15 Subtle Signs He Is Talking To Someone Else

15 Subtle Signs He Is Talking To Someone Else

No one needs to confess it when their man is speaking to another person.

But there are a number of warning indicators you could look out for to know what to do subsequent. 

The feminine instinct isn’t fallacious.

And, when you’ve intestine intuition you then should not ignore pink flags.

But in relation to guys, it may be thrown off-track, just because guys will be complicated creatures which might be onerous to work out.

The downside for guys is that at any time when they’re speaking to another person, they’ve telltale clues that give them away without realizing it. Maybe they’re going to immediately grow to be much less obtainable than normal, or they grow to be actually protecting over their telephone.

Whatever scenario you are at the moment in – whether or not you are dating somebody new and wish to discover out when you’ve acquired a rival, or whether or not you are in a long-term emotional and bodily relationship and must know if he is dishonest on you – the considerably optimistic information is that each one guy are inclined to exhibit the identical behavior after they’re seeing else.

So come be part of us as we learn how nervous you actually have to be – or whether or not you don’t have anything to fret about in any respect. 

15 Signs He Is Talking To Someone Else

1. He’s Less Available Than He Used To Be

Remember when he was all the time obtainable to speak or hang around?

You’d textual content him randomly at 9 pm and ask when you can telephone him now.

“Sure!” he responded with enthusiasm.

Or how concerning the time you requested if he had plans tomorrow.

“I do – but I can break them for you.”

Maybe he is even-handed on sports activities for you.

On the opposite hand, if he is a method much less obtainable now than ever earlier, there may be a problem.

Now, his newfound unavailability doesn’t suggest that he is speaking to another person. He might need a superb purpose for being busy swiftly, or he might have sadly misplaced some curiosity. 

But it’s best to nonetheless be on your guard if he is much less obtainable, particularly if different issues do not add up (see beneath). 

2. His Phone Goes Off a Lot When You’re Together 

Like the above, simply because he will get quite a lot of telephone calls, messages, and notifications when you’re in his firm, that does not assure he is for certain speaking to another person. If nothing else, it implies that he is definitely in style.

And who is aware of who’s sending him all these texts? It might be a man buddy, or it may even be a member of the family.

What’s extra essential to notice is:

  • The frequency of those messages he is receiving over the course of per week or so.
  • His response price.
  • His physique language, the way in which he reacts at any time when his telephone rings.

Does he act sheepishly and responsibly at any time when he will get a barrage of texts in your organization? Does he perhaps slyly look at them when he thinks you are not wanting earlier than emitting a smile? 

Moreover, does he attempt as finest as attainable to be sure to by no means see who’s texted him? (Maybe he turns his telephone the other way up on the desk). 

If so, these are all warning indicators that he may be seeing another person. 

3. He’s Developed New Tastes in Music 

What purpose may there be for a person immediately creating new tastes in music?

It’s normally as a result of he is been launched to one thing by another person … and that another person might be a girl who he cannot get sufficient of. 

4. He’s Evasive About His Plans

The subsequent time he declares that he is acquired (*15*) with another person however will not elaborate on who or the place you have to be in your guard.

Whenever a person is being sincere and truthful about issues, he will certainly be extra particular about his plans. Perhaps he’ll say one thing alongside the strains of, “I can’t see you tonging because I and Jimmy are watching the game together at the bar.”

If nonetheless, he says one thing like, “oh, I can’t make it tonight, I’m going out,” however refuses to be something apart from imprecise, it is a pink flag.


Because he a) feels responsible about hiding one thing from you and would not wish to inform you a flat-out lie (however neither does he wish to disclose to you the reality) and b) he will not identify names as a result of, if he’s mendacity, the reality may simply come out. 

5. He’s Defensive 

If you ask him what he is been as much as and he asks you to cease bothering him, he is being defensive. And that is a foul signal. 

It’s identical when you ask who he is texting. Yes, a person deserves privateness, as all of us do. But if he will get tremendous defensive once you query him on seemingly minor issues, it suggests he has issues to cover. 

6. He’s Downloaded Dating Apps 

If your man has by no means used a selected app earlier than, corresponding to Snapchat or Tinder, however out of the blue, he downloads it, it may be as a result of he is utilizing it to speak to a different girl. 

There’s not a lot you are able to do about this besides asking him why he is joined a brand new app. 

And if he began to spend time on social & dating apps, it is usually a foul signal. 

7. He Doesn’t Invite You Out As Often 

Did your boyfriend often invite you to hang around with him and his associates?

Perhaps he usually requested you to hang around.

If so, pay shut consideration to how usually he invitations you out as of late. If he is clearly going out together with his associates and doing stuff with them but is not inviting you anymore, it might be an indication that he is seeing another person.

Note, nonetheless, that like many different factors on this listing, him not inviting you out doesn’t suggest that he is positively not speaking to another person. Guys speak about random and bizarre stuff that they often do not feel like sharing with their women. It simply implies that you have to be on your guard somewhat. Look out for different issues that perhaps do not add up.

