List of Kinks & Fetishes: (A-Z List)

List of Kinks & Fetishes: (A-Z List)

Have you ever puzzled about what number of wild wishes are in our splendidly numerous world? 

While you would possibly settle for your kink, let or not it’s bondage or anal intercourse, others would possibly battle with their sexual preferences. It is crucial to know that unconventional sexual practices are pure. There is nothing incorrect with them.

And the extra acquainted you get with the kink, the extra you would possibly be capable of settling for the potential wishes of the one you love accomplice(s). Take in thoughts although, each you and your accomplice should contemplate consent. Harming others is a no-go, mutual pleasure is the identity of the sport. 

In this text, you will discover a complete checklist of sexual kinks and fetishes. Of course, you may learn the entire article in a single sit to widen your views and study, however, you do not have to. There are different choices to make the most effective out of this checklist. You can learn one letter from the alphabet a day, for instance, or you may return any time you might be in search of some clarification of one or two kinks.

The Ultimate checklist of kinks


Abasiophilia: Sexual attraction in direction of bodily disabled individuals. Especially in direction of those with a wheelchair, leg braces, or orthopedic casts.

Abduction: If you get turned on by the thought of getting kidnapped or carried away by drive, it means you may need an abduction kink. People with such kink normally act their wishes out within the kind of a role-play.

Abrasion: This is a subcategory of BDSM, which entails sexual arousal from harsh surfaces reminiscent of sandpaper or metal wool.

Acomoclitic: A need for hairless genitals.

Acrophilia: You have acrophilia if scratching turns you on. Just take into consideration scratching the again of your accomplice… This time period is usually confused with knismolagnia, however, there’s a refined distinction. Knismolagnia is arousal from tickling.

Acrotomophilia: It is a much less widespread kink, which entails psychosexual attraction in direction of individuals whose arms or legs have been amputated. It can also be referred to as the pirate kink. Just kidding.

Actirasty: Here cums the solar. The time period means getting turned on by the sunrays. People who have this explicit kink should immensely get pleasure from outdoor intercourse.

Agalmatophilia: Sexual gratification in direction of dolls, statues, or mannequins. 

Age play: This is a subcategory of the umbrella time period of position play. The gamers fake they’ve a special age. Daddy/daughter and diaper play belong to this class. 

Agoraphilia: If you’re keen on intercourse in public locations, you might have agoraphilia.

Agrexophilia: Getting turned on by the thought that different individuals would possibly learn about, hear or see the sexual activity.

Alien kink: Some individuals get turned on by such science fiction intercourse scenes the place aliens fulfill them. 

Allorgasmia: Erotic arousal by the thought of being with another person throughout intercourse.

Altocalciphilia: The time period signifies sexual need in direction of excessive heels.

Amaurophilia: If you get turned on by blindfolded intercourse, otherwise you want to have intercourse in the dead of night, you might have a factor with amaurophilia. Unfortunately, typically the kink goes hand in hand with low-self esteem or spiritual guilt. 

Anal intercourse: A standard kink the place individuals want pleasure within the anus.

Anal toys: While some kinksters love anal penetration, others get pleasure from intercourse toys of their butts. A subcategory of the kink is when somebody loves placing the intercourse toy contained in the butt whereas sporting garments and even participating in non-sexual social interactions.

Anasteemaphilia: Sexual attraction in direction of exceptionally excessive or quick individuals.

Anonymous intercourse: It’s a practice of having intercourse with somebody you understand nothing or a little or no about, for instance, glory holes and mask-on intercourse.

Aquaphilia: This kink means the need for water intercourse. It would possibly embody a desire for swimming fits, seeing others swimming, or having intercourse in water. The time period actually means ‘water lover’.

Autogynephilia: If a person will get sexually aroused by the thought of being a lady, he has autogynephilia.

Autoandrophilia: If a lady will get sexually aroused by the thought of being a person, she has autoandrophilia.

Autoplushophilia: Some individuals get sexually aroused by imagining themselves as a stuffed animal or an animal character. 

Armpit fetishism: Getting turned on by the contact or scent of armpits. It would possibly embody the desire for sexual activity with the assistance of armpits. 


Balloons Fetish: A need for sexual acts which contain balloons. It can vary from popping balloons to sitting or mendacity on them.

Barebacking: A harmful kink the place the kinksters need unprotected intercourse. 

Begging: This is a subcategory of BDSM, and it consists of sexual arousal for begging. It can work in each instructions: Some get pleasure from being prayed on, others need to plead for sexual arousal. 

Belonephilia: It refers back to the obsession with sharp objects reminiscent of needles, pins, or knives.

