How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You (Don’t Be A Jerk) – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You (Don’t Be A Jerk) – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

Constantly excited about your ex after the breakup isn’t look. It cannot be helped, I do know. But typically you are surprised how to make your ex’s remorse leave you. It’s not that you simply essentially need her again, however, a small part of you desires her to really feel that twinge of remorse.

Picture this:

You meet a woman you suppose you want. You spend a few months along with fluffy, lovey-dovey ardor, after which, a couple of months later, you understand she’s the one – or might be. So you ask her to be your girlfriend and she or he says sure. But life obtained in the best way and also you had to half methods, amicably at the very least.

Another situation; you meet a woman, you date for some time, and issues appear fairly okay. She’s now your girlfriend, however, your relationship is not that nice. You’re clearly not a match for one another, so small arguments flip into large fights, and also you break up.

Unfortunately, no matter which situation life has chosen for you, this woman, who as soon as appeared like she cherished you greater than herself, is now gone. Maybe she selected to dump you, you selected to dump her, or it was a mutual factor as a result of the connection simply could not work out.

And now, weeks later after your single-and-ready-to-mingle celebrations are over, you’re feeling gutted and need her again. Or at the very least, you need her to remorse for leaving you…

So, how are you going to do it?

How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

Actually, I don’t consider that you must strive to make your ex-girlfriend remorse shedding you and even take into consideration her in the first place.

But I do perceive that, for some guys, the breakup could’ve been so nasty, or the woman could’ve been so implying that it’s onerous not to take into consideration rubbing it in her face. In different circumstances, it is fully comprehensible to need your ex to contemplate getting again along with you.

So I’m gonna put my ethical compass apart, and present you the way to make your ex remorse leaving you:

1. Don’t give her any undeserved consideration

Don’t be a simp whom she retains within the friendzone all yr lengthy and solely talks to him to vent out or get some favors. As a person of worth, you must prioritize your time. Your work, hobbies, associates, household, and dates ought to come earlier than a woman who doesn’t need something romantic with you. This consists of your ex, even if you happen to did have some good occasions collectively.

Don’t check out her, run errands for her, or give her your ears as she talks about different males she desires to sleep with. Don’t give her energy over you or make her assume you may transfer on. If the eye you as soon as gave her if you had been her boyfriend was worthwhile, then she might want extra of it even after your breakup. So if she will get it from you anymore, this may make her remorse for leaving you.

2. Go incognito for some time     

Creating info gaps in a lady’s thoughts is an essential part of the seduction course. The much less a woman spends time with you – and even sees you round – the much less frequent you develop into. If you need to make your ex’s remorse leave you, then begin by making yourself unseen.

Take a visit, be part of a temple, or get off Facebook whereas making an attempt to reinvent yourself. She’ll get curious – at the very least partially. Her thoughts will ask questions and she is going to get jealous if she sooner or later finds out that you simply grew to become the complete bundle.

Many films promote the transformation story of the hero who was as soon as a no one, then he ran off someplace, discovered his true self, then got here again as a brand new man. Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins (2005) is a superb instance. Be her Bruce Wayne 2.0. Go incognito, repair your issues, then stumble upon her. She’ll consider you as a brand new man and will certainly need to patch issues up, or at the very least remorse leaving you.

3. Prove her unsuitable

Most breakups pan out to one in all two issues (or each):

  • You’re not ok for me
  • You won’t get somebody of my caliber

This implies that the simplest method to make your ex remorse leaving you is by

  • Becoming ok: Getting a more healthy physique, making extra money, dressing higher, changing into extra dominant, having a greater social life, and many others.
  • Dating somebody who’s leagues higher than your ex

Very few ladies break up with a man and suppose “I hope this loser turns his life around and proves me wrong.” A lady’s dating technique is predicated on discovering one of the best associates her appearance and qualities can get.

She’s at all times evaluating a number of candidates hoping that the one she chooses finally ends up to be Mr. Right. But breaking apart with you means she believes another person deserves to be her Mr. Right. Proving her unsuitable implies that she missed out on an awesome alternative, and also you’ll be another person’s, Mr. Right.

And if you realize something about competitors’ nervousness amongst ladies you’ll know that this concept terrifies her.

4. But don’t do it for her

I’m from the “if it’s working, don’t jinx it” college. If the concept of creating your ex remorse leaving you wakes you up and sends you to the gymnasium at 5 a.m., then feed on it and use it to inspire you. However, one of these motivations isn’t good in the long run.

Negative feelings resembling hatred and envy have a very brief life and should damage you if you happen to feed on them for too lengthy. Plus, in case your ex believes you remodeled your life simply to rub it in her face, then she’ll know that you’re nonetheless excited about her and her approval.

Your ex shouldn’t have any management over you. The proper mindset must be:

1) I’m not going to give her energy over me. I don’t care about her, I have a complete life forward of me to give attention to, and I wanna make it an enjoyable one;

2) I’ll use the breakup as a lesson to repair my weak factors so I can entice even higher ladies.

Pinpoint all these weak areas you consider you must do higher at (health, being good in mattress, being enjoyable, being extra dominant, having a greater profession, and many others.), set targets for yourself to deal with every space at a time and bear in mind your fundamental motive: having a greater life, not getting again at your ex.

You will really feel the distinction if you unexpectedly stumble upon your girlfriend and understand you don’t even care to show her unsuitable. And believe me, she’ll really feel it too.