Also, if he has a piece celebration however would not invite you – that is sort of a foul signal. 

8. He’s Happy To Keep Things Casual 

If he is indicated to you that he needs to maintain issues informally – or, certainly, if he is informed you that he needs to maintain issues informally – it is greater than seemingly that he is speaking to different girls and needs to maintain his choices open. 

No man who says he needs to maintain issues informal is not exploring different choices. 

9. He’s Unreasonably Happy 

Everyone has the proper to be pleased, after all. 

But when you discover that your man all the time appears to be strolling around with a smile on his face for no obvious purpose, it might be as a result of he is speaking to a different girl. 

For occasion, if he goes to the lavatory (together with his telephone) and emerges with a smile on his face or in any other case seems actually chirpy. 

Whenever guys are speaking to different girls, and at any time when these girls are saying all the proper issues to them, they are going to be strolling around with a smile on their faces. They can not help it! And it is their fixed happiness that usually catches them out. 

So in case your man is all the time pleased in the meanwhile, you possibly can ask him, “what are you so happy about these days?” 

Naturally, he will not inform you of the reality. But will probably be fascinating to see what he comes up with. 

10. He Openly Flirts With Other Women!

If a person can casually flirt with different girls – be it the waitress who serves you or his feminine buddy on Facebook – it would not essentially imply that he is for certain speaking to different girls. But it does imply that he clearly is not in opposition to speaking to different girls.

Moreover, he is aware of how you can do it. 

However, he blatantly checks out different girls then you have to be extra involved.

11. He Won’t Leave His Phone Lying Around 

Let’s face it, guys are usually actually careless about their stuff. They’ll go away the bathroom seat up, they’re going to overlook the place they’ve put the distant management – and so they’ll go away their telephone mendacity round.

After all, it is only a telephone.

But this is the factor: If a person is speaking to a different girl behind his girlfriend’s again, he’ll by no means go away his telephone mendacity round. And if he does, he’ll sheepishly return to select it up as quickly as attainable. 

So be careful how he behaves together with his telephone. Is he extra protective of it than normal? Does he show a slight panic at any time when he leaves it mendacity round by mistake? Does he go into extra of a panic than normal if he cannot discover his telephone?

And heaven forbid what would occur if his telephone pinged and also you picked it up first. If he reacts irrationally, it is a telltale signal that he is speaking to somebody he would not need you to find out about. 

12. He’s Started to Avoid Social Media 

Or perhaps he is not avoiding social media, however the way in which he makes use of social media is somewhat odd.

For occasion, a traditional tactic {that a} man (or a lady) will make use of is they are going to change their settings on Facebook and Instagram to be able to see their “last seen” time anymore.

Neither are you able to see whether or not they’re at the moment energetic or not.

This tactic is designed to cover the truth that they’re on-line all of the rattling time, and so they’re definitely on-line greater than normal.

Why may that presumably be the case?

It might be for any variety of causes. But if immediately they do not need you to know, it may be as a result of they’re speaking to a different lady. 

You can, after all, problem him on this one. You may casually and non-challengingly ask him why you immediately cannot see his final seen standing on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe he has a superb purpose – perhaps he would not.

13. He Takes Ages to Reply to You 

Suppose he used to answer to you nearly immediately however is now taking endlessly to answer to even the smallest of messages. In that case, it might probably usually imply that it is both as a result of he is busy having fun with the corporate of another person, or his head and thoughts is elsewhere.

In different phrases, he’s pondering another person, and as such is not prioritizing you a lot. 

14. He Forgets Stuff He’s Said to You

When a man has eyes just for you, he gives you his full, undivided consideration. It’s solely pure!

This means he’ll bear in mind a lot stuff. He’ll bear in mind what you’ve got talked about, he’ll bear in mind deliberate dates and schedules, and he’ll bear in mind the issues he is stating.

If he is seeing another person concurrently, it turns into a lot more durable for him to maintain monitor of issues.

For instance, one of many issues that usually journey a man up at any time when he is speaking to 2 women on the identical time is bringing somebody as much as Girl A that he truly talked to Girl B about. Girl A is confused and says, “we never talked about that.” He stutters, pauses, and thinks for a second, after which says, “oooooh yeah, I must have talked about it with my friend.”


Or, it may be the case that he repeats one thing that he otherwise you has already stated beforehand! Not solely is that this kind of factor is actually annoying, nevertheless, it’s additionally an indication that he is not paying consideration … and that perhaps he’s speaking to another person. 

15. He’s Vague About the Future 

Most folks in a wholesome relationship wish to assume and discuss concerning the future. It’s solely pure!

But in case your man is tremendous imprecise concerning the future and would not like to speak about it, it may be as a result of he is maintaining his choices open with a different girl and due to this fact would not wish to decide to you an excessive amount of as he has misplaced curiosity in you. 

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