What to Do When a Girl is Mad (Plus What NEVER works)

What to Do When a Girl is Mad (Plus What NEVER works)

Having a lady’s anger directed at you may be nerve-wracking, particularly if she’s vital to you indirectly. Odds are you don’t know what to do when a lady is mad at you. I’m speaking about actually mad, not simply mildly irritated or in an unhealthy temper. What do you have to do to soothe her anger without making issues worse?

Here’s the factor: Most males do not know what to do as a result of they do not know why girls get mad. And that is the key—when you recognize the true causes behind girls’ anger, then coping with it turns into simple.

In this text, you’ll be taught exactly why girls get mad, what to do, and—maybe most significantly: What not to say and do if you’d like to have any success with girls.

Let’s begin with the foundation of the issue:

Why People Get Angry (It’s Not What You Think)

Anger is likely to be onerous to clarify if you’re indignant, however, it’s truly fairly easy: It’s what we really feel after we need one thing but can’t have it. It’s a feeling of helplessness that doesn’t go away.

Makes sense, proper? Think of the final time you felt livid. Wasn’t there one thing you needed that you just couldn’t get—like an apology, respect, or intercourse?

Women are not totally different. When they get mad at you, it’s as a result of they really feeling helpless. There’s one thing they need however cannot get.

But this is the excellence: When a lady is mad, pay much less consideration to why they are saying they’re mad—and as a substitute, pay shut consideration to what they do.

The Fake Reasons Women Get Mad at You

Over the years, I’ve met a whole lot of girls from all corners of the world. And, sure, dozens of them obtained mad at me no less than as soon as. And you recognize what I noticed? 95% of the time, the explanations they provide you for being mad aren’t actually true.

In my expertise, the three most typical causes girls say they get indignant are:

  • “I’m just having a rotten day.” (Implying they need some cheering up, however, they’ll have it.)
  • “You’re a jerk who’s being rude.” (Implying they need an apology.)
  • “I just want to be left alone.” (Implying you’re being a pest.)

Seems honest, proper?

Except I see that once I give them what they suggest they need—cheering up, an apology, or leaving them alone—they nonetheless keep mad at me. (Or at the very least, they lose curiosity in me.)

You’ve skilled that too, proper? A lady will get mad at you, she implies she desires one thing, you give it to her, and—what occurs? She’s nonetheless mad.

Many years in the past, I’d have girlfriends who obtained mad at me for messing up a technique or one other. I’d apologize, and—you guessed it—they’d get even angrier. Or they’d break up with me quickly after.

So what’s happening?

What indignant girls really need

Today, I’ve realized that when a lady sees you as a potential lover or accomplice, these three widespread causes (having an unhealthy day, she thinks you’re a jerk, or she desires to be left alone) are faux causes for her anger.

Instead, when you’re dating or in a relationship, there are three actual explanations why a lady would get indignant:

Reason #1: She’s sexually pissed off

Sexual frustration is widespread with girls who haven’t been fortunate with males these days. You’ll realize it when:

  • She rants about her ex-boyfriend who left her a 12 months in the past
  • She feedback about how she’s been single for a very long time
  • She says issues like, “My friends have been worried about my sex life, but I’m focusing on my career…”

Here’s the factor: If she’s irritable as a result of being sexually pissed off, she most likely doesn’t realize it. Instead, she’d simply inform you: “I’ve just had a rotten day,” or “Nah, sorry, I’ve just been stressed out lately.”

Reason #2: She feels you’re out of her league

This is widespread if you flirt with a lady who’s much less enticing than you’re. She’ll really feel you’re “too good for her,” and so she rejects you earlier than you may reject her.

So she says: “I don’t want to talk to anyone right now,” or “I just want to be alone.” She desires you, however, she thinks she will’t has you ever, and so she angrily tries to spare herself the heartbreak.

Reason #3: She would not really feel as liked as she desires to be

This is most typical when she’s in a relationship with you. When she doesn’t really feel as liked by you as she desires to be, it’s seemingly due to mismanaged expectations:

  • Either you didn’t set affordable expectations for the connection, and now she’s confused…
  • …Or you made guarantees however aren’t making good on them proper now…
  • …Or you probably did set affordable expectations, however now she desires to change them.

When your relationship has mismanaged expectations, she’ll find yourself wanting one thing she will’t has. And so, she will get indignant and calls you “a jerk.”

Worst case situation: she finds somebody who can meet her expectations. It’s good if she breaks up with you first, however some girls find yourself dishonest on you as a substitute.

These are the three actual explanations why girls get indignant. What do you have to do in every state of affairs?

Let’s first take a look at the primary two causes, which mostly occur if you’re not in a relationship together with her.

What to Do When a Girl is Mad at You

Here’s what to do when a lady is mad at you—and she or he’s not your girlfriend.

Again, when a lady you’re teasing or flirting with will get mad at you, it’s both as a result of (1) she’s sexually pissed off, or (2) she feels you’re out of her league.

