How to Go Down on a Woman? 10 Tips From Sex Experts

How to Go Down on a Woman? 10 Tips From Sex Experts

Your capability to go down on your companion may make or break your relationship. Yes, it’s that necessary. 

Which means it’s actually necessary that you just get this proper. 

Indeed, analysis has proven that straight girls have fewer orgasms than anybody else. This is definitely a result of straight males (not like lesbians) merely haven’t mastered the artwork of realizing precisely what a lady desires between the sheets. But when you grasp the artwork of taking place on a lady, you can also make her moist and enhance each of your sexual enjoyments. 

Of course, some males naturally drawback from taking place on a lady. But know this: Your companion desires you to go down on her. Not solely does taking place on a lady really feel intensely pleasurable, it additionally reveals to her that you just care about her whenever you’re having intercourse. You need her to really feel good. 

That all mentioned, whereas taking place on a lady isn’t rocket science, it’s an artwork. There are issues a lady wants/desires, in addition to issues a lady doesn’t want/need. If you’re inexperienced or clumsy, your companion will discover instantly – and it’ll flip her off. 

If you’re feeling nervous about taking place on a lady proper now and need solely to go away her feeling happy, the excellent news is that we’ve created an article only for you. In this information on how to go down on a lady, we’ve been speaking to intercourse specialists and ladies concerning the artwork of pleasuring a lady under. By the top of the article, you’ll be extra assured about taking place on your companion.

Let’s make a begin.

10 Tips to Go Down on a Woman

1. Create The Environment Before You Start

Create a stunning atmosphere earlier than you go down on a lady.

Clean up your area, arrange candles, and make it really feel sacred and luscious. Doing this can decrease her defense and open up her capability to obtain in order that she will be able to absolutely really feel your consideration.

Women really feel expertise in all of their senses, so use that to your benefit.

This is a nice recommendation coming from, Cailin McDuff, the host of the top-rated sexuality podcast, Anyway You Want It, the place loyal followers tune in commonly for her genuine, contemporary, and edgy conversations about intercourse, relationships, and life.

2. Ask Her What She likes

“If you want to be a master of cunnilingus, there is one simple rule. Ask her what she likes.” – Jessica Graham, intercourse & relationship coach and writer of  Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out.

Every lady is completely different.

  • “Some like lots of clitoral stimulation, some can only tolerate a small amount. “
  • “Some may absolutely love anal stimulation while receiving head, and others might throw you out of bed for trying that. “
  • “Some enjoy a finger inside or some enjoy two fingers inside pressing on the g-spot, and some don’t want any penetration at all. “

If you’re a very delicate lover, with a lot of tips up your sleeve, you might have the ability to sense what works and what does not, to a level. But remember the fact that sexual wishes and pleasure can change and simply because one thing labored for the primary 12 months of a relationship doesn’t suggest it does now.

Also, most ladies are fairly good at faking it, so it is best to be specific and easily ask. 

If she is uncomfortable with being requested what feels good, that is regular. Most of us did not taught to talk about sexual pleasure. It can take time to develop the talent of speaking about intercourse.

You would possibly think about asking her about what she like when you’re not having intercourse. That can really feel a little much less susceptible and make it simpler to be open. 

Most girls have fears about how they scent or style, in addition to how long it takes them to climax. If you need to set your lady’s thoughts and vulva comfortable, elevate your head up and say this: “You smell amazing. You taste amazing. I could do this for hours.” Then get again down there.

The extra relaxed and safe she feels about you taking place on her, the extra pleasure she’s going to expertise. 

3. Try Different Tongue Movements

“Try different movements of the tongue to find what does she like. It could be slow and long, or fast and quick. Once that is established you start off slowly and gently as the clitoris is very sensitive with thousands of nerve endings.” – Candice Cooper-Lovett, Ph.D., LMFT, CLC, Sex Therapist.

It will be extra of a slow-motion the tongue motion between all of the folds of the internal and outer labia as well as to the clitoris to begin and as she will get extra aroused you may focus extra on the clitoris both utilizing fast flicking licks or lengthy round licks.

Paying consideration to her physique language and sounds, let her direct you in what she likes as nicely. I share with my shoppers who personal vulvas that it is okay to seize their companions by the ears or hair to allow them to understand how they need to be happy. As nicely because the companion listens to what she says when speaking and thru her moans.

You can attempt the next actions/motions along with your tongue:

  • “up and down”
  • “clockwise circles”
  • “counterclockwise circles”
  • “side to side”
  • “pulsating in one spot”
  • “wrap your mouth around the clit and lightly suck”

When she begins to orgasm don’t cease however proceed to please her till she says she’s completed. Some girls might not want an orgasm throughout oral intercourse however some may need the skilled pleasure and the orgasm because of the cherry is on high.

The clitoris may be very delicate after orgasm so some girls might have their companion take a small break if they need them to proceed with performing. 

4. Make Use of Your Nose & Fingers

Getting inventive and utilizing your fingers whereas utilizing your mouth can enhance the quantity of sensation since you’re protecting extra space.

Additionally, you can too use your nostril to transfer up and down. Make certain to present your enthusiasm. If you are having fun with yourself, set free some moans, groans, or any sound that signifies that you’re having fun taking place on your companion.

Jessica Gordon, the managing companion at online boutique LUVOQA, additional added that “Don’t forget to have patience – sometimes the best things happen after a nice slow buildup. If you’re not sure how to go down on a woman, it can be helpful to look at some of the most popular sex toys that simulate oral sex.” 

