50 Sexting Emojis (+ Hot Combinations) For Sexts

50 Sexting Emojis (+ Hot Combinations) For Sexts

Texting your gf, bf, booty name, or potential f*ckboy can get REAL uninteresting REAL quick in case you don’t know easy methods to combine up the dialog and preserve it attractive and sizzling.

Like significantly, what number of instances are you able to say, ‘I want to kiss you,’ or ‘I can’t cease eager about you,’ OR the dullest of all, ‘I wish you were here right now.’ 

(*50*)Reality Check: Your bae isn’t there with you, so it’s as much as you to discover an option to preserve them hooked by your steamy sexts. 

A enjoyable manner to do that is thru the fantastic world of emojis. With emojis, there are such a lot of methods to say one thing new and attractive whereas making somebody crave your contact. All you need to do is get just a little artistic with the library of emojis you’ve got at your disposal.

But, in case you’re feeling just a little misplaced and don’t know the place to begin, we’re right here to assist. These are the highest 50 soiled emojis you should use to reel in that particular piece of a**. 

50 Sexting Emojis & Their Meaning

1. (*50*)Winking Face

This one is fairly versatile and can be utilized in sexting and in flirty conversations. You can add this emoji as punctuation to praise to point out the person who you’re texting your true intentions.

Or, you may add it along with your playfully teasing them about one thing.

It’s even attainable to only ship this as a flirty ‘hello’ to get their consideration and allow them to know the place you’d just like the dialog to go.

2. (*50*)Eggplant

The eggplant is the worldwide emoji signal for a giant d*ck. It can be utilized in so many enjoyable sexts that may warm up the dialog and preserve your associate wanting extra. 

3. Hot Pepper

This one is SPICY. The chile pepper is a refined option to say that you’re in search of some playtime that’s just a little greater than vanilla. The chile pepper can seek advice from kinks, nevertheless, it can be used to inform your associate you assume they’re too sizzling to deal with!

4. Fire

Everyone likes to be instructed they’re on heart and that’s simply what this flame emoji is used for. 

5. Bone

You’ve most likely heard the time period ‘bone’ with regards to discussing intercourse or a penis, and that’s why this emoji exists, effectively, no less than in our ebook! Use this to inform somebody you’d positively be down for rolling within the sheets with them or to go with their you-know-what.

6. Carrot

The carrot is one other penis emoji that’s enjoyable to play with – no pun supposed. You can pair it with a bunny rabbit to let your associate know that you’re completely keen to stay it in your mouth. 

7. Banana

Of course, the banana emoji is related to a dude’s d*ck too. Straight from the produce aisle, the banana is essentially the most basic reference to a penis we’ve.

Send him this emoji alongside others to point out that you just need to kiss it, lick it, stroke it, no matter what you need to do to it. This emoji positively does a great job of getting your bae’s consideration.

8. Strawberry

The strawberry is the DTF emoji you most likely didn’t even know existed. This means you might be ripe, prepared, and raring to go! This will certainly get a quick reply out from your associate. 

9. Sushi

Everyone loves sushi and on this case, we imply ‘vagina.’ 

10. Cherries

Cherries, when despatched in a sext, can imply considered one of two issues. First, it may very well be referring to a woman’s virginity. You can positively use this emoji to ‘play innocent,’ even in case you’re removed from it.

This intercourse emoji can be used to seek advice from the testicles, as a result effectively, simply take a look at it!

11. Peach 

We don’t know who was the primary particular person to resolve {that a} peach seems like a giant ripe a**, however, they have been so completely proper. Everyone loves a giant booty and this peach emoji can be utilized in so many flirty sexts.

12. Taco

The penis has so many emojis connected to it, so for the sake of equality, the vagina ought to too. The taco is one that sexters love to make use of to seek advice from a woman’s p*ssy. We assume it’s an amazing reference as a result of what’s higher than a taco?

13. Fortune Cookie

The fortune cookie is a vagina reference too. Like significantly, simply take a look at it. We can positively see it.

14. Hot Dog

How many instances have you ever heard the soiled tease, ‘how many hot dogs can you fit in your mouth?’ This sizzling canine emoji is an ideal option to tease a blowjob to your texting pal. 

15. Lollipop

Another option to tease a blow job to that particular somebody is to make use of the lollipop emoji. This is a serious throwback to Lil Wayne who was the unique particular person encouraging us to lick the lollipop. 

16. Lightning Bolt

Lightning is intense, daring, and stunning. Use this emoji to accentuate the spark between you and your bae. 

17. Camel

We all know camels have humps. So, in case you use this emoji in a sext, your associate will certainly perceive what you’re seeking to do with them. 

18. Fireworks

Have you ever had sexual expertise so crazy-intense that you just noticed fireworks? Well, by utilizing this intercourse emoji in your sext you would promise your associate simply that. 

19. Scissors

The time period scissoring is clearly represented by these emoji scissors. Like, for actual, what else would you utilize that for? A haircut? They have already got a separate emoji for that.

20. Shower 

A bathe emoji is usually a tremendous flirty option to inform your lover that you’d love to affix them for a fast wash-up.

It can be used to tease them that you’re having a shower without them, however in fact, consider soiled ideas about them whilst you get clear. 

21. Hammer

Bang Bang Bang. A hammer is an apparent alternative for referring to a great bang. We assume this emoji hits the nail on the pinnacle. 

22. Cancer Zodiac Sign

Sorry, Cancer, however, your zodiac signal emoji is getting used for some soiled deeds. This crab-shaped constellation additionally resembles 69-ing (giving one another oral intercourse), so in case you’re into that, be aware of this emoji for later.

