-seeking girl.

Decide in case you’re okay with it

It can get irritating however isn’t inherently a deal-breaker for everybody. This trait is a part of who she is and solely you’ll be able to determine if it really works for you.

Handle it like an grownup

It is perhaps tempting to name her out on this traitor to get visibly pissed off however that’ll solely make it worse. Stay calm, attempt to perceive the place it’s coming from.


Don’t be afraid to have a sincere dialog along with her about issues if it begins to get on your nerves an excessive amount. Just ensure you aren’t attempting to show her into another person.

If it is advisable to, stroll away

“There are plenty more fish in the sea” and different such cliches. If her attention-seeking is sporting away at you, there’s no rule saying it’s a must to stick around.

How you select to deal with one of this persona is solely as much as you. If you’re into her, giving her that little bit of consideration can open the door to studying extra about who she is. Just watch out you don’t find yourself getting friend-zoned and used purely for validation.

Signs a Woman Wants Your Attention (Because She Likes You)

This sort of attention-seeking is clearly an important signal for you. She isn’t simply determined for validation from a heat physique, she’s into you. Particularly after we’re speaking about dating older ladies, she’ll do an important job of creating certain it, too.

Depending on how daring she’s feeling, this might appear to be something from common texting to outright telling you. I’ve definitely had a few events the place ladies have jokingly mentioned “hey, pay attention to me!”

Since it’s uncommon that we’ll get alerts telegraphed fairly this sturdy, we’ll have a look at some extra delicate alerts within the subsequent part.

She texts you usually

Most associates and colleagues are likely to textual content when there’s a selected purpose. Making plans, asking a query, or speaking about one thing particularly.

On the opposite hand, in case you discover that she texts you on a regular basis with no actual objective, this can be a fairly good signal she’s. She enjoys seeing your identity present on her cellphone and attending to know you higher.

She notices the place you’re within the room

This is a fascinating human trait that you couldn’t unsee when you’ve been made conscious of it. When we’re interested in somebody, we’ll subconsciously maintain monitor the place they’re within the room.

It’s nothing creepy and we’re all responsible for it, simply not everyone seems to be conscious it’s occurring. If you’re standing on reverse sides of the room engaged in several conversations, you may discover the 2 of you retain making eye contact.

That’s as a result of at an unconscious stage, she’s craving your consideration and needs to know the place you’re.

She directs a variety of her inquiries to you

You’ll discover this much more in case you’re the quiet sort in a gaggle dialog. Rather than asking a query to the group and having somebody replies to it, she’ll particularly ask about your opinion.

Not solely does she worth your opinion, however, she’s additionally attempting to interact with you extra instantly and ensure you’re noticing her.

She desires to be close to you

Although not all the time deliberate, when she desires your consideration, you’ll usually discover her bodily near you. This is one other broad human trait, fortunately, one which’s straightforward to choose from, even for essentially the most oblivious of us males.

She particularly invitations you out to issues

If she invitations you to a gaggle occasion, it’s laborious to say if it’s something greater than as a pal. On the opposite hand, if she’s usually inviting you to do issues along with her alone, this can be a sturdy sign.

It doesn’t should be date-esque, it may very well be one thing like “I need to go pick something up from downtown. Want to come for a drive?”

If she’s into you, she enjoys your organization so it actually doesn’t matter what you stand up to.

What to Do with This Type of Attention-Seeking from Women

She’s into you, and perhaps you’re into her too. When you’ve picked up on a few of these alerts from her, you need to ensure you deal with them in a precise manner. Assuming you’re simply as into her, listed below are a number of fast tips about what to do subsequent.

Show her you’re too

If you’ve given no indication in case you’re into her or not, she’s most likely questioning in case you really feel the identical. The subsequent time you’re doing one thing collectively, inform her you’re having a very good time.


Start inviting her out too. Don’t let this be a one-sided factor. Another nice solution to let her know you share the identical curiosity is by inviting her out. If you’re able to go a step additional, ask her about the correct date.

Communicate brazenly

You’re each adult and dating shouldn’t be about convoluted alerts. As issues begin to develop, don’t be afraid to speak to her brazenly about it. I guarantee you it’s not as scary as you suppose and he or she’ll respect it.

The subsequent time you’re questioning, “Why do girls like attention?” cease to think about if the right query is “why does THIS girl want MY attention?” She may very well be dropping numerous hints that she’s into you. And if that’s the case, it might be time to handle it!

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