How to Deal with Rejection While Dating in 2022 (A Guide)

How to Deal with Rejection While Dating in 2022 (A Guide)

No matter how a lot of charisma you assume you may have, or the way you alter your conduct, a portion of individuals you meet aren’t going to have an interest or obtainable at that time in time. Unfortunately, there are tons of dating and relationship recommendations on the market that promote a foolproof approach to getting around dealing with rejection. That’s simply advertising. It would not occur in actual life however you possibly can be taught to deal with rejection while dating in an extra optimistic manner.

It’s no shock that the one that fails or will get rejected probably the most usually will get probably the most outcomes as nicely. This doesn’t occur by probability. To get good at rejection is to merely reframe your perspective on being rejected: your job is to get to the purpose of whether or not somebody goes to transfer ahead with us or not, in the shortest time attainable. Instead of seeing rejection as unfavorable, you possibly can view it as a time saver.

How to Deal with Rejection While Dating

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the primary Prime Minister of Singapore, a revered politician, said that he thought love, at first sight, is silly. He additionally famously defied Asian custom by marrying a lady who was smarter and extra profitable than he was. He married his tutorial competitor, who topped his cohort, beating him to second place when he was finding out at Raffles College. What Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was gunning for was the filter of relationship compatibility.

You and I spend our time portraying ourselves as social chameleons, trying to make the perfect pitch to nearly any human being with a pair of legs. Hoping, praying, and begging that they settle for the pitch without questioning if they’re the precise dance mate for us. You spend all of your time worrying in regards to the particular person throughout you without considering if she or he is appropriate with us.

Compatibility and chemistry are ideas disregarded by nearly all dating and relationship recommendations. Not as a result they are not vital, however as a result these are ideas that may be scripted or modified.


Studies present that persons are attracted to the emotional make-up of their dad and mom. It’s advised you possibly can’t differentiate the love you as soon acquired out of your dad and mom from the love you’re receiving out of your accomplice.

Chemistry is outlined by an excessive diploma of sexual and emotional attraction. It occurs to a delicate degree and is felt instantly by each event equally.

Chemistry is the nice and cozy fuzzy feeling you’re feeling whenever you’re around him/her. It is when you possibly can’t get sufficient of her or him. The whispering of candy nothings, the fixed want to be with each other. They monopolize your ideas day and evening. You end up irrationally organizing your scheduling around them. You end up wanting to share with them each bit about your everyday life.

Ever gone by way of a curler coaster-type relationship to the place you’re hitting new lows and chasing new highs each couple of weeks?

That’s chemistry going hay-wire.

There’s analysis suggesting excessive ranges of chemistry might come from reverse but complementary traits. Introverts normally have excessive chemistry with extroverts. People who’re orderly and arranged may match greatest with people who find themselves spontaneous and unorganized. Someone who’s laid-again with a wider perspective could also be complementary to somebody who retains a good schedule and routine.

On the opposite hand, when there’s an absence of chemistry, there’s an apparent lack of emotional depth. There’s mainly an absence of mutual attraction. There’s no spark and want to leap on one another. There aren’t any lengthy gazes in one another eyes, no sexual rigidity, no convincing yourself that she’s an angel that descended from the heavens to prevent.

Chemistry generally is a psychological bias. These biases may match in opposition to you. You might really feel nice in a relationship however aren’t inherently appropriate with one another.


Compatibility is a mental assembly on how nicely your way of life and world-views match collectively. You can have excessive ranges of chemistry with somebody, however poor compatibility. That’s when your existence and values differ. In the long term, the connection is most certainly going to disintegrate. Compatibility is essential to long-term relationships.

Compatibility and chemistry don’t all the time happen collectively. This is the regulation college professor dating a stripper. This is the rock star dating a hard-core Christian woman who goes to church each Sunday morning whereas he is recovering from a hangover from the earlier evening’s gig.

Some questions to ask your self are:

  • What would you like in an accomplice?
  • What are the emotions you count on to really feel whenever you’re with them, how do they understand the world?
  • Their objectives in life and what they count on out of it?

You can have the perfect conversational abilities in the world… nonetheless, at anybody level in time, there are going to be numerous companions that aren’t going to be attracted to you. And then there’s going to be numerous companions which can be attracted to you, who aren’t going to find yourself with you due to their present life state of affairs. This is a case of chemistry however incompatibility.

Compatibility can be a prerequisite I search for in a long-term, dedicated relationship. I imply, my psychological well being is at stake right here proper?

In dating, excessive compatibility however lack of chemistry is like dating somebody who appears good on paper but is dry and boring. Having compatibility without chemistry is like ticking the containers on somebody’s dating resume due to X, Y, Z. When you’re collectively it feels as if you’re doing good as a result of it makes ‘sense’. Sadly, this kind of association occurs so much.

