The Mindset You Need To Find Great Online Dating Success

The Mindset You Need To Find Great Online Dating Success

After listening to my current interview on the Figuring it Out podcast to learn how to write a dating profile that really works, one thing caught out to me:

I named cultivating a constructive mindset as an actionable tactic for achievement in online dating.

Why is this a tactic price contemplating?  Consider the details: we’re lucky to be online dating. Our dad and mom and grandparents did not have these alternatives. The world – and love – are extra open to us.  It helps to do not forget that online dating is a developer working in our favor.

Of course, as our probabilities of discovering love develops, so too does complication.  Here’s the place a constructive mindset turns into not only a nice-to-have but crucial in our success.

The Brain’s Negativity Bias

It will be straightforward to dwell within the destructive. It’s hardwired into us: our brains even have a negativity bias. Then, enter the dating. An enterprise that’s inherently difficult. It’s emotional and subjective and requires, let’s be trustworthy, at the very least somewhat little bit of magic – not one thing you may simply manufacture.

Then add in all of the components of dating that may be tough: being susceptible, placing ourselves on the market, risking feeling disappointment or damage, or realizing we’ve to let another person down.

That’s the large stuff.  The little stuff may not be as painful, however, it could possibly put on on us: tiny rejections, individuals who do not talk effectively, depart you hanging, ghost you, lead you on, or do not deal with you effectively on dates. Those frustrations and insults and assaults on our ego can get actually fucking exhausting to cope with.

That’s why positivity is so extremely crucial in online dating.

It’s a mindset that requires actual, intentional, aware cultivating. We want to coach our brains not solely to see potentialities and silver linings to beat its negativity bias but additionally to have this standpoint turn into our mind’s default response.

When we see life via a constructive lens, we’re extra more likely to see options and alternatives, to be inventive, to expertise gratitude, and turn into extra resilient.  Yes, please.

A constructive mindset does not come straightforward, however there are hacks to cultivating it quicker so it could possibly turn into an precise instrument in your on-line dating toolbox. 

It’s work price doing for yourself and your high quality of life, and finally for others – particularly that one massive vital different.

What I Struggle/d With

I’ve been engaged on this for the final 15 years or so.  I could be a harsh critic of myself and subsequently others.  I’ve excessive requirements for myself and the life I wish to create.  I am likely to see finish objectives extra clearly than I see how effectively I’m actually doing within the current second.

As a end result, I typically discover myself in a spot of wanting, of “contrast” – I’m right here, however what I would like is there. I really feel this, however, I wish to really feel it.

You can in all probability relate to this, proper?

This place of distinction will not be all dangerous. It retains you motivated to realize your objectives and meet your excessive requirements. On the opposite hand, it could possibly trigger you to not have fun with what you do have, to beat yourself up while you don’t do in addition to your need, and maybe admire others much less or give them fewer possibilities.

I’ve spent a whole lot of time figuring this out – analysis, studying, remedy, speaking with others, and analyzing my experiences. In doing so, I’ve begun to be taught one thing that sounds somewhat loopy:

My ideas – which so typically tilt towards the destructive – usually are not essentially “real.” They might be a sign or an indication of one thing.  But they don’t seem to be at all times concrete reality.

Recognizing & Stopping Negative Thought Patterns

Especially when my ideas are destructive, I’ve been making an attempt to determine what I might fairly be pondering and feeling. Rather than being sad, sitting in “contrast” on a regular basis – seeing myself as caught right here once I understand it “better” to be there – I’ve begun to ask myself:

Is this how I wish to really feel?  What do I wish to really feel like a substitute?  How do I wish to expertise my very own life? 

I pause to ask questions like these for 3 causes:

  1. It separates me from the destructive feeling by creating some goal distance.
  2. It helps me work out what constructive feeling I’d fairly be specializing in.
  3. It jogs my memory I’ve company in my life and I get to decide on how I stay my life!

When I mirror my life as it’s, I often see how fantastic it actually is. I’m financially safe, my physique is wholesome and powerful, my mind is able to study and rise, and I’ve/have had nice friendships and romantic relationships.  These make my life an exquisite complete. I do know that inherently, however, I’ve to pause to take a look at it.  Then I get to decide on learning how to channel extra of that constructive feeling.

It’s in that pausing, that observation of stopping the script I’m writing, that places me on the brighter facet of that distinction.