Bestiality: The kink is a particular kind of zoophilia, the place individuals need and have intercourse with animals. In zoophilia, they solely fantasize about it and get turned on already by seeing animal intercourse without people concerned.

Body Inflation: Getting aroused when somebody inflates the physique or some physique components. 

Bondage: A hardcore class of BDSM, the place individuals tie up or restrain their companions. Usually, it is the duty of the dominant to manage the submissive participant.

Body modification: Some of us really feel aroused whereas they get their physique tattooed or pierced. Others get turned on by having intercourse with individuals who have modified our bodies.

Body Painting: Getting enthusiastic about portray our bodies or being painted on. 

Boob torture: Boob torture can also be half of BDSM. Here, normally, the submissive enjoys when the dominant accomplice applies ache to the breast. 

Branding: A sexual curiosity in completely marking one’s physique with a burning steel object.

Brontophilia: Some individuals get sexually aroused by thunderstorms. They have brontophilia.

Breathplay: The kink is an element of the BDSM household. People taking part get pleasure from it when their accomplice restricts the oxygen from them. 

Breast worship: The in depth adoration of the tits.


Caning: Getting excited when the dominant strikes the submissive with a cane, which is normally lengthy and versatile. It largely occurs on the buttocks.

Castration Fantasies: The kink means the individual will get turned on by the thought of eradicating the testicles. Fortunately, most often, it stays a fantasy. 

CBT: The acronym stands for Cock and Ball Torture, and it’s a widespread apply in BDSM communities. It would possibly imply genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, amongst others. Another time period for the kink is Phalloorchoalgolagnia.

Chasmophilia: When somebody will get turned on by small locations or bins, she or he has chasmophilia.

Chinophilia: This kink refers to getting turned on by the contact of snow.

Choking: When somebody loves getting strangled by their accomplice. 

Claustrophilia: A sexual kink the place somebody wishes intercourse in confined locations.

Clothed intercourse (endytophilia): If you’re keen on having intercourse with clothed or partially dressed individuals, you might have a factor for endytophilia. 

Cock worship: The in depth adoration of the male intercourse organ.

Collar kink: Getting aroused when somebody places a collar across the neck or enjoys placing one on the opposite’s neck. 

Consensual nonconsent:  Participants right here surrender their consent and provides whole management to the opposite individual. It required open communication and a protected phrase. Before you interact in consensual nonconsent, it is best to negotiate the phrases together with your accomplice, as a result of in any other case the kink may be harmful and, in excessive circumstances, may even flip right into a trauma.

Corsetry: Corsetry refers back to the sexual arousal by corsets, both it’s on girls or males. A corset is a standard outfit that stands to make the form of the torso look extremely fascinating.

Cross dressing: People who get excited once they or their accomplice put on garments typical of the alternative intercourse have this kink. It can embody sporting make-up as properly.

Crurophilia: An in depth love and sexual attraction in direction of legs. 

Crush fetish: Getting aroused when objects or small animals are crushed. In excessive circumstances, the kink generally is a psychological dysfunction and would possibly contain killing birds, canines, and even pigs. 

Cuckolding: A need for getting cheated on. A person who has a cuckolding kink enjoys it when his spouse has intercourse with another person and willingly encourages it.

Cunnilingus: If your accomplice enormously enjoys licking girls’s genitals, she or he may need a pussy-eating kink. 

Cupping: A sexual curiosity in putting cups on the physique, thus making a vacuum and suction, which results in bruising. Participants expertise a thrilling tight feeling on their pores and skin. 


Dacryphilia: This kink entails the adoration of tears, crying, and sobbing. 

Degradation: People who get pleasure from humiliation have this kink. It can contain disgraceful dirty-talking (soiled slut, fucking whore) or bodily degradation reminiscent of spitting on.

Dendrophilia: Tree-huggers who get excited by the act. Dendrophilia is the sexual attraction in direction of bushes or different vegetation.

Diaper fetishism: Depriving pleasure of sporting diapers or of forcing others to put on the child outfit.

Discipline: The D half of BDSM. The dominant individual creates the principles, and the submissive should observe them. Discipline refers to following the set guidelines.

Dirty speaking: A standard kink that features arousal if the accomplice tells or whispers erotic phrases or sentences throughout intercourse. 

Doraphilia: People who activate by the contact of animal fur have doraphilia.

Double penetration: People who get pleasure from this kink get enthusiastic about putting two objects or penises to the vagina and the anus on the identical time. It may also embody oral penetration.

DracophiliaSome people in our splendidly numerous world have an erotic fixation on dragons. As dragons (sadly) do not exist, this kink may be practiced just about or with costumes.