#1: When she’s sexually pissed off, do that…

The second an indignant lady mentions she’s single, or lonely, or that she broke up with her ex months in the past: Assume she’s sexually pissed off.

The answer is easy: Give her good, lengthy nighttime. Perhaps dial down the teasing, make an actual connection, and discover an excuse to “continue the conversation somewhere private.” It’s a good way to transfer issues ahead after the primary date, 

On the opposite hand, if sleeping with girls on the primary date is not one thing you do, you may merely apologize, thank her for her time, and go away. No biggie.

#2: When she feels you are out of her league, do that…

When you tease her—or when she tries flirting with you, however, you don’t discover it or act such as you’re not —she would possibly get indignant. That’s as a result of she desires you, however, she feels you’re too good for her.

If you need to make things better shortly, do these:

  • If you have been teasing her, dial it down or cease it completely
  • Spend a while constructing a actual emotional connection together with her
  • Get sensitive together with her (Start with one thing innocent, like a handshake or high-five)

That’s how to make a lady not mad at you.

Meanwhile, when you’re not, merely finish the interplay. Better not get her hopes up, proper?

Now, let’s take a look at the third state of affairs: What to do when a lady is mad at you—and she or he’s your girlfriend.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend is Mad

As we’ve simply realized when your girlfriend is indignant or thinks you are a jerk, it means she doesn’t really feel as liked as she desires to be. And there are three conditions the place this sense can stem from

#1: You didn’t set expectations for your relationship together with her, and now’s she’s confused

When she asks questions like: “What are we, really?”, then it means this is your downside: You didn’t set clear sufficient expectations.

The answer is easy: Address the foundation of the issue by having a lengthy chat about your relationship. Set your expectations now: Will you be boyfriend and girlfriend? Are you “just seeing each other?” Is it time to have a unique discussion? Now’s the time to resolve.

#2: You made guarantees, however, aren’t making good on them proper now.

Perhaps you promised she’d be your “one and only,” however she sees you flirting with different girls on a regular basis. Or you may need the behavior of constructing small guarantees right here and there, however, you retain forgetting about them.

If this is your state of affairs, drop the wiseguy masks now. Instead, be as loving and reassuring as you may be. Get her into a calmer, extra open frame of mind.

Then you do one of many following:

  • Either you begin maintaining the guarantees you made any longer…
  • …Or if you’d like to change your guarantees, inform her, then clarify why you need to change them and the way it’ll have an effect on your relationship shifting ahead.

The identity of the sport is managing expectations. Achieve that technique or one other, and she or he’ll cease being indignant.

#3: You set affordable expectations, however now she desires extra.

The most typical approach this occurs is if you agreed to get into a friends-with-benefits relationship, however now she desires an actual relationship. When you resist the thought, she will get indignant and calls you “a jerk.”

What do you have to do in this state of affairs?

Whatever you do, don’t compromise. Instead, perceive the place she’s coming from, however, stand on your floor. Any compromise you make will likely be good for her, however unhealthy for you.

If she stands on her floor, then you’ve left with two decisions:

In the previous state of affairs, you may deescalate the state of affairs and break up together with her properly. No hurt, no foul, you simply need various things. In the latter state of affairs, it is likely to be time to reevaluate your targets for this relationship and take issues to the subsequent stage.

Now, to wrap up, some additional suggestions to be sure to don’t make an indignant girlfriend even angrier…

What to Say When Your Girlfriend is Mad at You

In all conditions that contain indignant girls, the worst factor you are able to do is to get mad, too. If you may ensure that by no means occurs, you’ve received half the battle. 

If you don’t know what to do when a lady is mad at you, no less than know what to say and what NOT to say. Here are three issues to by no means say to an indignant girlfriend:

#1: DON’T SAY: “Get out of here.”

Worst case situation: If the date or relationship has to finish, don’t drive her out. If you’re at her place, merely go away.

Say this as a substitute: “I’ll drive you home.”

If you’re on the town together with her (or when you’re at your home), be a gent and provide to drive her house. It’ll give her anger a probability to cool earlier than you attain her place, and the day would possibly finish on a higher observe then.

#2: DON’T SAY: “Look who’s talking.”

…Or another try to shift the blame to her. It will solely make her angrier, which serves completely no function.

Say this as a substitute: “Let’s talk about this.”

If she wants to rant, let her—however finally, the purpose is to make her relax sufficiently to discuss the issue objectively.

#3: DON’T SAY: “Calm down.”

As the meme goes, “never in this history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down after being told to calm down.” Truer phrases have by no means been spoken!

Say this as a substitute: “Okay, so let me get this straight…”

When you present her you perceive the place she’s coming from—or no less than you’re making an honest effort to accomplish that—it’ll defuse her anger. When that occurs, discovering an amicable answer turns into 10 occasions simpler.

If you’re at a loss for what to say when your girlfriend is mad at you, hold these three in thought. 

Hopefully, this text has proven to you what to do when a lady is mad at you, whether or not she’s your girlfriend or somebody you simply met. The system is easy: Spot the indicators, perceive the true causes she’s mad, and handle them.

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