5. Listen to Robert Greene

“What you do not react to cannot drag you down in a futile engagement. Your pride is not involved. The best lesson you can teach an irritating gnat is to consign it to oblivion by ignoring it.” – Robert Greene

Ever learn The 48 Laws of Power?

Robert Greene’s Law #37 says that ignoring the issues you may have is one of the best revenge.

“The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him. It is sometimes best to leave things alone. If there is something you want but cannot have, show contempt for it. The less interest you reveal, the more superior you seem.”

Your girlfriend might not be the enemy, however, one of the best ways to take her energy over you, throw it in a bin, and bury it within the sea is to ignore her. By being much less reactive, killing all hopes in your thoughts of you two ever-changing into a factor once more, and treating her like an extraordinary acquaintance, you’ll:

  1. Win your peace of thoughts
  2. Drive her nuts

As I stated earlier, ladies feed on consideration, even from guys they won’t ever date. In truth, typically an ex will herself over you in the hopes of getting again collectively… Only to dump you to show to herself that she nonetheless has you.

The sole method out of this entice is to ignore her, cease considering “what ifs” or fantasizing about making her your girlfriend once more.

I dated this woman for six months. Beautiful, humorous, and actually into me however I stored her at arm’s size as a result of I deliberate to journey solo for 2 years. So sooner or later I texted her that I’m leaving and wished her nicely. And guess what she wrote again?

Nothing. Nada. Not even a block on WhatsApp or a vengeful Instagram story.

And she nonetheless has my respect at the present time – plus some “what Ifs.”

Being unreactive is probably the most highly effective method to make somebody remorse leaving you. You rob them of the enjoyment of understanding how vital you as soon as meant to them and can make them query their resolution of dumping you. Plus, you’ll really feel respectful and highly effective.

What to Do If Your Ex Tries to Get Back Together With You?

Now, what if she tries to join you? You’ve realized how to make your ex remorse leaving you and she or he took the bait.

What if you happen to stumble upon one another or she textual content you a “what happened to us?” message adopted by a “let’s give it a try?” Should you comply, or inform her no?

These are my two cents:

No matter what you do or say, don’t oversell

Before your ex calls or texts you to get again collectively, she might stumble upon you by probability or intention. In this case, you might really feel tempted to flash your wins in entrance of her, inform her how nicely you’ve been doing without her, or brag concerning the Lambo you simply purchased.


Women can simply inform when a man is being pretended or making an attempt to cowl for one thing. Make it brief and to the purpose and don’t strive to show something to her, good or dangerous. Be as informal as you may as if she’s just a few individuals you realize and never an ex. That new angle will likely be sufficient to confuse her and perhaps make her re-suppose her life without you.

But what must you do if she instantly asks to get again collectively?

My reply will depend upon how issues ended between you two.

1) If you broke up on good phrases

Sometimes you had been simply the best couple on the unsuitable time and also you had to break up since you had completely different paths, location issues, well-being points, and many others. In this case, you may contemplate giving it one other shot since you realize the breakup was compelled on each of you.

2) If she did you unsuitable

If she cheated on you, handled you poorly, wasn’t there for you if you wanted her, trapped you in a poisonous relationship, or flat out left you to discover a higher dude then DO NOT get again collectively together with her. Ignore her, don’t reply to her calls, or act as if she ever existed. People do not often change the best way we wish them to.

Yes, you, me, and everybody can drop some weight, make more cash, and by no means smoke weed once more, however a few of our inside crap will die with us, or at the very least take greater than only a breakup to die.

A cheater will stay a cheater, and even when she stops, you’ll at all times distrust her. A lady who handled you poorly in your downs will do this once more as soon as life turns its again on you. A woman who left you for a greater dude will go away from you once more as soon as a greater one exhibits up or perhaps she simply desires you trigger there’s nobody around… but.

The work you probably did to develop into a greater man after the breakup ought to fall into the laps of a lady who adores and respects you as you’re. Anyone from the previous who wasn’t ok will stay not ok – however with further wrinkles and stretch marks.

Take a deep breath and bear in mind these dangerous moments you had collectively, then ask yourself in order for you them once more – as a result, they’ll ultimately come again. You might want to get again to her since you’re sexy or lonely. But an essential resolution like getting again along with an ex deserves to be taken by your mind, and your mind solely.

Also, be careful for the last word feminine revenge

Some ladies get mad when their ex strikes on, leads a greater life, or will get a greater girlfriend. It makes them really feel much less worthy of the diploma that she might contact her ex (you) and check out to patch issues up simply to wrap him around her thumb once more, earlier than – sure, you realize it – break up with him once more.

This is why I do not often advocate that you simply get again to your ex as a result of – as I stated earlier – individuals don’t change that a lot, and since you may at all times discover higher. The idea of The One is simply a thought Hollywood and rom-coms have been filling your thoughts with for years and years. In actuality, you may at all times discover a woman nearly as good as your ex – and even higher – if you happen to work on yourself and develop into prime quality sufficient to entice such a caliber of girls.

You might be associated together with your ex-girlfriend and even get again collectively. But the vitality you set into fixing a damaged relationship is healthier off spent on a brand new relationship with a greater associate.

Rollo Tomassi, the writer of The Rational Male outlined it completely as in

It is at all times effort and time higher spent creating new, contemporary, potential ladies than it would ever be in trying to reconstruct a failed relationship. Never root by way of the trash as soon as the rubbish has been dragged to the curb. You get messy, your neighbors see you do it, and what you thought was value digging for isn’t as useful as you thought it was.

Couples do not often neglect what brought about them to break up, so until your ex was the actual unicorn, you’re higher off shifting on with a greater one.

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