DVP: The acronym stands for Double Vaginal Penetration. It means kinksters insert both two penises, two objects, or the mixture of a penis and an intercourse toy into the vagina. Unlike within the case of double penetration, members enter just one gap throughout DVP. 


East Asian fetishization: A sexual desire in direction of Far Eastern cultures and individuals who establish with it. 

Edgeplay: Edgeplay belongs to the BDSM household, and it challenges the standard protected, sane and Consensual energy trade framework. People who have this kink would possibly interact in harmful sexual actions reminiscent of fireplay, gunplay, or knife play, amongst others.

Electrophilia: Kinksters who need electrical energy and electrical stimulation are referred to as electrophiles. They fantasize about giving or receiving electrical shocks on their our bodies, particularly of their erogenous zones.

Enema play: Some individuals get aroused in the event that they insert a tube into their anuses or their accomplice’s anus and clear it out, normally with water. Sometimes they do that to arrange for anal intercourse; on different occasions, it’s a kind of submission. Another time period for the kink is klismaphilia.

Eproctophilia: Two phrases: fart fetish. Indeed, some individuals get turned on by the scent of flatulence. 

Exhibitionism: A sexual curiosity in displaying one’s bare physique unexpectedly to strangers is known as exhibitionism. It’s illegal. 

Erotic Asphyxiation: This is the official time period for breath play.

Erotic Wrestling: Sexual arousal as a result of combating and taking the opposite individual all the way down to the ground. 


Face fucking: This kink revolves across the act of placing the penis into the mouth. It’s much like oral intercourse, however, the givers do not transfer their heads in this case. They take a comparatively passive position with open mouths.

Face Sitting: Getting enthusiastic about sitting on the face of the opposite individual and thus receiving oral pleasure.

Face slapping: It belongs to the BDSM household, and it entails hitting the face of the submissive participant. 

Fat fetishism: Kinksters who crave sexual interplay with overweight or chubby individuals are referred to in this manner. They love the large sizes, and in excessive circumstances, the kinksters would possibly even assist their companions to realize weight.

Fellatio: Fellatio is a synonym of blowjob, and it’s at this time a standard application. It hardly reaches the definition of kink as greater than 80% of the inhabitants offer head to their accomplice.

Figging: A sexual curiosity in inserting a chunk of peeled ginger within the anus or vagina and luxuriating in an acutely burning feeling. This was a kind of punishment prior to now, however, these days, it’s a medium-core BDSM apply. 

Fire play: Fire play is a harder-core BDSM class, the place members get aroused by the hearth. It may be very harmful in excessive circumstances, as kinksters burn flammable substances reminiscent of alcohol on the pores and skin or very near it.

Fisting: A need for inserting a fist within the anus or vagina. Without ample lubrication, the act may be painful and dangerous. 

Flagellation: Or, in different phrases, flogging is the act of beating the physique with whips, rods, or switches, amongst others. Noticeably, this application can also be half of BDSM.

Food play: Some individuals get excited once they deliver meals into the bedroom. Food play can embody consuming from the opposite individual’s physique or smudging the snack into the pores and skin and licking it down. 

Foot whipping: This is a kind of flagellation, which revolves round beating the ft, normally with a cane or change. 

Forced feeding: Practitioners of this kink get pleasure from feeding their companions, normally with the intention of weight acquisition. Forced feeding is a subcategory of BDSM, and it may be carried out with funnel gags or dribble ball gags.

Formicophilia: A kind of zoophilia the place individuals have a sexual attraction to place bugs to their genitals. 

Frotting: A kink for rubbing two penises collectively in a manner that the genitals contact one another alongside their whole size. 

Frotteurism: Deriving sexual pleasure from rubbing the genitals towards individuals who have not given their consent to the act. 

Furries: In different phrases, animal play means getting turned on by cartoonish animals with human traits. It additionally consists of individuals with a need to decorate up in animal costumes for the sake of sexual satisfaction.

Foot fetish: Or, in different phrases, podophilia is one of the commonest kinks. Foot fetish revolves across the sexual adoration of ft. 


Gags: The kink can also be a subcategory in BDSM. Gags revolve around placing a ball-shaped object within the mouth. This object restricts the wearer from speaking. Some contemplate gags humiliating. 

Gerbiling: A sexual curiosity in inserting small animals within the anus reminiscent of mice, hamsters, rats. The first case of gerbiling was reported in 1984. 

Gerontophilia: Sexual desire in direction of older individuals. Studies assume 0.15% of the inhabitants has gerontophilic traits. 

GILF: The acronym stands for “Grandmother I’d like to Fuck”, and because the time period signifies, it’s a kink in direction of enticing grandmothers.

Glasses fetish: Getting turned on by somebody who wears glasses. 