I feel it is potential to stay totally on the sunshine facet and to scale back what we expertise of the ache, frustration, and turmoil that comes from the darkish facet of distinction – that specializing in or obsessing over what may very well be higher, what we may change, what we’d do in a different way, how we’d have others deal with us higher, what we “deserve” that’s higher/nicer/simpler than what we’ve at present second.

When I keep centered on the current and mirror how I’m finally effectively and “enough” simply as I’m, this observation brings me an appreciable lightness of being.

That lightness has proven me learn how to acknowledge and generally utterly override my mind’s negativity bias.

This mindset shift has been spectacular. I see myself in a different way, with extra kindness and compassion. I expertise life’s occasions as simpler, extra constructive, and smoother total than I did even one 12 months in the past. And I’m a greater buddy, accomplice, daughter, skilled, and member of my group because of this.

Why This Makes Dating Better

When it involves dating, particularly, I’m far more snug realizing I don’t want somebody to make my life really feel higher or complete proper now.

As an end result, I’m a lot much less more likely to put myself in positions the place I’m speaking with individuals who aren’t a fantastic match or staying with folks for longer than is correct for me.

I’m much less likely to discover myself opening Bumble or OkCupid and scrolling and swiping numbly, ready for a sense of pleasure or validation or a spark of hope. Because, when I’m trustworthy with myself, I do not get these emotions from swiping at 10:30pm. I might be happier studying, going to mattress early, or reflecting on one of the best components of my.

So how do you get there, too?

How do you date – a doubtlessly destructive expertise – whereas staying constructive? It’s potential. Here’s how I’ve completed it.

First, Gratitude

Consider this an easy however foundational observation.

“What you measure grows.” “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” We’ve heard these concepts associated with the enterprise, health, and good habits.  Apply it to gratitude and watch the expansion of your consciousness and capability for appreciation of the items and pleasure in your life.

Try a gratitude journal of 1 merchandise a day, a word on your telephone earlier than mattress about what you appreciated in your day or what you’re looking ahead to tomorrow. Whether it’s as small as an exercise or as massive as the chance to spend a night laughing, bullshitting, and simply being yourself with a buddy for just a few hours – acknowledge and take a second to understand the positivity in your life.

Or, incorporate this observation elsewhere into the recurring components of your day: while you pour a cup of espresso, consider one thing you’re grateful for; while you brush your enamel, consider three issues, and many others.


The subsequent step is to start out changing into extra conscious of your ideas and emotions. Journaling works for me. So does remedy, or speaking with mates and sharing my precise ideas and emotions – fairly than at all times maintaining issues “light” each time we hang around.

You would possibly discover you want to talk stream-of-conscious voice memos to mirror on later – or jotting down a word in your telephone each time you discover a destructive thought.

Seeing your ideas and emotions in phrases exterior of your mind is highly effective.  We’re capable of assessing them extra objectively, and spot when they may not be true or really serving you.  Then, you’ll turn extra self-aware, and higher capable of tackling the subsequent step.

Check the Facts

After changing into conscious of your ideas, be taught to problem them.

When I encounter a destructive thought or feeling, I ask myself: “Is it true? Can I absolutely know that it’s true?” (Thanks, Byron Katie.)

If the reply is not any, take a look at what the opposite potentialities are. Give yourself permission to not be so merciless, judgmental, or harsh. Give yourself permission to step somewhat bit nearer to the sunshine facet, to be optimistic.

This has been ridiculously useful to me. As somebody who has a whole lot of judgmental ideas, it’s a reduction to counter them with what is definitely true.

Here are some fairly susceptible examples of how I’ve completed this:

I’ve caught myself pondering: “I’m too neurotic for someone to love.”

To verify the details, right here I might first ask myself, “Is this true?” Immediately, I do know it is not true. I’ve been in fantastic, loving, romantic relationships previously, and I’ve many individuals around me who love me now, who’s informed me so, whom I consider.

Challenging this destructive thought stops right here. I’ve succeeded in disproving it. I now can focus – and consider – what’s true, that individuals have beloved me and do love me, precisely as I’m, stunning neuroses and all.

Another instance of a reoccurring destructive thought I’ve had is: “I’m too introverted to be good at dating.”

This is an attention-grabbing one as a result of its refinement. Like, what is just too introverted? What does it imply to be actually good at dating? There’s a whole lot of judgment right here I’ve to problem.

