11 Signals You’re In A Gold Digger Relationship for 2022 – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

11 Signals You’re In A Gold Digger Relationship for 2022 – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

Are you in a gold digger relationship? Or maybe you’re not, however you’re fearful you’re about to fall into one. Is there any method to know if a girl is a gold digger—particularly earlier than you turn into greater than pals along with her?

These are all attention-grabbing inquiries to reply. Gold diggers will be tough companions to dwell with. If you’re not cautious, you may find yourself compromising your monetary place within the title of affection.

That mentioned, it’s price understanding what the entire “gold-digging” phenomenon is all about. Why do males fall in love with gold diggers within the first place? How can you notice a gold digger earlier than you get right into a relationship along with her? And most significantly: Is there any method to keep away from gold-digging girls and hold them away?

We’ll reply these questions and extra in as we speak’s article, so let’s get began.

Why Do Men Get Hooked right into a Gold Digger Relationship?

Let’s sort out the primary query: Why do males fall for gold diggers within the first place? Answering this query requires a greater understanding of the minds of gold diggers.

When you realize what gold diggers need, every thing is sensible:

What gold diggers need vs what different girls need

To be truthful, completely different girls need various things in a person. For occasion:

  • Some girls are wanting for “husband-material” males who can deal with them.
  • Other girls are wanting for “father-material” males who can increase a household and family with them.
  • Others simply need secret lovers to get their sexual satisfaction from.
  • And there are girls who love “men on a mission,” they usually need to discover their very own success in life with such males.

You get the thought, proper?

Now, what about gold diggers? What do they need?

As you may already know, gold diggers need a man who doesn’t thoughts buying and selling his cash and standing in trade for intercourse and their seems.

What you may not already know is that this: To a gold digger’s thoughts, this isn’t sleazy or manipulative. To her, it’s simply one other worldview amongst dozens, and it’s simply as legitimate as wanting for an excellent husband or good father to at least one’s children.

That’s why gold diggers are remorseless when enjoying the sport. And, sure, they play the sport very effectively.

The gold digger’s #1 weapon

The gold digger’s major “weapons” are their seems and intercourse attraction. To win the hearts of males, all of the self-enchancment they do is concentrated on enhancing their look and sexual attractiveness:

  • They put on attractive, revealing clothes
  • They spend hours every day getting their hair and make-up achieved
  • They get botox remedies, boob jobs, and the like
  • They don costly-wanting equipment

Everything else falls by the wayside. They don’t develop their “mom qualities,” their schooling, and different traits males usually discover enticing in girls.

Does that imply males fall for gold diggers solely for the seems and the intercourse?

Surprisingly, the reply is “No…”

Why males fall for gold diggers

Believe it or not, males fall for gold diggers for different causes moreover seems and intercourse. Here are a number of different perks of gold digger dating, in response to males who don’t thoughts doing so:

  • They’re adventurous within the bed room, open to kinks of every type
  • They do not care when you’ve got different girls in your life
  • They keep stunning whilst they become old, which is particularly essential should you desire so far older girls

So, should you’re the kind of man who doesn’t thoughts buying and selling your cash for an excellent-wanting lady’s firm and nice intercourse, gold diggers are literally price it.

Meanwhile, if the entire thought sounds disgusting to you, and also you need one thing extra significant for your relationships, then it’s finest to keep away from gold diggers within the first place.

The downside? They’re not at all times simple to identify. Some gold-digging girls are masters of manipulation and persuasion, they usually can simply trick you away out of your cash.

So it pays (pardon the pun) to know the best way to spot a gold digger a mile away. Here’s how to do this.

How to Know if Someone is a Gold Digger

To know whether or not a girl is severe about you—or simply your cash—look out for these 9 indicators:

To a gold digger, her worldview is 100% legitimate. She believes her modus operandi of buying and selling her seems and intercourse for a person’s cash is each bit as acceptable as a girl who’s wanting for an excellent husband.

As an outcome, she takes damaging feedback on her way of life—and even simply her look—extraordinarily personally. That’s the primary signal of a gold digger to be careful for.

#2: She grew up with gold-digging beliefs

When a girl talks about her previous, hear carefully when she shares issues her mom (or whoever raised her) taught her. To be particular, be careful with statements alongside the strains of

  • “My mom always told me to look for a man who would take care of me.”
  • “My mother taught me that if a man isn’t financially independent, he’s not worthy of me.”
  • “The greatest fear of my mom was that I’d grow up poor like she did.”

Sometimes, gold-digging runs within the household. If she locations an uncomfortable quantity of significance in your cash —and it’s due to sure beliefs she picked up when she was younger—then she may be a gold digger.