Golden showers: People who get pleasure from this kink get aroused by pissing on their accomplice’s physique as half of foreplay. Some kinksters want the alternative: they love when their beloved one pisses on them. It’s often known as Piss Play.

Group intercourse: A extra refined time period for group intercourse is polyiterophilia. Enjoyers of this kink interact in sexual actions with a couple of individual on the identical time.

Gymnophilia: A standard kink the place individuals get aroused by nudity. 

Gynemimetophilia: Anybody who sexually adores trans girls or males who look and behave like girls are half of this class. 


Haematomania: Another time period for the kink is hematologic. I’m positive if vampires would exist, they’d love this kink as a result of haematomania is an amazing sexual attraction for blood. It can embody ingesting, licking, or just taking a look at the blood.

Harpaxophilia: To put it merely, a theft kink. Indeed, some individuals have an erotic fixation on getting robbed.

Helplessness kink: The worry play belongs to the BDSM household, and it implies that kinksters benefit from the feeling of terror. The fearful psychological state awakens a sexual pleasure, treats the gamers with a rush of endorphins, and releases adrenaline.

Homeovestism: A sexual arousal from sporting garments that’s “typical to one’s sex.” Kinksters of such sort need girls who costume up in extremely female garments and males who put on typical masculine outfits. 

Hoplophile: An in depth love of weaponry. 

Hybristophilia: Individuals who get turned on by somebody who has dedicated against the law have this kink. They particularly get pleasure from being the accomplice of a legal.

Hygrophilia: Getting turned on by bodily fluids, reminiscent of sperm, tears, semen, saliva, urine, feces, vaginal secretions, mucus, or sweat, amongst others. Some kinksters of this sort get pleasure from utilizing the fluids as lubes and even drinks. 

Hyphephilia: An erotic fixation on the contact of pores and skin, hair, fur, or leather-based. 

Hypnotism: Getting enthusiastic about hypnosis for sexual functions. It normally occurs outdoors of the normal therapeutic context. 

Hypoxia together with Aqua-eroticum: People who mix breath play with their need to water danger lots. This is a harmful kink that entails submerging underwater to limit one’s oxygen for sexual pleasure.


Ice play: This is a subcategory of temperature play. Kinksters benefit from the contact of ice on their erogenous zones. 

Idrophrodisia: Deriving sexual arousal from the scent of genital sweat. 

Immobility: The kink is a mix of BDSM and compelled feeding. The dominant participant enjoys feeding the submissive till she or he cannot transfer anymore.

Impact play: Individuals who get pleasure from hanging or being struck for sexual pleasure interact on this kink. Spanking is a kind of affect play. Yes, it belongs to the BDSM umbrella time period. 

Impregnation fetish: A sexual pleasure derived from the thought of being pregnant. Kinksters of this sort benefit from the danger or the chance of unprotected intercourse. 

Imprisonment: Some people get pleasure from locking up individuals (or being locked up) in small locations reminiscent of cages, cells, and even coffins. 

Incest fetish: A sexual curiosity in a single’s relations.

Infantilism: A sexual desire for infant-related actions or objects, reminiscent of talking like a child, behaving like one, sleeping in a crib. Diaper fetishism is a subcategory of infantilism. 

Internal cumshots: Also referred to as creampie, is the love of ejaculation contained in the accomplice’s vagina or anus.

Intercrural or interfemoral intercourse: Thigh intercourse, to place it merely, is the need for a non-penetrative kind of intercourse, the place the penis is positioned between the thighs. The giver normally imitates penetrative motions.

Intoxication: A kink that revolves across the enjoyment of drug or alcohol utilization earlier than intercourse. Some get pleasure from intoxicating somebody, whereas others want being intoxicated.


Japanese bondage: The precise time period for this apply is Shibari or Kinbaku. Practitioners of this kink create knot artwork and tie their accomplice tightly with a rope. 

 JOI: The acronym stands for Jerk-off or Jack-off directions. The kinkster has sexual arousal when an “instructor” offers sexual orders. For instance, what and the way to do, masturbate, and even when to orgasm. 


Katoptronophilia: A kink for mirrors. Practitioners get pleasure from intercourse or masturbation in entrance of mirrors. 

Keraunophilia: A climate kink that features sexual arousal by lightning, thunder, or each. 

Kigurumi: A sexual curiosity in individuals sporting manga costumes or disguises. The time period additionally consists of the cosplayers, who get pleasure from embodying manga characters.

Kinesophilia: The kink revolves round having sexual arousal from train, motion, or each.  

Kleptophilia: Such a person has this kink, who will get turned on by stealing.