5. Communicate While You Go Down on Her

Caroline Madden, Ph.D., a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & writer, shared that the very first thing is to perceive that each one girl are completely different. What labored on your final companion (or what works on you!) may not work on your present companion. Most girls have completely different sensitivities to their clitoris being touched.

Communication is essential. State that you’re open to suggestions.

Sometimes girls are insecure about giving their companion feedback-you find themselves losing time and would possibly inadvertently be too robust and numb the clitoris. If she says “stop” then cease. Do not hold going.

If she desires to take a bath first. Do not cease her. If that makes her really feel extra comfy then don’t stress her to not bathe. 

Google a diagram of the clitoris. It isn’t simply that pea-sized gland you suppose it’s. There is extra that’s not seen. It extends to the general public bone. Certain girls like to first be stimulated on the perimeters of the vagina first earlier than they see a part of the clitoris is touched. 

6. You Can be Little Dominant 

Being a little dominant (however not overly so) whenever you go down on a lady can actually enhance her pleasure and go away from her begging you for extra. 

For instance, you possibly can tease her earlier than you actually get down to issues. Just holding her legs in the air when you hover your fingers above her clit may drive her wild with pleasure. 

Or, when she’s on the verge of an orgasm, you possibly can decelerate or pull again. A somewhat little bit of teasing like this reveals her who’s the boss, and it may be a large flip on for a lady. 

Moreover, it places you in management. Instead of her merely having an orgasm, you’re the one who’s administering it. 

You may play little video games, too. For occasion, you possibly can ask her to let you know a story when you pleasure her. Whenever she pauses, you pause, too. This will additionally drive her loopy, and it’ll additionally remind her that you’re accountable for her pleasure. 

7. Tell Her She Can Pull Your Hair

When you go down on a lady, it’s crucial that you just let her know you’re having fun with this simply as a lot as she is. 

One of the most effective methods you may present your enjoyment is by getting extra concerned. For instance, you may inform her that she will be able to pull your hair. 

Pulling on your hair offers her one thing to do and stops her from being too self-conscious. Plus, it permits her to, indirectly, flip you on as nicely – and it is tremendous sizzling throughout oral intercourse. 

Also, this works rather well for those who’ve received lengthy hair as a result of, typically, lengthy hair can get in the best way and trigger somebody to lose focus. If that is occurring to you, inform her she will be able to pull on it.

Another purpose she will be able to pull your hair is that if she’s the kind of lady who will get a kick out of dominating. Let her know that she will be able to seize your hair like a bike’s handlebars and yank it a bit. Give her one thing to do along with her fingers in order that she will get much more labored up. 

8. Tell Her She Tastes Good

Vulva’s have a sure scent that’s both musty and earthy.

They even have a sure style. 

Some girls are very acutely aware of their vulva and what it might scent or style like to a man, which is why it’s important that you just inform her she tastes good. This will arouse her additional and enhance her pleasure. If, on the opposite hand, you didn’t point out how she tasted, or for those who even mentioned you don’t like the best way she tastes, her probabilities of getting moist and having an orgasm will massively lower. 

A lady wants to know you need her. Going down on her isn’t sufficient – you want to let her know that you’re having fun with this simply as a lot as she is. It will assist her to loosen up (and it’ll permit her muscle mass to loosen up) and it’ll lead to nice intercourse. 

So whenever you’re taking place on her, don’t neglect to inform her that she tastes good. 

9. Don’t neglect concerning the labia

If an inexperienced man isn’t giving a lady’s clitoris the eye it deserves, she’s going to direct him in direction of it. 

But what a man shouldn’t do is get so closely invested within the “clit” that he forgets all concerning the labia. 

The labia is the internal and outer folds of her vulva and, just like the clitoris, it’s filled with nerve endings that can drive a lady wild with pleasure for those who contact it excellent. 

The greatest means to get good at touching her labia is to ask her. Probe along with your fingers after which your tongue, earlier than asking her if it feels good. She is aware of what feels good to her, and she or he’ll know what wants to be stimulated – and subsequently, she’s going to let you know. 

It’s additionally priced mentioning that labias differ in dimension and form (and even color). Once you get used to your companion’s labia and the best way it feels, it’ll turn out to be a lot simpler to pleasure her. 

Oh, and don’t simply finger the labia. As intercourse author Gigi Engle has identified, you may lick her labia while circling her clit along with your fingers.

10. Don’t Stop

Credit: Giphy

We’ve seen guys ask the query, “yeah, but when I do I stop? When is she done?”

Well, the primary reply to that is that you have to by no means cease too quickly. If you cease too quickly, she’s going to really feel vastly pissed off and upset. She might even be offended and turned off. 

When is a lady happy with oral intercourse? 

To make sure, you’re not at all times aiming for an orgasm. Orgasm is a sort-of finish aim, however not when it comes to taking place on her. Instead, your aim right here is solely to give her pleasure. But for those who cease earlier than she’s even received into the swing of issues, you’ll simply frustrate her. 

And whereas there’s no actual proper or mistaken reply to this one, for those who can see that she’s in a state of ecstasy and having a nice time – don’t cease. Keep going till she tells you she desires you to cease and check out one thing completely different. 

Of course, all issues run their course, and finally you might have considered trying to cease and check out one thing completely different, too. 

It’s additionally priced mentioning that, even when she orgasms early, you don’t want to cease. You can hold going!

One orgasm is nice, however why cease there? Two are wonderful, and she or he’ll definitely thank for them. 

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