5 Clear Signs She’s Playing Hard to Get and is Interested – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

5 Clear Signs She’s Playing Hard to Get and is Interested – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

You like her and she is aware of. She’s additionally clearly into you. But the minute you attempt to take your relationship additional, she pulls away as if she does not care about you. It’s an age-previous factor that girls do. But it makes you marvel: is she enjoying laborious to get?

It’s irritating when the girl you want appears to maintain pushing you away even when she very clearly likes you too. You may even interpret it as her not liking you an identical method in any respect. So What is the distinction between being disinterested and enjoying laborious get? Why do ladies do that when it is a lot simpler to simply give in to the attraction?

If any of the above sounds acquainted then, don’t fear, you’re in the correct place.

Anyone who has his fair proportion of dates is aware that some ladies like to be chased by enjoying laborious to get. In this text, I’ll present you the way to spot it when a lady is enjoying laborious to get and what to do so as to flip it on her.

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Why Do Women Play Hard to Get?

Claiming that you realize the actual motive behind somebody’s conduct is completely naïve. People are advanced. We are extra advanced than anybody may even count on or guess, and that’s why you need to take your time earlier than accusing a lady of enjoying laborious to get.

Below are the principal causes some ladies to like to play video games with you:

1. She has low self-esteem

Sometimes ladies play laborious to get once they really feel intimidated by the man or once they doubt his intentions.

Maybe she thinks you’re too good to be true (appears like a joke, but it surely does occur). You surpass her by way of seems and/or standing that she wonders why the hell you most popular her over different ladies.

Or perhaps her failed relationships taught her to carry her guard up and maintain her playful female tendencies in verify to keep away from being damaged.

(*5*)2. She’s shopping for time to assess her choices

As they develop previous, ladies notice that they don’t have sufficient time earlier than each their magnificence and fertility drop to a stage that may compete with a brand new tribe of sizzling 18-23 y/o ladies. She might not say it out loud, but deep down they realize it, and additionally know that they will afford to waste their prime on the flawed man…

So, they begin weighing their choices and keep away from committing to a selected man till they actually know that he is the price being with for the lengthy haul.

She will deal with one goal, play laborious to get with the remainder, and maintain them at arm’s size hoping that she will both save her best choice or that certainly one of her lurkers steps up and proves to be worthier of her than the remainder.

Sounds imply?

It’s a simplified method of placing it, but it surely occurs on a regular basis. You’ll do the identical factor if you happen to get loads of choices. So don’t hate the sport or the participant and be taught to both step up and be the most effective model of you, or stroll away and refuse to be benched for another dude.

3. She’s maintaining you for validation

How hungry for intercourse will you be if you happen to haven’t had any in 12 months – not even masturbated?

Horny stage: Burj Khalifa.

That’s how ladies really feel about consideration. They crave it the identical method males crave intercourse, and the extra they get addicted to it, the extra they are going to do something to maintain it, together with enjoying laborious to get and displaying some sporadic affection to maintain a man round.

4. Or to achieve management over you

This is frequent amongst dominant, kind-A ladies or the so-known as “alpha woman.” She likes you, however, she doesn’t need to provide you with energy over her by admitting that she’s falling for you. So she pulls away from time to time to make you chase her.

Personally, this is an indication for me to look elsewhere. A girl – irrespective of how chilly – could be affectionate and all lovey-dovey around the correct man. So if she will appear to discover her passionate female self around you then you definitely both the flawed man or higher off saving your power for the correct gal.

Your greatest experiences with ladies will probably be with those that are worth a real connection over management.

5. She’s testing you

Probably this is the gem of this complete put up, as a result of most guys don’t have a clue about what I’m about to say. In truth, most guys who’re questioning, “Is she playing hard to get?” often notice that it is all a take a look at. Ready for a revelation?

As I stated earlier, every girl desires to be with the most effective man her seems can get her so she’s going to the time to take a look at you – even method after you marry her – simply to ensure that she selected the correct man…

And certainly one of her assessments are turning into distant both earlier than or barely after you turn out to be a pair.

To her, enjoying laborious to get serves two functions:

1) She makes certain her emotions for you’re actual.

2) She sees how’d you react

If she misses you while enjoying laborious to get or if she watches you keep icy and unaffected by her sudden coldness then she’s going to know she made the correct resolution and she’ll be much more affectionate once more.

If you misbehave, nonetheless, and present behaviors like panicking, turning into needy or clingy, showering her with presents for no purpose, or questioning her feelings for you, she’ll drop you want a sizzling potato and transfer on to one other man.

6. Or perhaps it’s avoidance

An enormous portion of hard-to-get ladies have intimacy points. The thought of being deserted once more scares the residing crap out of her to the extent of pushing you away the second she feels one thing in the direction of you.

She desires you, that a lot is true. But she does not need to danger of being deserted. This could be due to points from her childhood (e.g. absent dad and mom) or from previous relationships the place her exes dumped her out of the blue.

Is She Playing Hard to Get?