Knife play: It is a kind of consensual edge play. The actions kinksters get pleasure from with knives differ diversely. While some are already content material when their accomplice reveals the knife, others love its contact with their pores and skin. In excessive circumstances, kinksters get pleasure from getting cuts.

Knismolagnia: Getting turned on by being tickled.


Lace fetish: The kink hinges on an in depth need for lace and clothes made of lace.

Lactation Fetish: Getting sexually aroused by lactating breasts, breastfeeding, or each. Other phrases of the kink are grownup suckling, grownup nursing, and grownup breastfeeding. The enjoyers of this kink are usually males.

Latex Fetishism: The obsessive sexual fixation on individuals sporting latex, PVC, or rubber clothes. A motive behind the kink could be the phantasm of an unadorned physique packed in a good and glossy outfit. 

Leather fetish: A sexual attraction for leather-based garments or objects. Leather tradition has already existed because of the Nineteen Forties. The materials are related to energy, energy, and machismo. 

Lingerie fetish: A standard kink the place individuals get turned on by stunning underwear, usually worn by girls.

Leptosadism: A gentle kind of sadism, the place kinksters derive pleasure from the consensual ache or humiliation of the opposite individual.

Lesbophilia: When heterosexuals fantasize about eroticism between girls. Today, it’d even be thought-about a development: heterosexual males usually deprive pleasure of the sexual interplay of two girls.


Macrophilia: A kink characterised by sexual fantasies about big individuals. It is extra widespread for males to have the need to be dominated by, enter, and even eaten by a bigger lady. 

Macrogenitalism: A need for extra-large genitals.

Maiesiophilia: Pregnancy fetish is the broadly used time period for this fetish. As the identity suggests, it means a sexual curiosity in pregnant girls or girls who look pregnant. Some want early-stage being pregnant, whereas others stand for close-to-childbirth circumstances.

Maschalagnia: Another time period for armpit fetishism.

Masochism: The M half of the BDSM tradition. Masochism means kinksters need ache for sexual arousal. It should be famous that kinksters get pleasure from aching in a sexual context. They do not like breaking their legs in an accident, for instance.

Mechanophilia: A sexual attraction in direction of machines, reminiscent of automobiles, bikes, bicycles, helicopters, ships, airplanes, or all or some of these. 

Medical play: A affected person and physician position play within the bedroom. Kinksters get pleasure from imitating a medical examination, typically additionally with appropriate intercourse toys. In excessive circumstances, practitioners of this class would possibly take the benefit of precise docs, nurses, or sufferers.  

Menophilia: Becoming turned on by menstrual blood. This is a comparatively widespread kink, and people who get pleasure from it are wanting to have intercourse – together with giving cunnilingus – throughout menstruation. 

Merinthophilia: It is one other comparatively widespread kink the place individuals get aroused by tying up their companions or being tied up.

Microphilia: Getting enthusiastic about extraordinarily tiny individuals, together with dwarfs. 

MILF: The acronym stands for “Mother I’d Love to Fuck”, and because the time period signifies, it’s a kink in direction of enticing moms.

Military Fetish: A sexual desire for troopers or the outfit of the navy. The motive behind the kink could be the truth that navy uniforms point out energy and the thought of energy trade arouses them.

Morphophilia: A sexual desire in direction of individuals with a special look from one’s personal. 

Muscles worship: A deep need for muscle mass.

Mysophilia: When somebody is sexually aroused by filth and filth. Individuals with this kink additionally usually need soiled objects. 


Narratophilia: A kink for telling or listening to soiled tales. 

Nasolingus: Some people crave to suck their accomplice’s nostril. In excessive circumstances, the kinksters need to eat the snot from the opposite’s nostril. 

Nasophilia: A sexual need in direction of noses and nostrils.

Necrophilia: A fetish for human corpses. This a paraphilia, a sexual dysfunction.

Necrozoophilia: Some individuals have a sexual curiosity within the our bodies of lifeless animals. It can also be sexual dysfunction.

Needle play: Deriving sexual arousal from physique piercing. Practitioners of this kink benefit from the expertise, and when the session is over, they take away the piercings from the physique. When the session is over, they take away the piercings from the physique.

Nullification: This is a uncommon and harmful kink that entails a sexual attraction to take away physique components. 

Nullo: Nullo is the short-expression for genital nullification. As the identity suggests, kinksters of this sort get aroused by the thought or act of eradicating their genitals. The process is usually utilized by males, however, some girls even have this kink.

Nyctophilia: Individuals who get excited by the darkness and the night time have nyctophilia. In different phrases, noctophilia.


Objectophilia: An erotic fixation on objects. Kinksters of this sort have a sexual or romantic attraction in direction of a particular object. Some even consider the beloved issues have souls.

