LazyBoard Phrase Keyboard Review – LazyBoard Alternatives

What is LazyBoard? How does this phrase keyboard work? LazyBoard was created by Sir-Zeph, a Reddit user based in Singapore. LazyBoard is a shortcut keyboard app specially designed for people who use phones at work. It allows you to communicate using lists of common words and emojis. Read this lazy keyboard review to learn everything about LazyBoard.

What Is LazyBoard?

LazyBoard is a phrase keyboard that saves your email templates, canned responses, forms, addresses, phone numbers, emojis, or whatever you type. It allows you to easily access the previously entered content and paste it wherever you want.

How Does LazyBoard Work?

To use the LazyBoard keyboard, you need to install it on your phone and enable it to appear between other keyboards. After the installation is completed, you can use forms to create phrases, such as registration, bank card, and address forms. You can also categorize phrases by folder.

Steps to Enable LazyBoard Keyboard:

How Does LazyBoard Work

LazyBoard Review – Features

LazyBoard helps you custom quick responses, sync your phrases in iOS devices, save copied phrases, and type the current clipboard with one click. But LazyBoard can’t offer built-in pickup lines and flirting messages. Compared with Chatcat, LazyBoard lacks some features, such as premade chat response routines.

LazyBoard vs. Chatcat – Features

  • Chatcat
  • LazyBoard
LazyBoard vs. Chatcat – Features ChatcatLazyBoard
LazyBoard vs. Chatcat – Features
One-Click Save Entered Messages
Autosave Historical Responses
Premade Chat Response Routines
Automatic Canned Replies Recommendation
Built-in Pick-up Lines and Flirting Messages
Get ChatcatGet LazyBoard

LazyBoard Review – Pricing

LazyBoard has a free version that only offers 8 phrases. It also provides a premium version at $2.99. This version allows you to add unlimited phrases, export and import phrases, sync the phrase to each of your iOS devices by iCloud, and custom colors for phrases and folders.
  • Chatcat
  • LazyBoard
Free Plan ChatcatLazyBoard
Free Plan
Canned support replies
Built-in chat library
Common topic library
Custom personal replies
Personal data sync
Get ChatcatGet LazyBoard

LazyBoard Pros and Cons

Free plan
Free version with only 8 phrases
Sync phrases in iOS devices
Can't automatically save historical replies
No premade chat response routines


After reading this LazyBoard review, you may want to look for LazyBoard alternatives. Due to the limited features of LazyBoard, we recommend that you use the Chatcat keyboard app. It automatically recommends canned responses to you, helping you get good results in daily chat and online dating. Download and start chatting!
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