(*11*)#3: She has no qualms concerning the “sex for money” tradeoff

As you get to know a girl higher, you may understand she’s 100% comfy and accepting of the “sex for money” tradeoff. She’s buying and selling her intercourse attraction and attractiveness for the monetary advantages you supply. To her, that’s simply as legitimate as a girl buying and selling her skill to be a mom with a person who’s an excellent supplier. It’s one more widespread signal of a girl with gold-digging tendencies.

#4: She’s drawn to cash and standing

When she talks about different males—together with celebrities, politicians, and native entrepreneurs—she’s particularly enthusiastic concerning the wealthy and well-known. What’s extra, when she compares two or extra males, cash and energy are at all times an element.

Now should you’re a good man, it’s possible you’ll get some factors. But to a gold-digger, that doesn’t rely practically on a lot because of the contents of your checking account and your perceived social standing.

#5: She loses romantic curiosity when your funds endure

Have you ever dated a girl who was caring and supportive whilst you had cash—however, the second your funds suffered, she immediately “lost that lovin’ feeling?”

And then, whenever you rose out of your monetary troubles, she was again within the image once more?

Take the trace—she’s solely there for your cash.

#6: She spends a number of time the place wealthy males go

Does she spend most of her time in the place wealthy males hang around, akin to unique bars, casinos, and nation golf equipment? Does she go there with pals who additionally consistently go searching to catch a wealthy man’s eye? If she does, it means she’s making herself accessible, ready for wealthy males to a method and get to know her higher.

#7: She will get dolled up for the male gaze

Her seems are extraordinarily essential to her, and she will spend hours getting her hair and make-up achieved earlier than she steps into the world. As an outsider, you’d suppose it’s pointless and wasteful—however to her, getting dolled up (like sporting crimson to draw males) is a fundamental necessity.

In most instances, she’ll costume up in attractive outfits that look costly even when it price her a month’s wage. That’s the value she’s prepared to pay to seize the eye of wealthy guys.

#8: She has hundreds of Instagram followers

She commonly posts photographs of herself on her Instagram account, the place hundreds of males have adopted her exactly for her photographs. Think of it as a reasonably new approach for gold diggers to search out sugar daddies online.

This is a girl who likes consideration, however not the eye of the “riff-raff”. So the likelihood is her photographs at all times embrace objects that scream “I have expensive tastes.” Think: photographs on personal planes and yachts, holding a Dom Perignon bottle, monogrammed luggage taking the middle stage, photographs in 5-star lodges in luxurious cities.

#9: She goes on costly journeys

Looking at her social media, you discover she goes on costly journeys and holidays typically. The downside? You know for truth her wage as a cocktail waitress received let her go on journeys like these. So the place’s the cash coming from? Sugar daddies, that’s the place.

#10: This isn’t her first gold digger relationship

While you’re simply attending to know one another, your conversations will inevitably contact previous relationships. Chances are, if she mentions an ex, she’ll point out how a lot of cash he made, what his job was, or what costly trinket he purchased her.

On the flip aspect, if she’s eyeing you as her first gold digger relationship, she may say that each one of her exes has been both poor or deadbeats.

So what number of those 9 indicators is the girl you’re seeing exhibiting? If you solely spot one signal, she’s most likely not a gold digger. Meanwhile, should you spot three or extra, then she most likely is.

Congratulations—you now know the best way to detect a gold digger a mile away. Now comes the subsequent problem: To keep away from or hold them away from you.

How to Avoid/Keep Away Gold Diggers

If you don’t thoughts buying and selling your cash for her seems and intercourse, then gold diggers shouldn’t be an issue for you. On the opposite hand, if the thought does hassle you, then studying to keep away from falling for gold diggers will make your life a lot simpler and less traumatic.

The finest prevention technique is to keep away from assembly gold diggers in the first place. If you possibly can keep away from spending an excessive amount of time in excessive-finish locations like golf equipment and casinos, you have to be high-quality: It’s exhausting to run into gold diggers elsewhere.

When you do end up with a gold digger who’s clearly fascinated by your cash, it’s time to show your second line of protection: Discouragement.

That is, you should discourage her from seeing you as a possible sugar daddy. In different phrases, you’re disqualifying yourself from the operating, making her lose curiosity in pursuing you.

For occasion, you possibly can inform her of one thing like

  • “I don’t think I ever want to be wealthy. Like Biggie said, ‘Mo’ money, mo’ problems.’”
  • “I do have big goals. I’m nowhere near them yet, though. I’ll need a few more years.”
  • “I want to get rich. I’m still working on some issues, though. I need a year to pay off my debt.”

Such declarations will inform gold diggers you don’t have cash now. That’ll discourage them from investing an excessive amount in you and as an alternative look for their subsequent sugar daddy elsewhere.

Simple, proper?

I hope you discovered insightful this little foray into the thoughts of the gold digger. If you don’t thoughts the “money-for-sex” tradeoff, gold diggers will be a number more enjoyable. But should you do, the excellent news is that avoiding and discouraging them—and spending your time with girls who do matter to you—is fast and straightforward.

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