How to Spot A Catfish on Tinder

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What is a Tinder catfish? How to catch a catfish on Tinder? The increase in social media and dating sites has led to a surge in fake profiles. It’s speculated that about 20% of Tinder profiles are fake. So, how do you tell if your Tinder match is a catfish? Let’s check the following guide to identify a catfish on Tinder.

What Is A Tinder Catfish?

A Tinder catfish is someone who creates fake profiles on Tinder to pretend to be someone else online. Tinder catfishes use their fake accounts to pursue deceptive online romances or manipulate the victims. There are two types of victims: people who have been tricked into trusting someone with a false identity, and those who have their personal photos stolen and used by individuals.

Facts about Tinder Catfishing

The fake accounts on Tinder are often used to spark up online relationships.

Catfishers use the accounts to give off a persona they wish they had.

Tinder catfishing has become a common problem on popular online dating apps, where you are searching for possible dates.

6 Signs That You're Catfished on Tinder

If you are in an online relationship and feel doesn’t seem right, then you may have been catfished. Here are sneaky signs that you can check to spot a catfish on Tinder

Top 4 Ways to Catch A Tinder Catfish

If you suspect that your Tinder match is a catfish, you need to take immediate action. Here are some things you can do to catch a Tinder catfish.

Image Search

One of the first things you should do is to reverse image search them on Google. If they steal pictures of models or actors, you will immediately find out who the real owner of the pictures is.

Social Media Search

You can search for their username or number on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook. After searching on popular social media, you will know whether your matches use fake profiles.
social media search
ask for video chatting

Ask for Video Chatting

Since the person behind the screen is a completely different person from the profile, he/she cannot accept your video chatting request. So you can send a video chat request directly to your match to see how he/she responds.
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Request to Meet In Real Life

A catfish can’t meet you in real life. Once you ask to meet, they will find excuses to refuse or simply disappear. If you want to know the true identity of the person behind the screen, then you only need to send him/her a message that you want to meet.

Using Chatcat to Save Time Dealing With Tinder Catfish

A Tinder catfish may waste your precious time in finding the right person. In order to save time, you can use Chatcat. Chatcat is a fast response keyboard with built-in chat routines for identifying Tinder catfish. It will automatically save and recommend repeated replies when you chat online.


The above are some effective ways to spot Tinder catfish. Tinder is a wonderful place, but like everything on the Internet, it can have dark sides. As long as you are aware of Tinder scams, you can ensure your safety. Regardless of these dark sides, you can use Chatcat to chat with your Tinder match. It is a smart keyboard assistant to help you quickly reply to someone’s message online. Whether you are in a relationship or pursuing someone, this personal chat assistant can meet your needs. Download and start chatting now!
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