How to Respond to “Hey” on Tinder And Get A Great Response

How to Respond to “Hey” on Tinder And Get A Great Response

Do you need to learn the way to reply to “hey” on Tinder? Your response will rely on your aim in your relationship with the lady in query. And we’ll cowl all of your choices in this article.

When she messages you with nothing but a “Hey”, what must you do? Should you ignore the lazy greeting, or must you reply in a selected method?

Here’s the factor. Every lady on Tinder is completely different from all others. You could like her, or chances are you’ll discover her uninteresting. Or she could also be somebody you’ve chatted with earlier than and at present have a very good relationship with.

In these completely different conditions, your acceptable responses shall be completely different. So right here’s how to reply to an easy “hey” on Tinder, relying on who she is to you.

How You Should Respond to “Hey” on Tinder

Your acceptable response to her “Hey” will rely on three issues

  1. If you want her, or should you’ve by no means met her however you’re all for understanding her higher;
  2. If you don’t like her, and also you’d fairly not get right into a dialog along with her; or
  3. If you’ve chatted along with her earlier than and you’ve got a very good relationship going on.

Let’s check out every scenario in flip.

If you want her…

If that is the primary time you’re speaking to her, there’s one factor you must do earlier than anything. And that’s to verify her profile and see what she’s about. What you’ll see there’ll provide help to determine how greatest to reply to her.

Does she sound like an enjoyable lady? Does a friendship with this lady sound just like the type of relationship you’re on the lookout for? And do you see zero purple flags on her profile—no neediness, crabbiness, or controversial political positions?

Some different purple flags to be careful for can be:

  • A clean profile (she is perhaps making an attempt to catch a dishonest boyfriend)
  • Signs of an excessive amount of promiscuity (e.g. phrases and emojis depicting intercourse), which may imply she’s on the lookout for meaningless intercourse or she’s a professional
  • Extreme political positions (i.e. If she’s racist or a militant feminist, you may want to keep away from her)
  • Signs she needs a sugar daddy

When you’re certain she’s not fishing for sugar daddies, it’s time to transfer to the subsequent step.

The key’s to discover widespread floor along with her, judging from what you see on her profile. Might you have comparable hobbies or pursuits? If you do, it’ll provide help to make a very good response.

How to craft your response should you like her

Let’s say you checked her profile, and you discover she’s a hiker such as you. So you’ll be able to reply to her “Hey” by asking her: “Hey, how long have you been hiking?”

Or let’s say her profile tells you she’s a canine lover, and you want canine too. You can then reply: “Hey, do you have a dog? What breed?”

The method is straightforward. Find widespread floor along with her and remark about it in your response.

Have a backup “good” response

What should you don’t discover any widespread floor along with her by checking her profile however you’re all for her anyway? Then go forward and use a backup response—something generic and pleasant will do.

You can reply by saying: “Hi, how’s your day going?”

Or even higher, ask her an open-ended query. “Hey there. Anything fun happen to you this week?”

You could even take into account asking her a controversial query, like: “What’s up? Any trouble you’re trying to get out of this week?”

The final one could lead to a rant session, which can then offer you some extra widespread floor to construct along with her. So be happy to experiment—it’s the one method you’ll know for certain.

But should you’re not …

What should you check her profile and she or he sounds boring? Or should you discover her unattractive? What if her profile is clean, otherwise you really feel she’s making an attempt to make the most of you? Maybe you swiped proper on accident. That’s okay; occurs to the most effective of us.

Then the reply is sort of easy: Just use one of many three following responses:

  • Don’t reply or reply later. Either method, she most likely won’t reply, even should you despatched your reply only a few hours after her authentic message. That’s okay, after all—there’s no sense losing your time with folks you’re not all for, proper?
  • Give an excuse to reply later. For instance, you’ll be able to say: “Hey, I’ll get back to you later, I’m at work,” or another generic “talk later” message. If she responds with one more lazy message (like “k”), be happy to not get again to her anymore. She most likely won’t be priced it.
  • Block her. If you’re completely certain you need nothing to do along with her, simply block her. Solve the issue by making it irrelevant. Don’t fear about hurting or offending her—if she will be able to afford to greet a man with a lazy “Hey,” it most likely means she meets greater than her justifiable share of males on Tinder.

What If You’re Replying Later On

Now let’s speak in regards to the third choice. What should you’ve already chatted along with her earlier than, and your present relationship along with her is an efficient one—then she greets you on Tinder with an easy “Hey”? What’s an acceptable response to this scenario?

Your aim right here is to construct the connection and encourage future conversations along with her. And you are able to do this by replying in one of many following 3 ways:

“I was thinking of you.”

You can reply with an easy: ”Hey, I used to be simply pondering of you. What’s up?” This will kick-start a dialog along with her, even when her greeting was fairly lazy. She would possibly instantly reply: “I’m good… why were you thinking of me?”

A variation of this is able to be: “Hey, I was just about to text you. How are you?” This will likewise make her surprised by what you had to say, and she or he’ll be extra responsive shifting ahead.

Include her title in your reply

You also can reply with one thing like: “Hi, (her name), what’s good?” Saying her title can construct up some sexual pressure, even when it’s online. If she replies with one thing far more animated than “Hey,” then you recognize you simply lit her up.

Tell a brief story

The story doesn’t even have to be true—the essential factor is to get a response from her. Even a foolish story like: “Cucumber vodka. Never try it,” will get a response from her, though count on it to be an incredulous one.

Here are a number of different concepts:

  • “I’m just glad to be alive.”
  • “Something happened this weekend.”
  • “I just learned what you should never do with peanut butter.”

She’ll possibly ask you to elaborate on your story, which you’ll should you’ve thought it by means of. Or you’ll be able to merely say: “I’ll explain it some other time. So how’ve you been?”

Funny Ways to Reply to “Hey”

To wrap up, let’s discuss a number of humorous methods to reply to an easy “Hey” on Tinder. Why be humorous, you ask? It’s a choice price contemplating—in spite of everything, “Hey” is such a lazy greet. You reserve the correct to give a response that makes you, and hopefully additionally her, giggle.

Here are a number of humorous methods to reply to “Hey” on Tinder:

Tell a joke

Any joke will do. She says “Hey,” and also you reply with one thing like

“What’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants? One is a crusty bus station and the other is a busty crustacean.”

Also: “Would you rather” questions work effectively in getting an extra attention-grabbing reply out of her, too.

As an added benefit, these humorous responses weed out the ladies with zero humorousness. If she doesn’t get the joke, be happy to block her.

Use a pickup line

Likewise, replying to her “Hey” with an enjoyable Tinder pickup line is acceptable. Any pickup line will do. “Do you have a nickname, or should I call you mine?”

You would possibly surprise: Wouldn’t pick up strains flip her off?

If you need her to such as you again, then it’s most likely greatest to use a protected response—ideally one we mentioned earlier in this article.

That stated, some girls love pickup strains and play properly alongside. They’re on Tinder to have enjoyable, in spite of everything, they usually love assembly like-minded guys such as you.

“Hey” is among the lowest-effort greetings a lady can ship a person on Tinder. It’s just about her telling you: “Hey, I’m bored, say something to make me not bored.” She’s asking you to do her a favor.

Whether or not you’ll give her that favor is up to you. As this text suggests, begin along with your relationship with the lady. Are you assembling her for the primary time? Have you met earlier than and you’ve got a very good relationship along with her? Or is she somebody you’d fairly not spend any of your valuable time with?

No matter the scenario, this text has given you some good ideas on how to reply to “Hey” on Tinder that leads to the result you need. So go forward—ship your reply and see the way it goes.

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