First, I break it down into items. The first is “too introverted.” Can I do know that that is true, that I’m “too introverted”? The reality is, no, it is not true. I commonly make social plans and love the shit out of the time I spend with others. Yes, generally it drains me, after which I do know to have time to myself to recharge. So, can we all know, no doubt, that I’m too introverted? No, positively not. False.

The subsequent a part of that is “to be ‘good’ at dating.” Frankly, the primary thought I’ve upon difficult that is pondering, I’m really nice at dating. I’m varied and conscientious. I’m curious. I’m innately good at making different folks really feel snug, seen, heard, and relaxed.

BUT, as I feel all that, I can really feel my unconscious negativity bias saying, “Well, that’s not what I mean by dating…That’s going on a date. Actually, dating is revealing your true self to others. Dating is being honest, and open, and intimate, and sharing your insides – the dark and the light of who you are – with someone who might choose not to like it.”

So, if we’re taking a look at dating as that type of deepening of a relationship, can we all know for an undeniable fact that I’m not any good at that?

Again, whether or not or not I’ve been in previous relationships that had been romantic, I can know for an undeniable fact that this assertion is fake as a result of I’ve had and do have sturdy platonic relationships wherein I do share with different my guts, darkish ideas, fears, neuroses, and the stuff that I decide to be “not good.” Plenty of individuals has chosen to deepen our relationship because of seeing who I’m. Yes, some have additionally chosen to not proceed with our relationship, however, the reality is, I can not bear in mind any of them as a result those who do stick out are those who’ve caught up with me, my soul mates in massive and small methods.)

That’s why I do know for certain that I’m not “unable” to this point or be in relationships.

This is the fantastic thing about changing into 1) self-aware of the ideas I’m having, and a couple of) checking the details.

When I take a look at a thought, ask myself whether it is true, then say aloud, write down, or take into consideration the methods it’s false, not solely have I challenged a self-limiting perception, however, I’ve introduced myself out of darkness and into at the very least a small glimmer of lightness – if not the total beaming gentle of feeling extra relaxed, safer, extra hopeful, and extra joyful about what I’ve, and have had, and have the likelihood to have.

I can not stress sufficient how magical, peaceable, and calming this sense is.

Creating this ease in my thoughts by difficult false ideas and selecting to consider what is definitely true has made me a greater buddy, extra keen to take emotional “risks,” extra more likely to share myself with others whom I do know have the power to know – or on the very least, hearken to – what I’m saying or sharing of my expertise.

When you begin to simply tweak you’re pondering in this fashion, to turn into conscious of what that unconscious script is saying, you may start to verify the details and rewrite it in a manner that can make your high quality of life higher day-to-day. It should not be a stark pleasure or depression, love or hate, good or dangerous dichotomy. It can merely be that as a substitute for feeling barely down you acknowledge that life may not be so dangerous.


When you begin to actually observe this frequently, others will really feel your gentle.

They will expertise the positivity that’s beginning to come off of you and it’ll really feel good to them. They will act in kind in small or massive methods – a smile in a bar or a primary message on OkCupid. They will present to you they wish to have interacted with you, dance in that gentle with you. That’s what we’re on the lookout for in this expertise, somebody who’s enjoyable to “dance” with, share our ideas and experiences with, create new connections, conversations, and adventures in life with.

Others responding positively to you’ll turn into extra frequent and extra apparent to you as you practice your self to search for the constructive.

You may even turn into much less more likely to tolerate negativity in others.

The stuff that used to make you’re feeling shitty – somebody’s lack of response, lazy communication, or disinterest in studying extra about you – will hassle you much less. You will discover it’s simpler to let go of the improper folks for you as a result they’re not enjoyable to bounce with.

When what you need – since you are selecting it in yourself – you may start to decide on extra consciously the folks which might be a match for that.

That’s why I like to recommend beginning with seeing the chance to on-line date via a constructive lens.

Because while you open the app or begin to kinda message, and the neurons in your mind is flowing down a constructive neural pathway, it will get higher for everybody – for you and for the folks you are sharing your life, time, and power with.


When we see the positivity that’s actually current in our lives, we additionally get higher at this subsequent tactic, reframing.

What reframing means to me is actively taking one thing that’s occurring (or has occurred) or a thought we’re having, after which both flipping it utterly or simply tweaking it barely in order that we’re taking a look at it in a different way. Putting a brand new body around it.

