13 Tips to Write a Perfect Online Dating Profile

13 Tips to Write a Perfect Online Dating Profile

I’ve heard it many instances …

“No one messages me! Am I ugly? Guess I should quit right now and adopt loads of cats.” 

A fast perusal of their online dating profile tells me all I would like to know: It’s simply not ok. 

Anyone with a sexy dating profile can entice the suitable form of the particular person they’re searching for. But really crafting that famous person profile within the first? Well, that may usually be the tough bit.

The excellent news is that you’re in luck in the present day as a result I’ve created a rundown of the highest ideas to write an excellent online dating profile that may have all eyes on you. The even higher information is that anybody can implement these hacks to get extra matches and entice extra high-quality singles on a common foundation. 

13 Tips to Write a Perfect Online Dating Profile

1. Choose The Right Profile Photos 

Let’s get the non-writing bit out of the best way first. 

Your profile images are your prime actual property. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a 10/10 or a 5/10, should you select the suitable pics, you may get a lot of curiosity. 

The drawback is that too many singles select the flawed pics. They add solely headshots, or they filter them closely. 

If you add simply headshots, you’ll appear to be you’ve bought one thing to conceal. It’s identical to closely filtered images. They’re not actual. 

And how about these images of the place you’re wanting away from the digital camera? People need to see your face, individuals!

Here are some ideas (do’s don’ts pf choosing the proper profile images:

  • “Use your current images solely as a result of you do not need to get your first date to get awkward.
  • “Use a pic of you holding a pet (actually, it’s cute and other people will swipe only for the pet). 
  • “Use full physique photographs in addition to headshots.
  • “Use a profile photograph of you smiling moderately than doing a horny pout.
  • “Whatever you’re doing, smile in not less than 75% of your pics.
  • “Avoid utilizing sun shades or something that conceal your face.
  • “Ask a friend for your best pics (we always choose our worst pics when left to our own devices). “

2. Introduce Yourself  in Your Dating Profile

There’s a lot to be stated for introducing oneself to their dating profile, however so only a few of us do it.

Here’s how easy it’s:

“Hi, I’m Mark :)” 

Simple, pleasant and it exhibits that this man has manners. He’s approachable, too. Heck, even I’m pondering messaging him! 

And that’s what it’s all about. If you introduce yourself in your very first line, you’re already attracting suitable vitality by displaying individuals you have been raised nicely! 

Then, you transition to the following line. Speaking of that … 

3. Be Short, Snappy and Compelling within the Profile’s Bio 

Now, precisely the way you write your online dating profile will differ from platform to platform. We have an article all about writing online dating profiles for various websites right here. 

However, the trick for any website is to preserve your profile quick, snappy, and compelling. How do you do all three? 

  • Short – Keep your whole character to a regular/readable quantity. On Tinder, it’s going to be lower than it’s on OK Cupid and Match”

  • Snappy – Introduce yourself on the primary line, then have a line break. Then, add one other 1-2 strains of textual content, earlier than one other line break. Then, add one other 1-2 strains of textual content adopted by both yet one more line of textual content or some emojis. Breaking up the textual content is essential as a result it makes your profile a lot extra readable “

  • Compelling – Make certain to elicit curiosity in some unspecified time in the future (see under), ask questions and preserve your textual content conversational (see under, too)”

4. Elicit Curiosity With Your Bio to Get More Messages

One of the issues I see with unhealthy dating profiles is that they only don’t go away any bait in there. There’s nothing for me to get interested in and use to begin a dialog.

It’s like this: If your online dating profile reads “Hey if you like my pics message me! Not sure what else to put here?” You’re making it very onerous on yourself to entice somebody fascinating. 

What on earth can they use as a good dialog starter? 

Personally, I like to see a little bit of bait in a profile that I can use to get a dialog going.

Now, this may be something however right here’s an instance. Let’s say you’ve got an uncommon job. While you don’t have to draw a lot of consideration to it by saying “LOOK WHAT I DO AREN’T I UNIQUE?”’ You ought to list it in your profile. In that manner, you may get somebody who comes alongside and asks for ‘3 chances to guess your job.’

Other methods you’ll be able to elicit curiosity:

  • “Add a country you once lived in or traveled to “
  • (*13*)
  • “Upload a pic of your pet (“aww, what’s its name?”)”
  • “Ask a question in your profile “

You simply want one thing that’s an entry-level for somebody. Don’t make it onerous for everybody to the method you with one thing aside from “hey.”  

5. Use Emojis in Your Bio to Catch Attention 😉

While you positively shouldn’t depend on emojis solely, it’s all the time a good thought to chuck them in there.

Emojis present that you’ve bought a sense of enjoyment, and so they’re additionally a great way of demonstrating your pursuits without you writing an excessive amount.

It’s like I stated earlier – your profile ought to ideally be quick, snappy, and compelling. If you determine to list every single curiosity, you’ll spoil all of that as a result of it’ll simply be too gosh darn a lot.

So how about utilizing emojis to fill in the blanks? 

For instance, should you love watching films, add the popcorn emoji. If you like sunshine, sprinkle your profile with the sunshine emoji. If you’re from a totally different nation, add your nation’s flag. 

Emojis are simple on the attention, they seize consideration and so they assist to flaunt your character. Use ‘em. 

6. Have Some Structure 

Like a lot of the recommendations in this article, this isn’t set in stone and it relies upon what dating website you’re on. But it’s all the time a good thought to give your online dating profile some construction so that you simply inform the reader’s eye.