Oculolinctus: Some individuals have a sexual desire for licking their accomplice’s eyeballs or get pleasure from it when their eyeballs are licked.

Oculophilia: An obsessive attraction in direction of eyes. Oculolinctus is a subcategory of this fetish.

Odaxelagnia: Kinksters of this sort get pleasure from biting or being bitten by their beloved ones.

Odontophilia: A sexual need for actions with the tooth concerned. Kinksters would possibly get pleasure from licking their accomplice’s tooth, leaving tooth imprints on the opposite’s physique, having dentist-related position performed, or in extreme circumstances, having the need to tug out their beloved one’s tooth. Practitioners would possibly encourage their companions to do the identical with them.

Olfactophilia: A kink for smells and odors from the physique. 

Omorashi: A kink that originates from Japan, by which people get turned on by having a full bladder or by wetting themselves. They may additionally get pleasure from seeing how their companion’s expertise the identical. 

Orgasm denial: A sexual pleasure derived from the restriction of orgasms. The prohibition normally results in a much more enhanced, intense pleasure. 

Orgasm management: In different phrases, edging, peaking, or browsing. It is an analogous kink to orgasm denial. In this case, although, the receiver offers whole management relating to the large O to the opposite concerned. 


Parthenophilia: A sexual attraction for virgin women.

Partialism: Getting turned on by physique components which might be normally not thought-about to be sexual. People would possibly really feel a heavy need for breasts, hair, buttocks, or the stomach, amongst others. Feet fetish is one of the commonest sorts of partialism. 

Pecattiphilia: This kink entails sexual arousal from sinful acts. Anything that the kinkster considers immoral belongs to the class, though most often, the sin is an element of the biblical seven lethal sins: delight, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.PediophiliaIt is a paraphilia, which revolves around a sexual curiosity in youngsters.

Pet play: A subcategory of BDSM, the place the submissive enters the imaginative state of an animal to fulfill the dominant. The subs normally play being a canine, cat, or horse. 

Phallophilia: An obsession with extra-large penises which might be massive in size, width, or each. 

Phobophilia: Deriving sexual arousal from worry. In some kinksters, different feelings may additionally trigger arousal. 

Phygephilia: The kink entails a need to fly or be a fugitive. People with this fetish sexually benefit from the adrenaline that stems from all times being on the run. 

Pictophilia: Kinksters of this sort get aroused by sexual movies or visuals, alone, with an accomplice, or each. In the period of pornography, this can be an extremely widespread kink. 

Plushophilia: A sexual curiosity in stuffed animals. Some people even modified their plushies with a gap to get pleasure from intercourse with “them.”

Pony Play: This sort of animal role-playing entails an individual who loves imitating a horse. The kinkster would possibly put on leather-based straps, harnesses, a pulling cart, or all of these. The different social gatherings concerned will journey or practice the “horse” or “pony.”

Psychrophilia: Getting excited by low temperature. Some individuals would possibly even get pleasure from intercourse within the chilly snow. 

Pregnancy fetish: The tendency to thrive for pregnant girls. The time period is often known as maiesiophilia or maieusophoria.

Psychrocism: Kinksters of this sort derive sexual arousal from frozen issues and get sexual satisfaction from freezing.  

Pteronphilia: A fetish for being tickled by feathers. The time period pteron means a hen’s wing, and philia implies love.

Pubephilia: Some people get turned on by pubic hair. Great information for the women who opt-out from eradicating pubic hair! These kinksters love an infinite quantity of messy hair on the genitals of their accomplice. 

Pygmalionism: A uncommon kink that refers to falling in love with one’s personal creating. If the fetishist is a painter, she or he can fall in love with the work. In Greek mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with the statue he sculpted about Aphrodite.

Pygophilia: The sexual attraction to human buttocks. It can contain stroking, licking, and even worshipping the buttocks.

Pyrolagnia: A kink for setting or watching massive fires, conflagrations, or each.

Pyrophilia: An analogous kink to pyromania, however, this can be a sexual pleasure for fireplace or fireplace beginning actions extra comprehensively.


Quirofilia: An extreme sexual desire for palms.

Queening: It is a subcategory of facesitting, the place girls get pleasure from urgent and rubbing their genitals towards the face of the opposite individual concerned. 


Rape fantasy: Also referred to as ravishment. A sexual fantasy about rape/pressured state of affairs. Kinksters love imagining or pretending the coercive sexual exercise. It is a quite common kink.

Revving: Pedal-pumping or cranking, in different phrases, is a rising fetish development, particularly amongst males. The kink depicts girls both barefoot or in high heels pushing the gasoline pedal of automobiles or bikes.  