An instance of reframing may be helpful when somebody you thought you had a fantastic date with ghosts you: 

Your first idea may be, “Ugh. It must be so boring. I must be unattractive. I must be someone who is not even good enough for someone to give the time of day to and the consideration of saying they don’t want to meet up again.”

To reframe this might be to say, “That person’s treatment of me, that person being who they are, has freed me to meet someone and give my time and energy to someone who wants to be with me – someone who sees me as interesting and attractive and worthy of their time and energy and interest.”

Reframing will be some psychological ninja-level shit, nevertheless it works.

Over the previous 12 months or so, I’ve turned into actually good at reframing. Yes, generally it could possibly really feel like I’m simply fooling myself, telling myself what I wish to hear. But frankly, if I’m going to consider a thought, why not consider the one that’s variety and extra doubtless true?

For instance, can I do know for certain that an individual ghosted me as a result of I’m ugly and boring? No. But is it true that others discover/have discovered me decent-looking and attention-grabbing? Yes.

Reframing will not be mendacity to yourself. It is educating yourself to see the world and your experiences in a manner that helps your constructive mindset, fairly than letting your mind default to its negativity bias. Reframing has pulled me out of some actually computerized and unhelpful reactions.

Think About What You Do Want

Here’s the place it is OK to note the distinction a bit – not a lot of what you do have and what’s nice now, however, what you do need sooner or later. The key’s to then take into consideration how you’re going to get there…and take the steps to realize it.

You would possibly push again and say you’re already doing this.

For instance: what you need is a relationship and also you’re already making an attempt to get there by being on Bumble and swiping for hours and occurring dates. You simply preserve having experiences that might be destructive and exhausting and miserable.

But, take into consideration is this fashion as a substitute: what would you like, actually?         

If what you need is a relationship, take into consideration what that really means to you. Is it that you just wish to really feel beloved and accepted? Is it that you really want somebody who cares about you and is invested in your happiness and needs to share your life with you?

If we take a look at these two features – being beloved and accepted, and somebody who needs to share life with us – we will start to go about creating these emotions and experiences without essentially being in that relationship.

First, are there methods we aren’t loving and accepting ourselves?

Maybe calling ourselves fats or lazy or boring? We can take motion now to disprove these beliefs: going to the gymnasium, studying matters that curiosity us, taking lessons, occurring lengthy walks or bike rides, taking part in basketball with a buddy, cooking in a different way, working towards yoga or meditation, even simply making an extra common observe of difficult our ideas.

These are all methods we will start to like and settle for ourselves extra readily and actively – and finally unconsciously – fairly than defaulting to the negativity bias and our self-limiting beliefs. That feels so significantly better than sitting around feeling shitty, ready for another person to point it out up and make it higher.

Second, let’s handle having somebody who needs to share our lives with us.

I’ll guess you’ve got folks in your life like this already, proper? Friends, household. If you do not have shut relationships, there could also be others with whom you may start to develop deeper friendships or nearer bonds by beginning to observe a few of the issues that you just wish to do with an accomplice. Share new experiences, share your ideas, speak about new concepts, joke with, speak via tough or worrying conditions.

In the meantime, why not give yourself the expertise of what you actually need with what you’ve got – or by creating extra of it by making new mates, asking a coworker out for drinks, going to a meetup, asking an acquaintance to hang around with you.

When you might be conscious of what you need, you may start to go about getting it. It may not imply that you just get it in an obvious manner, like by occurring 5 dates this week with anybody who has agreed to fulfill you.

It may be that you just look exterior of the “end goal” to discover a completely different path to get there.

It could appear counterintuitive to not go on extra dates or extra dating apps so as to get a girlfriend. But you’ll start to really feel higher total about what you do have, by having fun with what’s already going amazingly effectively in your life or by working towards the talents you will have while you do meet that purpose. Your high quality of life will likely be so significantly better in order that…

When You Get There…

When you do really feel nice about your profile, and match with somebody who appears superior, then begin a dialog that feels instantly engaged and attention-grabbing, and go on that first date that’s straightforward and enjoyable…

When she turns into somebody who turns into an essential a part of your day and your life, you’ll be prepared. 

You’ll have the ability to be the accomplice to her that she has additionally been on the lookout for – and doing this work for in herself this complete time too. You will actually be the match you’ve got each been on the lookout for, with the talent to construct your relationship on a basis of positivity and hope.

Is doing this work straightforward? No. Does it come naturally? No! Can you get higher at it? Yes. Is it essential work price doing? Absolutely.

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