No Likes on Tinder: How to Get 200% More Likes on Tinder

How to Get 200% More Likes on Tinder
Still no likes on Tinder? Want to know how to get more likes? For most guys, it’s extremely common to get no matches on Tinder. First of all, you need to know that the problem isn’t something wrong with you. Then you need to find ways to get more likes on Tinder. In this article, we will guide you on how to get more matches on Tinder.

Why Do You Get No Likes on Tinder?

Generally speaking, it is harder for men to get likes on Tinder than for women, because there are fewer women on Tinder than men. Research shows that 68% of Tinder users are men, while only 32% of women. Therefore, for boys, getting likes on Tinder is already a difficult game. Here are the real reasons for not getting likes:

Real Reasons for Not Getting Likes

Blank Tinder Profile: You are not a so-called celebrity. Therefore, when you leave your Tinder profile blank, girls are likely to swipe your profile to the left. No profile means no effort. An empty Tinder bio acts just like a roadblock.

You Keep A Generic Profile: If you write in your Tinder profile that you are a foodie, love to travel, and use general statements, then your profile will be very common and no one will be interested.

Your Pictures Are Not Good Enough: This is the most obvious reason for not getting any likes. On Tinder, your photos play a very important role. If your photos are not good enough to attract people, chances are, you are getting no likes and matches.

5 Tips For Getting 200% More Likes on Tinder

Getting a lot of likes on Tinder is not impossible. If you follow some simple tips, you can easily fix your profile problems. Here are some secrets of getting 200% more likes on Tinder:

Optimize Your Settings for Matches

Usually, the Tinder setting is tailored for people who live in a big city and want to meet in the same neighborhood or community. By expanding the geographic area you are willing to match with, you may get more matches. Expand your age range. A larger age range will open up more possible matches.
change tinder settings

Get A Photo Makeover

Let’s be straightforward and honest. Online dating apps are superficial, people will treat you based on your picture rather than your personality. So please take some good photos and selfies and edit them with some good photo editing apps, and then put your selected photos on Tinder.
Get A Photo Makeover
Avoid Too Many Group Photos

Avoid Too Many Group Photos

Your expected match will not waste time analyzing ten different images trying to figure out which person in the group photo is you. So please avoid putting photos of your ex-partner or others of the opposite sex on your Tinder profile. In fact, 96% of these collective photos received negative reactions. Although the group photo shows that you are social, you don’t want your match to recognize you as just another person in the photo.
Set A Swipe Goal

Set A Swipe Goal

Set a swipe goal for yourself, such as swipe right on at least 20 women every day. If you find yourself matching too many women or feel tired, reduce the number of right swipes. First send messages to your matches, asking if they would like to hang out with you. Doing so can be seen as practice.

Ask Your Friends for Help

Let your friends choose the photos they like, and let them rate the photos (from high to low). Once you find a certain consistency, you will know the type of photo that you need to show on your Tinder profile. When your profile is finished, remember to check it with your friends and listen carefully to their feedback.


The above are five tips for solving problems of no likes on Tinder. After making these changes, you will get more likes on Tinder. If you are inexperienced, you can use the Chatcat app. This app can help you chat with girls on Tinder and other chat apps. It recommends multiple interesting or flirty answers and topics for online dating. Don’t hesitate to download it and chat!
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