Now that I confirmed to you why some ladies like to play laborious to get with you, it’s time to present you the indicators to search for. Here are the highest ones:

1. If you pull, she’ll push

Probably the most important signal {that a} girl is enjoying laborious to get with you. Whether she’s chasing your validation or sees you as a lover, she nonetheless doesn’t need to danger shedding you – until she actually has different priceless choices – and she’s going to attempt to pull you.


It differs from one girl to one another. Some will probably be flirtatious and might even go all the best way to kissing/making out with you. Others will simply cease being chatty over the cellphone or sending you a great morning textual content.

2. She doesn’t thoughts assembly up, however nonetheless won’t commit to any critical plans

Women aren’t confrontational – at the very least nearly all of them. One out of each 10 ladies has sufficient guts to inform you she will’t date you the second she realizes she will’t love you.

The different 9 will both provide you with hints as to why you need to go away them alone OR will get pleasure from maintaining you as an ego booster. Those are those who’ll textual content you again and forth and inform you they’re open to assembly you however will give you lame excuses proper earlier than the date. She’ll flake on you, however, she will not outright inform you to get misplaced.

She can’t inform you to get misplaced as a result of she loves the eye but additionally won’t meet you as a result of she has extra essential issues to do.

3. She purposely makes you jealous

Some ladies play laborious to get by being overtly flirtatious with different males in entrance of you. She desires you to know she has choices and that you simply both step up, play by her guidelines or she’ll bounce.

A bit of jealousy may also help a relationship thrive when given in the correct doses. But if she’s making you jealous as a method to manipulate you, then sure, she’s enjoying laborious to get. But she’s additionally displaying how manipulative she could be.

4. She performs the intimacy card

Is she enjoying laborious to get utilizing intercourse? How many instances did you hear a lady saying she doesn’t sleep with guys on first dates solely to discover out later that she’s on some Chad’s booty-name listing?

Women hate being known as sluts. It’s been in opposition to their reproductive plan for thousands of years. She’ll throw pretend guidelines at you, particularly if she thinks you’re boyfriend materials simply to keep away from being humped and dumped by each dude she goes on a date with.

So on the brilliant aspect, she might even see you as a possible critical boyfriend, which means you may have an actual probability together with her. But alternatively, utilizing intercourse as software to assess you is not precisely the healthiest conduct, is it?

5. She doesn’t textual content first

Three sorts of ladies who’ll textual content you first:

A) A woman who likes you

B) A woman who desires a favor

C) A woman on Bumble (as a result of that’s how the app works)

If you catch yourself initiating many of the conversations together with her then she both doesn’t such as you that a lot or is enjoying laborious to get.

So, how do you have to do when a lady you simply met online performs laborious to get?

Two issues:

Expect flakiness from any girl you did not sleep with a number of instances (and she favored it)

Humans are flakey. Even you, the cool dude studying this text, have flaked in your buddies/ladies/household a number of instances this week. And it isn’t one thing you need to be ashamed of.

We all have the correct to set our priorities in the best way we see match. For a lady who will get a great deal of consideration from guys day after day, you are nothing however a number of pixels and a cellphone quantity on some app that she makes use of for enjoyment. The second one thing higher or extra essential comes, she’ll flake on you, not as a result of both of you is unhealthy, however since you’re nowhere close to the highest of her precedence listing (but).

Accept the feminine nature the best way it is and be taught not to put your hopes up each time a sizzling lady reveals curiosity in you. Be stoic with no matter ladies provide you with: keep icy, textual content different ladies, put your eggs in numerous baskets, and see the way it goes. If she comes again, cool, and if she does not, your progress on.

But do not let your ego screw you over too

One of my shoppers used to have this vindictive angle when a lady stops texting him. Instead of investigating why he stopped texting him, he’d deal with it with an offended, “fuck it. Her loss” angle.

Deep down, he believed he wasn’t adequate for her, so he took the primary signal of disinterest to reaffirm that perception.

Instead of considering that she might’ve been busy, sick, depressed, lifeless, and so forth, he selected to imagine he wasn’t worthy.

Once I made him see issues in a brand new method, I made him do two issues:

Write down the highest 5 causes a lady would love to be with him

Fit, profitable, humorous, spoke 5 languages, good in mattress, and so forth. Remind yourself why you are a catch and why you do not deserve to be strung alongside for the sake of her thoughts on video games.

All too usually, guys get caught up with making an attempt to “win” the lady that they neglect that they are losing their time and assets on a lady who simply desires some enjoyment. For the quick-time period, certain, it may be enjoyable. But in the long term? It’s all one winding highway in the direction of frustration.

Re-engage each lady who stopped texting with a cool, quick textual content

Surprisingly, at the very least half of them have been down to meet once more, or schedule a primary date with him. Some of them even though he was the one who stopped texting him.

But what concerning the different half?

I advised him not to textual content them once more and transfer on. As a person who respects himself, you have to encompass yourself with ladies who additionally need you. You need somebody who actually thinks you are the shit slightly than a lady who’ll berate your ass for not being nearly as good as her bestie’s boyfriend. The first will make your content, whereas the second will make you continually query your price.

With all the guidelines we talked about above, what have you ever concluded? Is she enjoying laborious to get or is she simply not that into you? Let us know the way it goes within the feedback under!

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