For instance, you could possibly open with an introduction. “Hey, I’m Jill.”

Then, you could possibly write briefly your pursuits, earlier than speaking briefly about yourself… earlier than ending with what you’re searching for. Like this: 

“Hey, I’m Jill *insert emoji*

Vegan, hipster, steel music, illustration.

Looking for somebody who laughs at themselves as a lot as I do.”

7. Be Conversational or Slick

It’s a good signal if you should utilize language that flows and engages individuals. 


“Hey, how’s it going? I know what you’re thinking – yet another dating profile you have to read through! Well, here’s the deal and I’ll keep it brief: I’m looking for some laughs, some fun, and possibly even some romance. Sound good?” 

The particular person writing that is already having a dialog with you and interesting you. They’re arousing curiosity and asking questions whereas additionally showcasing their character. 


If you’re not assured of pulling off a conversational model, you could possibly make your profile slicker.


“Erica. 28. Obsessed with pizza. Will sing in public if a Backstreet Boys song comes on.” 

It’s easy, straight-to-the-point. It’s bought a little bit of wit and it’s compelling sufficient for somebody to have an entry-level to a dialog. Plus, anybody can write it. Alternatively, you could possibly use bullet factors to list your pursuits while holding it slick.

Like this: 

  • “Pizza”
  • “Sunshine”
  • “Game of Thrones “
  • “Will sing in public if a Backstreet Boys song comes on”

Whatever you list in your bullets has to imply one thing to you. For instance, should you’re a tall woman and also you assume this issues, listing it. If you’re vegetarian and this issues, list it. 

8. Be Honest with What You’re Looking For

I get that it’s not simple to say you’ve got youngsters in your online dating profile when you have ‘em. But you’ve got to do it. 

If you are searching for a dedicated relationship or hookups, inform in your bio.

If you permit this bit clean, you’re solely going to set yourself up for disappointment afterward once you point out them. 

“Can you pass the salt? OH, BTW I HAVE 4 KIDS.” 

It’s identical to your age. Be sincere about your age and all the pieces else, out of your profession to your present job. Don’t lie in your profile 🙂 

Honesty is the very best coverage on dating websites and the dating world generally as a result you’ll entice the vibe you set out. If you’re 100% upfront about having two youngsters straight off the bat, you’ll entice the suitable particular person or a perfect particular person and even an excellent particular person.

In different phrases, a type, caring, grown-up gentleman. As opposed to a participant who’s going to flat-out block you as quickly as you drop the bombshell, leaving you dejected. 

What You Shouldn’t Include in Your Dating Profile

8. Don’t Copy Others’ Dating Profiles 

You know which dating profiles suck? The normal ones or the copied ones. 

They appear to be this: 

“Netflix, music and wine.” 

You’ve been playfully aggressive particularly should you be a man – similar to actual life!

Who doesn’t like Netflix, music, and alcohol? A profile like this can entice each man and his canine … but it surely may not entice the kind of particular person you’re genuinely searching for.

To prevent time, you want to lower to the chase by being particular and unique.

This means speaking (briefly) concerning the form of movies and music you like.  

If you want artwork, don’t simply say ‘art’ as a result that would actually imply any sort of artwork. Get particular and entice the particular person you need to entice. 

9. Don’t List The Things You Dislike 

I’ve seen profiles like this earlier than:

“Not looking for ___ Don’t like ___ So if this is you, keep jogging.”

It’s so detrimental and off-putting. Why would anybody need to message somebody who’s already being actually confrontational?

All you’ve got to do is flip that in order that it appears to be like like this: 

“Looking for ___! Love ___! So if this sounds like you, hit me up?!”

See how way more optimistic, pleasant, and alluring that’s? 

While stating what you’re not searching for will filter out individuals you’re not all for, so will stating what you’re searching for. And this latter choice is way more interesting. 

11. Don’t Appear Negative in Your Profile 

I imply, there’s nothing flawed with being detrimental in your profile and speaking about nihilism, how life sucks, and the way the world is damaged … however detrimental vibes entice detrimental individuals. You have to take into consideration who you need to entice. If you need somebody optimistic and easygoing, you want to challenge that vibe along with your profile. 

The easiest method to seem optimistic in your dating profile is to:

  • “Use emojis (see above) “
  • “Use exclamation marks (but not too many) “
  • “Ask a question “
  • “Talk about the things you love”
  • “Smile in your pics”

13. Don’t Reveal Everything 

Honesty about main issues like your age and whether or not you’ve got youngsters or not is one factor, however that doesn’t imply you’ve got to reveal all the pieces in your dating profile.

What do I imply by this? 

Well, look. Having a few youngsters in tow is the main dealbreaker for many individuals, which implies it is best to list it in your profile. On the opposite hand, opening up your coronary heart about why you’re right here in the first place isn’t one thing everybody wants to know instantly. So lower that out. 

As I stated earlier, you want to keep optimistic and lightweight in your profile. Anything that bares your soul wants to keep reserved for the 2am cellphone calls to your greatest mate for now. 


Writing a dating profile shouldn’t appear to be rocket science. I imply it’s each a science and an artwork and it’ll take so time for you to get it proper. But that’s okay. Use the guidelines on this article, write a profile after which see what occurs subsequent. If you’re nonetheless not getting the outcomes you wished, simply preserve making minor tweaks as you go alongside. 

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