Chemistry without compatibility, alternatively, might lead to roller-coaster relationships that entail plenty of drama. It’s the particular person you recognize that’s dangerous for you however can’t cease seeing. These relationships usually start shortly and passionately. You end up rationalizing away the truth that she has an observed document of drug abuse. After all, love conquers all proper?

You can’t have one without one other. You want each chemistry and compatibility for a satisfying, passionate long-term relationship.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t select to be with somebody in the long term simply because the intercourse and/or feelings are wonderful, it is best to select to be with somebody, as a result, you may have related life values and world views. You additionally shouldn’t reduce your self brief by being with someone simply because he or she appears nice on paper.


How to Reframe Rejection: Incompatibility

Sometimes my shoppers ask me what ought to they do when folks flake on them on dates. Should they chase them? Come up with a flowery textual content message to get their consideration? Personally, I made a private worth of not dating/ associating with anybody who would not be worth my time. The ladies that flake on me instantly turn into incompatible. If you have drawn the road of not going out with individuals who do not worth you or your time, you’ll now not want to play the chasing recreation.

In my expertise, there’s a share of instances (assuming you are a well-rounded particular person) you get rejected not since you did one thing creepy or obnoxious, but, due to life circumstances.

There are many exterior components that forestall somebody from transferring issues ahead romantically or sexually with you at any given level in time.

External components can vary from being already connected, her cat dying, and her good friend’s opinions on the way you appear to be the ex-boyfriend that cheated on her. This is when you find yourself conversing with somebody who appears at you longingly but holds again providing you with her quantity. She in all probability has a boyfriend or a husband.

These are components that you can’t manage.

These are excellent examples of the restrictions of attraction and the way most women and men at any given time won’t be obtainable to you it doesn’t matter what you do or say. There’s nothing you are able to do when if you’re out with somebody that has sworn off intercourse until marriage. It’s not about your means to be charismatic anymore. No professional, line, or perception may help you. That’s simply the best way it’s.

It’s solely whenever you reframe rejection and invite rejection by exposing your values. You reduce the thoughts about video games, introduce your wants, and needs, and clearly set up boundaries. You don’t waste time and transfer your relationship ahead effectively.

No matter how a lot you alter your conduct, you’re going to reject a sure demographic of potential romantic companions. There’s no different manner around it. The bolder and more polarizing you turn into, the extra folks you’re going to appeal to and reject. Psychological analysis additionally backs this up, folks of comparable shallowness find themselves dating one another.

Projection happens when somebody tasks one’s personal unconscious insecurities onto others.

This can come in the type of character judgments. In dating and relationships, it might probably happen whenever you meet companions who for no matter cause, are uncomfortable with their very own sexuality and so they lash out at you for having tried to transfer the interplay ahead sexually.

These folks might harbor belief points or are fully uncomfortable with their very own sexuality or the sexuality of the alternative intercourse. They might have a historical past of some kind of emotional, or sexual abuse or had a string of disappointments or anger from the alternative intercourse.

Their perception programs on sexuality are unfavorable and when confronted with a sexually assured particular person, they find themselves lashing out. They might accuse you of being demanding, sexist, overbearing, attractive, untrustworthy, and many others. They aren’t lashing out for an absence of attraction, however as a result they’re attracted and that attraction scares them.

These accusations normally have little to no connection to actuality and a very assured particular person will merely ignore them. The extra forthright and polarizing you turn into, the extra polarizing response you may invite from others.

Redefining Rejection and Success 

How do you outline yourself as somebody profitable in your dating life? By having three romantic companions at a go? By committing to one accomplice? Who’s extra profitable? The man who dates 10 strippers at one go or the man who commits to a long-term relationship with one woman who he really enjoys being with.

It’s straightforward to get sidetracked into ego enhancement or validation. After all these years, I’m nonetheless amazed at how poorly I select my romantic companions at instances, in any case, our minds are susceptible to biases and errors.

Take the common man who improves this space of his life by enhancing his social abilities. Not earlier than lengthy, he understands that dating and romantic relationships might be generated by way of his personal actions and it isn’t one thing that is left to luck or destiny.

“Self-development” is figuring out for him.

Through his newfound social abilities, he goes around pursuing ladies who he is not genuinely in however for the sake of bragging rights. Is it an enhancement in any case proper? He went from zero dates to many dates. He may not even actually be into these ladies on these dates.

Unfortunately, this can be a failure in itself. Even though he went from no dates to dates with ladies that he feels “meh’ about. He’s nonetheless avoiding feeling susceptible and prone to being rejected by ladies that he is genuinely in. The avoidance of this sense is a failure in itself.

“It’s better to fail on a date with a potential partner you desire, than to sleep with someone you don’t enjoy being around.”

 – Marcus Neo

You and I’ve each intrinsic and extrinsic motivators when it comes to our dating and relationship lives. External motivators corresponding to bodily magnificence can’t be the one metric of success. In the long term, inner values corresponding to respect, belief, and empathy make for wholesome and significant relationships. Even though I worth bodily magnificence, it’s not the one factor that I maintain in my dating life.