23. Bed 

The mattress is clearly an emoji to make use of when speaking about love-making because it’s essentially the most conventional love-making spot of all time. 

24. Rollercoaster

This is, without doubt, one of the newer trending emojis in sexting. The rollercoaster means to ‘hop on’ for a ‘wild ride.’ 

25. Finger Pointing 

Whether you utilize the finger pointing up or the finger pointing to the aspect, it describes fingering. 

26. Partying Face

The get-together face can be utilized to explain intercourse get together or a celebration for 2…if you recognize what we imply. 

27. Drool Face

The drool face emoji shouldn’t be solely good to make use of when speaking about meals. In truth, we love to make use of it when somebody has you tremendous turned-on. It can be utilized in a sext as an example c*m on a face after a blowjob. 

28. Halo Face

The halo face is an enjoyable option to play harmless in a sext. 

29. Kiss Mark

The Kiss mark is a horny option to say ‘goodnight’ or might be paired with different intercourse emojis to let your associate know the place you need to kiss them.

30. Tongue

The tongue is a logo of soiled lust and that’s why we love to make use of it together with different intercourse emojis to let our companions know the place we need to put it. 

31. Rhino

‘Horny as a rhino’ sums up this rhino emoji. 

32. Devil Horns

The frowny satan is just a little scary, however, the smiling satan is considered one of our favorite sexting emojis. It provides your associate a way of hazard…however FUN hazard. 

33. Hiding Monkey Face

The cute embarrassed monkey face emoji is one of the best ways to ‘blush’ over textual content. 

34. Explosion

Similar to the fireworks emoji, this emoji can promise your associate a lavish and long-lasting orgasm. 

35. Water Droplets

Speaking of orgasms, the water droplets emoji represents simply that.

36. Quiet Face

With this emoji, let your associate know they need to be quiet whilst you’re screwing them so that you don’t get up the neighbors.

37. Smirk Face

A smirk can go a great distance when sexting. It mainly means, ‘I want you under me,’ without having to say the phrases.

38. Rocket Ship

Get artistic with this sexting emoji to let bae know that your f*ck-sesh earlier was ‘out-of-this-world.’

39. Hands Out Face

This is the cuddling face and a pleasant and cute option to get the sexting dialog rolling.

40. OK Sign

The OK signal emoji represents the vagina. Obviously.

41. Tongue-Out Face

The tongue-out face can be utilized to debate blowjobs or p*ssy licking. It’s positively a helpful one to throw right into a sext. Who doesn’t like oral intercourse?

42. Merman

The entire shirtless merman vibe is attractive AF without even attempting. Get artistic and throw this into your sexts.

Maybe even strive just a little BDSM roleplay? ‘Yes, Master.’ I imply, ‘Yes, King Triton.’

43. Family 

Slightly ahead, however…in case you don’t assume it’ll scare your associate away, you should use the household emoji to allow them to know you need to make infants with them.

44. Peace Sign

The peace signal represents the vagina. Seriously, it’s the form of a V, how extra apparent might you get?

45. Heart Eyes Face

Use this emoji while you’re completely in love with the sexts your associate is sending. 

46. Heart

The coronary heart might be candy, nevertheless, it can be soiled relying on what you pair it with.

47. Bee

The bee has a stinger identical to a male. These is the birds and the bees. Come on, you recognize this already!

48. Kissy Face

A kissy face can go a great distance in textual content. Send it as a ‘goodnight’ or a ‘hello.’, even ship it alongside one other intercourse emoji to let your associate know the place you need to kiss them.

49. Crazy Face

The loopy face is usually an enjoyable one to make use of to let bae know you’re right down to get just a little wild and kinky with them.

50. Rocker Hand

The rocker hand emoji isn’t nearly listening to the music, it’s additionally about calling you for a warm discussion. 

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(*50*)10 Best Sexting Emoji Combinations 

Now, that you recognize what emojis imply to the sexters of the universe, listed here are a number of the finest emoji combos to make use of to enhance your sexting recreation. 

1. Tongue + Peach + Exploding Head tongue

👅 🍑 🤯

This mainly means, ‘I’m going to lick your p*ssy till you c*m.’

2. Pointing Finger + OK Sign


This combo is a center college fundamental which illustrates penetration. 

3. French Flag + Lipstick Print

🇫🇷 💋

We love pairing the French flag with the lipstick print to point to a French kiss. Seriously, how cute is that?

4. Skull + Taco

💀 🌮

Ever heard the phrase, ‘murder your p*ssy?’ Well, now you may simply drop this emoji combo. 

5. Tongue + Eggplant

👅 🍆

Tongue and eggplant = blowjob, duh. Good luck getting your mouth around a precise eggplant although. 

6. Peach + Clapping(*50*) Hands

🍑 👏

This is the booty smack or booty clap emoji combo we’ve all been ready for. 

7. Closed Hand + Eggplant + Sweat Droplets

✊🍆 💦

This is easy method to describe a killer handjob. You can use it to explain giving one to another person or giving one to yourself. It’s versatile. 

8. Peach + Phone

🍑 🏠

Everyone loves a booty name and here’s a fast option to reference one. 

9. Banana + Donut


Bananas and donuts aren’t a regular meals mixture however with regards to the world of sexting, it simply suits. 

 10. Heart + Bone

💖 🦴

Simply say ‘I love your penis’ with this coronary heart and bone mixture. 

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