Retifism: A fetish for sneakers or different footwear. 

Rhabdophilia: Individuals of this kink get pleasure from being flogged or overwhelmed. It is an element of the BDSM umbrella time period. 

Robot fetishism: A sexual desire for humanoid robots. Some kinksters additionally get pleasure from appearing like, dressing like, or in uncommon circumstances, even reworking into robots. 

Rope bondge: As the phrase bondage would possibly point out, this kink additionally a subcategory of BDSM. Kinksters of this sort get pleasure from being tied up in ropes. Shibari is a subcategory of the fetish. 

Rimming: Also referred to as analingus. It means the need for orally given anal pleasure. 


Sadism: The S half of BDSM tradition. Sadism means kinksters need to present ache for their very own sexual pleasure. It should be famous that sexual sadists get pleasure from aching in a sexual context. Most sadists will not need the ache of their companions outdoors in the sexual context. In extreme circumstances, sadism may be categorized as a dysfunction.

Scatophilia: Also referred to as coprophilia. A kink for feces. In Finish research, 18% of the members had this kink, which could point out that one of your pals is sexually enthusiastic about feces. For instance, Chuck Berry additionally had this kink.

Sensation play: This kink is a sensual, soft-core subcategory of BDSM. People can stimulate their sensations with silk scarves, feathers, ice, or therapeutic massage oils, amongst others.

Sensory deprivation: This application removes or reduces the stimuli of a number of senses in a sexual context. Objects reminiscent of blindfolds, hoods, or earmuffs can cut back sight and listen. If the kinksters crave extra, they will take away the sense of scent, contact, style, and even the warmth sense. 

Siderodromophilia: A uncommon kink the place people get aroused from touring on a practice or the thought of doing so. 

Slime fetish: A subcategory of the “wet and messy” fetish. Kinksters of the slime fetish get aroused by slime and slimy substances.

Sneezing Fetish: Sexual pleasure for sneezing. Some people get turned on once they see or hear others sneezing.

Snuff: Deriving sexual pleasure from the thought of killing somebody. 

Somnophilia: A uncommon paraphilia the place people crave sexual interplay with unconscious individuals. For instance, with somebody asleep. Kinksters of this sort can stay out of their wishes with prior discussions with their companions. In reality, some people get turned on by the thought of being concerned about sexual actions while they’re (almost) asleep. Also generally known as the “sleeping beauty syndrome.”

Sounding: A harmful kink is a place males get pleasure from inserting medical glass or steel tubes into the opening finish of their penis to accentuate sexual pleasure.  

Spandex fetishism: A sexual need for individuals sporting form-fitting stretch outfits. Dresses of ballet dancers, swimmers, cyclists, wrestlers, circus performers, or contortionists, amongst others, match the class. 

Spanking: Getting turned on by hitting somebody or being hit on the buttocks or thighs. This sexual exercise may even embody a wood spoon or a cane.

SPH: The acronym stands for Small Penis Humiliation, and it’s a kind of verbal humiliation. People with this kink get pleasure from when their genitals are verbally degraded or love humiliates their accomplice’s sexual organs.

Stigmatophilia: Getting aroused by an individual who has tattoos or scars. 

Stockings fetish: A need for stockings. It is a standard kink the place people get pleasure from seeing their accomplice in stocking, touching their legs, or worshiping the outfit. Some kinksters get pleasure from sporting stockings themselves, and others additionally get pleasure from smelling the used clothes. 

Strap-on fetish: The kink is characterised by a dildo that may be hooked up to the physique of the person. Although individuals can use a strap-on dildo regardless of their gender, it’s primarily used for penetration throughout lesbian intercourses. 

Stygiophilia: A kink for hellfire and damnation.

Stuffing: A subcategory of pressured feeding. Kinksters of this sort get pleasure from consuming till they attain a degree of bodily ache.

Suspension: It is a kind of sexual bondage, the place the fetishist hangs from the ceiling, for instance.

Symphorphilia: A uncommon paraphilia the place people get pleasure from inflicting and watching a catastrophe, reminiscent of a automotive accident.


Taphephilia: An obsession with cemeteries and graves. Some people of this kink get pleasure from it when their companions bury them alive. 

Teasing: It can also be referred to as Tantalolagnia, and it’s a widespread kink the place individuals excessively get pleasure from when their accomplice teases them. 

Technophilia: A robust, sexual need for technological gadgets, normally for one’s private pc, smartphone, sensible TV, or intercourse machines. 

Teleiophilia: Getting turned on by adults.

Telephonicophilia: A kink for soiled speaking and verbal intercourse by way of a telephone. 