This is why it is vital to outline your individual metrics of success in dating and relationships, not some arbitrary metric outlined by society or different ideologies.

The Power of Demographics – How to Get Rejected Less

Contrary to frequent perception, dating and relationships aren’t solely a numbers recreation. You CAN optimize your strategy. You can slender down your ideally suited accomplice.

Firstly, you possibly can manage the standard of individuals you converse with. Secondly, you possibly can manage the way you costume, conversation, and the way you current your self. In basic, the extra empathetic you’re, the extra number of companions you’ll have the ability to join with. This is very helpful in various communities, the place you’re uncovered to a combination of Asian and Western demographics with totally different worth programs.

If you’re a hotshot engineer who’s sensible with physics and also you need to date lovely ladies, let’s simply agree that plenty of them aren’t spending their time in libraries trying to perceive intricate programs. However, if you happen to take the time to domesticate a style sense, and get competent on the means to meet ladies in totally different demographics, you may have a bonus by being distinctive.

You can get nearer to the assembly of your ideally suited accomplice by having a concept of the bodily and persona traits of your ideally suited accomplice, discovering her demographics, and placing yourself in the entrance of social alternatives that’ll enhance your possibilities of assembly somebody related.

Here are questions to ask your self:

  1. What do you worth in an accomplice? What persona traits and values are you in search of?
  2. How does your ideally suited accomplice appear to be? The manner they costume to their schooling degree?
  3. How can you set yourself in locations the place you possibly can meet somebody that matches the picture of your ideally suited accomplice?
  4. How you possibly can develop social skillsets so you can begin a dialog?

You’re not going appeal to everybody that comes to your manner. If you behave in a sure method, sure variety of people are going to reject you. That’s simply life. On the opposite hand, if you happen to try to be accepted by everybody, you’ll end up altering your id and persona day after day, in the end attracting no person.

The extra well-read I turn into, the extra I’ve seen that I appreciated hanging out with people who find themselves too and in private development. I can also get alongside ladies who aren’t able to speak to a deeper degree: usually, these can be solely centered on trying good on Instagram. I discover that most of these dates should not be as enjoyable as they used to be.

Whilst I can pressure myself to decrease my requirements (and have finished so), it’s no shock that I discover myself extra appropriate with ladies who are worth mental curiosity.

The key right here is discovering overlapping values. If I’m considerably a nerd and luxuriate in studying up on psychology she enjoys debating human rights points. That’s an overlapping worth.

The Art of Presenting Your Ideal Self

The majority of us share one frequent expertise of obsessing over this one woman or man at work or college. You in all probability end up not daring to ask her or him out. You begin dreaming of an ideal scene… you and them strolling down the marriage aisle and also you so want that ONE particular person as your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I, such as you, and thousands and thousands on the market as soon as spent the nice a part of my teenage life fantasizing over ONE accomplice. Takes months to communicate with her, after which took years to ask her out.

The higher manner to sort out this isn’t to obsess over one accomplice but to consistently current your ideally suited self. It is to consistently give attention to changing into the best model of yourself. That’s the place self-improvement comes in. When you give attention to presenting the perfect model of yourself to the world, one thing which you can manage, when the precise particular person on the proper time comes into your life, you’re greater than ready.

When you’re out on a date, as a substitute for worrying in the event that they are such as you, sit again and consider if she or he has the values and traits you’re in search of. In this manner, you relieve strain on yourself. You get to take pleasure in your dates and don’t have a necessity to impress her or him.


Closing Thoughts

Ayn Rand mentioned love is the expression of 1’s values: it’s the emotional worth paid by one man for the enjoyment he receives from the virtues of one another.

Throughout the years, I discover myself appropriate with companions who can be curious, clever, and affected people. I’m not bragging right here or something. I’m fairly disorganized, impulsive, and unstructured and I’m probably not good at dealing with authority. I might be fairly blunt and forthright. Sometimes I say issues that I don’t imply. Eg. I like making enjoyable obese life coaches and authority figures that take themselves too severely. If she’s too caught up with me spouting nonsense stuff as a substitute for laughing it off, then useless to say we’re not going to get alongside.

Opposite qualities of being structured, and detail-oriented enhance mine. I discover myself in search of long-term relationships with companions who’re working in fields that can be making a contribution in some kind of significant manner. They might be medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and social staff. They additionally aren’t restricted to the medical or scientific fields. She might be operating an enterprise to higher the agriculture system of a third-world nation and I’ll discover myself admiring the novelty behind it.

I can’t date ladies whose important considerations are taking 100 selfies a day and being overly involved about how she appears on social media. If I get rejected by somebody who has the eye span of a goldfish, I do not understand it as a rejection, I see it as incompatibility. This is the best way I deal with rejection, by viewing it as an easy incompatibility.

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