How to Build Sexual Tension Over Text and Get Her to Hook Up

How to Build Sexual Tension Over Text and Get Her to Hook Up

What ought you already know if you’d like to find out how to construct sexual rigidity over textual content?

It may sound unimaginable since speaking over textual content appears so impassive. But with the correct abilities, your cellphone can change into a dependable instrument to rating extra dates and hookups than you’ve ever had.

The secret is in constructing sexual rigidity with the girl you’re texting. And that’s what this text is all about.

Let’s begin with the apparent first query: What IS sexual rigidity, anyway? What’s all of it about? How does it work? And how on this planet do you construct it with a girl over textual content?

What is Sexual Tension?

Put merely, sexual rigidity is the stress between sexual poles – masculine and female. It’s what occurs when a person and a girl really feel the urge to be extra than simply mates with one another.

Some individuals name it the “spark,” others name it “chemistry.” You get the thought, proper?

As a distinction, consider a girl in your life you’re NOT attracted to. Maybe it’s your sister or a previous good friend or a co-worker. You don’t really feel any spark of romance in the direction of her, proper?

That means there’s NO sexual rigidity between you. And so your relationship together with her stays platonic.

It’s sexual rigidity that opens the doorways to changing into greater than mates with a girl. Without it, you don’t have any hope of scoring dates or hookups, a lot much fewer relationships.

I hope you see how essential this info is. Building sexual rigidity with a girl is a vital ability to have. Could you think about the event you knew how to “ignite that spark” with girls? Your love life can be ten occasions simpler.

Now right here’s the issue. Sometimes, you simply can’t be face-to-face with the lady you’re eyeing. All you will have is her quantity on your cellphone. What do you do then?

Good information: Sometimes, the quantity in your cellphone is all you want. Let me clarify…

The Challenge with Texting to Build Sexual Tension

Texting will not be precisely ideally suited for dating. You can’t present her your smile, you can’t make eye contact together with her, and she can’t hear your tone of voice. All she sees are the phrases within the message you simply despatched her.

That’s the problem with sexual rigidity: It’s a sensation. And in human communication, the sensation is constructed by way of the nonverbals – eye contact, tone of voice, physique language, that kind of factor.

Without any of that, communication is simply “meh.” And that’s precisely what textual content communication appears like. Not precisely conducive for dating, proper?

Here’s the key, although. Think in regards to the lady you want proper now. (Or at the least, consider ONE of them.)

In your thoughts, how does she really feel when yet one more admirer texts her? It’s honest to assume she will get her fair proportion of consideration, proper?

So whenever you textual content her one thing like: “Hey, what’s up?”, what goes by way of her thoughts?

She’ll assume: “Oh no, not another one,” and won’t a reply.

Talk about ZERO sexual rigidity!

The key, then, is to craft textual content that can get her out of her “meh” state. And right here’s how to do this.

How to Build Sexual Tension over Text (Escalation)

The concept is to seize her consideration together with your textual content message, forcing her to reply.

If you thought: “Oh, I’ll tell her a crazy story to hook her and make her reply,” you’d be improper.

If you thought, “Maybe I should confess my feelings for her,” that’s even worse. These are one-way tickets to the friend zone – believe me.

Instead, do that: Split your first textual content into two messages. The first one ought to be a greeting that grabs her consideration and forces her to reply.

It ought to be one thing like:

  • “Hey, I had a question.”
  • Or: “Hey, something happened today that reminded me of you”

When she receives a “sexual tension text” that leaves her hanging like that, she’s extraordinarily doubtless to reply. She’ll textual content again: “What?”

And when she does, which means you bought her consideration, which was your main objective. Now, you capitalize by sending your second message, which may go like this:

  • “I was wondering when you were going to text me.”
  • Or: “I was in the gym today, and they were doing dance sport in the next room. It made me wonder what you did for fun these days.”

To be clear: It doesn’t matter what your second textual content is about. You acquired her consideration – now the bottom line is to hold her consideration for the subsequent 10 texts or much less. You’ve triggered her curiosity – now it’s time to construct sexual rigidity.

How to Tease a Girl Over Text: Examples to Try Out

One of the best and simplest methods to construct sexual rigidity is thru teasing. And my private favorite means of teasing a girl is with the “push/pull technique.”

Are there any guidelines on how to tease a woman over textual content? Yes: For each “pull” you do – that’s, for each praise or settlement you make – you additionally do a “push,” or a tease.

How to Sexually Tease Through Text

You can tease her by:

  • Using innuendos (like “eating out,” “making it hard for me,” “cuddle,” and different chase set off phrases)
  • Feigning disappointment (“I thought you were nicer/smarter/funnier than that”)
  • Challenging her (“Go on. Show me you’re as good/smart/sexy as you say you are”)

This “bouncing” between pushing and pulling is sort of an enjoyable trip for her curious thoughts. It builds sexual rigidity and releases it, making the subsequent escalation much nicer. Very efficient.

As a caveat, right here’s a fair greater query: Should you escalate sexual rigidity over textual content?

The reply: It’s debatable. It’s a widely known reality {that a} girl’s attraction to a person fades in a short time. Over textual content, it could possibly fade even quicker, similar to whenever you by chance textual content one thing overly insulting or cringy that it’s going to make her consider you as a “nice guy”. The threat is fairly excessive.

That’s why I counsel preserving the entire dialog to 10 texts or much less, then transferring on to a crucial factor: To meet up face-to-face.

That’s the important thing. Build up simply sufficient sexual rigidity over textual content, then invite her to meet up with a particular person. If you trip the momentum of the second, she’ll be excited to see you.

Get the Hookup

So how precisely do you get her to meet up? Simply riff off the dialog you’re having. You may say: “I’ll tell you the whole story tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be at Main Street checking out the new art popups. See you there?”

Phrase your message like she goes to meet you – it’s only a matter of choosing the day, time, and place.

If you’re fortunate, she’ll gladly agree to meet you. If she says: “I can’t do it tomorrow,” have a backup suggestion. You can inform her: “The day after, then. I’ll still be checking out the art show.”

Easy, proper? The better part is that it won’t matter if she declines your date. Her quantity’s not the one on your cellphone. You can use this routine on as many ladies as you need.

Try it out. Build sexual rigidity with a couple of girls over textual content and see what number of dates you are rating. Good luck!

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