Tentacle fetish: It is a kind of bestiality, which hinges on arousal from tentacles. Films about tentacle erotica or rape are mostly present in Japan. 

Teratophilia: A sexual curiosity in monsters or bodily deformed individuals. 

Thesauromania: The time period refers to sexual arousal that stems from accumulating girls’ garments, particularly their underwear.

Transformation fetish: Some people in our numerous world get turned by the concept that they will rework into objects, animals, or different people.

Trauma play: Kinksters of this sort get sexually aroused once they recall previous trauma. It is a comparatively uncommon kind of psychological therapy.

Trichophilia: A kink for hair. This widespread kink is characterized by hair gripping, touching, or stroking. 

Triolism: A need for intercourse with two different individuals concerned. This sexual exercise is often generally known as a threesome, and it’s a well-liked kink.

Tripsolagnophilia: Deriving sexual arousal from a therapeutic massage. 


Underwear fetish: Kinksters of this sort get turned on by undergarments, together with panties, stockings, pantyhose, and bras, amongst others.

Uniform fetishism: This is a kind of clothes kink, the place people get turned on by uniforms, for instance, navy, firefighter, ambulance, cheerleader, or police uniforms. 

Ursusagalmatophilia: A kink for teddy bears. Some individuals love dressing up as a teddy bear. Others are already glad if they will play with their plushies.  

Urtication: A sexual curiosity to sting the pores and skin with the plant referred to as nettle. When nettle touches an individual’s pores and skin, the person will really feel an aching and burning feeling. Most of the time, the pores and skin will get purple afterward.


Vaccinophilia: Deriving pleasure from vaccination. Kinksters can implement vaccinophilia in a medical position play.

Vampire fetishism: A kink the place individuals are obsessive about vampires, biting, blood, or all of these. 

Vicarphilia: Some individuals get turned on once they hear about different people’ sexual practices. 

Vincilagnia: Getting sexually aroused by bondage. It consists of every little thing associated to bondages, from seeing bondage, being tied as much as tying up others.

Vomit Fetish: It is often known as emetophilia. Kinksters of this sort get pleasure from once they vomit and in addition derive sexual arousal when their accomplice vomits.

Vorarephilia: Vore, briefly. An uncommon kink is the place fetishists fantasize about consuming different individuals, and have the erotic need to be consumed by others, or each. Surprisingly, the kink isn’t as unpopular as you may need to be anticipated. According to a survey, out of 4,175 Americans, 10 fantasize about vore.

Voyeurism: The sexual curiosity in watching nonconsensual people get undressed, bare, or have sexual activity.


Watersports: It can also be referred to as urophilia and golden showers. The kink is characterized by a sexual exercise that entails urine. It’s the quantity of 9 fetishes within the UK. 

Wax play: A subcategory of temperature play. Kinksters of this sort get pleasure from dripping the wax from a scorching candle to their companions’ pores and skin. It causes a slight burning sensation, and it may possibly improve the enjoyment of the receiver.

Weapon fetish: A need for utilizing weapons as intercourse toys. 

WAM fetish: The acronym stands for “Wet and Messy.” The enjoyers of this kink love making use of messy substances with totally different textures to their pores and skin. The objects may be whipped cream, uncooked eggs, milk, lotion, paint, oil, mud, pudding, chocolate sauce, fruit juice, beer, shaving foam, shampoo, cleaning soap, custard, baked beans, ketchup, ice cream, peanut butter, and slime, amongst others.


Xenophilia: An unique sexual curiosity in overseas individuals. It consists of the appreciation of different cultures, manners, and customs. Some kinksters would possibly solely interact in sexual actions with foreigners. 

Xylophilia: A kink for nature. People of this class get pleasure from having intercourse outdoors. For instance, in a forest, meadow, by a lake, or on the seaside.


Yaoi: The kink entails a small neighborhood of individuals who get turned on by yaoi pornography. It is a kind of film that depicts the sexual interplay of two male anime or manga characters.

Yeastiality: The film “American Pie” is an ideal instance of this kink. It entails a sexual attraction to baked items or pastry.

Yiffing: Getting aroused by cybersex between furry animals.


Zelophilia: Getting turned on by the sensation of jealousy. Kinksters can stay out of their wishes by encouraging their companions to have intercourse with different individuals. 

Zentai: It is a kind of spandex fetishism. However, on this case, kinksters get aroused by a typical Japanese skin-tight outfit referred to as a zentai swimsuit.

Zoophilia: A sexual attraction in direction of non-human animals. While bestiality refers back to the sexual act with animals, kinksters with zoophilia solely fantasize about erotic experiences with them.  

Zoosexual: Individuals of this kink consider in consensual intercourse with animals.

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