Why Your Girlfriend Is Talking to Other Guys and What to Do

Why Your Girlfriend Is Talking to Other Guys and What to Do

“Should I be worried that my girlfriend is talking to other guys, especially when I know they want to be with her?” 

If she is critical about you, she is going to make it very clear to the opposite guys that she is now not accessible and you might be her boyfriend. Sometimes it may be okay for your girlfriend to speak to different guys. But I do have to warn you, most of the time, it isn’t signal. 

You don’t need to flip right into a needy, insecure boyfriend who tries to manipulate and manage his girlfriend so she doesn’t set off your insecurities. She will simply lose respect for you and develop into extra attracted to different guys. But you continue to want to know when to draw a line…

If your girlfriend is making you are feeling disrespected or blatantly giving blended indicators to different guys then it’s positively up to you to cease it, particularly you probably have been dating for quite a lot of months.

I’ll present you truly when you need to and shouldn’t lay down a boundary and additionally how to let her know you aren’t joyful along with her conduct without coming throughout as tremendous needy or jealous. But earlier than I do… let’s have a look at why your girlfriend is speaking to different guys in the first place. 

Why Is She Talking to Other Guys?

Imagine this… 

Hundreds of lovely ladies texting you day after day. They all want you. Some of them need to hook up with you. Some of them need a relationship with you. They like all of your pictures. They make you are feeling like an actual man. You know you can have any considered one of them with a click on of a finger BUT… 

You’re in a relationship with a woman you’re keen on. 

Now think about how onerous it will be to put a finish to all that ego-boosting validation since you are in a relationship. Tough proper? Even should you had no intention to cheat on your girlfriend. 

It’s identical for girls. She might be loving the eye she is getting from different males even when she desires to be with you. 

You can’t conceal your girlfriend away from the world perpetually since you worry you’ll lose her. You can’t manage who she does and doesn’t speak to both. But you may manage what you do and don’t tolerate in a relationship. 

You don’t have to put up with dangerous conduct to be in a relationship with a stupendous lady. But you’ve acquired to be prepared to stroll away if the opposite particular person continues to act towards your values. 

If you begin to see that your girlfriend is speaking to different guys, you want to know what’s okay and what is just not okay. 

It’s okay if she’s speaking to different guys at work or if he is buddy

It’s regular for your girlfriend to speak to different guys at work, college or if the man has been good pals along with her for a very long time. Why? Because there’s a sensible cause for them to be speaking to one another. 

Just like it’s okay for you to speak to different ladies at work, college, or your good ladies pals. These interactions are normally simply social and platonic with no sexual pressure or innuendoes. 

But in most different interactions, your antennas need to be up. 

It’s not okay if she’s speaking to different guys in a flirtatious approach

Talking to one other man doesn’t equal dishonesty. It’s even okay for your girlfriend to discover another guys enticing. Initial attraction isn’t an alternative. Even though she would possibly really feel some attraction to different guys, it doesn’t imply she’s going to dump you or begin hooking up with each man she finds enticing. 

If your girlfriend is a self-respecting, reliable lady who doesn’t provide you with a cause to doubt her dedication to your relationship, then you don’t have anything to fear. 

However, if she is flirting with different guys and sending them blended indicators while you’re in a relationship then it’s a drawback. If it’s the early phases of your relationship, then I wouldn’t fear an excessive amount. But should you’ve been dating for just a few months and you might be critical concerning the relationship then you definately want to draw a line and rise up for yourself. 

It’s generally okay if she’s speaking to different guys on Facebook

Your girlfriend is speaking to different guys on Facebook already and for probably the most half, it’s okay. Facebook is an approach for her to be social and pleasant with different guys from work, school, childhood pals, and different members of the family. 

But what if she favored the final 12 pictures of another handsome man and he’s liking her pictures again and perhaps even sliding into her DMs? 

Well, it comes down to what you’ll and won’t tolerate. Personally, I’d not tolerate my girlfriend continuously liking different guys’ pictures and vice versa as I’d think about this again and forth flirting. 

I positively wouldn’t tolerate different guys continuously sliding into her DMs except he was a member of the family, a longtime buddy, or if it was a sensible message associated with work. 

I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend for over 5 years now. She may be very clear about what kind of communication I’ll and won’t tolerate. And she is aware of if she frequently broke my boundaries then I’d be prepared to stroll away from the connection. 

Should You Be Jealous if She Is Talking to Other Guys?

Jealousy is a standard human emotion. There is nothing flawed with it. In truth, I’d say it’s inevitable that you just really feel jealous from time to time. It is unrealistic to consider that life needs to be solely optimistic on a regular basis. We’ve acquired to find out how to cope with undesirable, uncomfortable, and perceived unfavorable feelings too. 

The drawback is when jealousy turns into anger or threatening conduct in direction of your girlfriend. Such as giving her the silent therapy, checking her telephone, monitoring her actions, or making an attempt to decrease her vanity so she doesn’t really feel nearly as good about herself. 

When you are feeling jealous, there are normally two underlying causes – your girlfriend’s dangerous conduct or your personal insecurities. In different phrases, the issue is both you or her. 

It’s okay to be jealous in case your instinct tells you she is up to no good

Jealousy is a standard, primal response. It developed as an alarm bell to the specter of infidelity. From an evolutionary standpoint, in case your girlfriend is dishonest it might imply your genes get weeded out of existence, and worse, you utilize your assets to increase one other man’s offspring. 

If you’re feeling jealous as a result of your girlfriend having given you good cause to suspect that she is untrustworthy, then it is served its evolutionary function. It’s warning you that your evolutionary success may be threatened by infidelity. 

You shouldn’t really feel jealous if it’s simply your insecurities

If your girlfriend is an honest, respectful, and reliable particular person but you continue to end up feeling jealous. It may very well be down to your personal insecurities and nothing to do with her in any respect. 

If you are feeling like you aren’t ok for her then your insecurities would possibly ultimately push her away. If that’s the case, you want to work on getting over your insecurities by changing into mentally and emotionally stronger. 

What to Do if She Is Talking to Other Guys and You’re Not Okay with It

If your girlfriend is treating you badly, you want to set some boundaries. Lots of guys are afraid to rise up for themselves as a result of their worry about dropping her. If you don’t rise up for yourself, she is going to lose all respect for you and she is aware of she will be able to do what she desires with no repercussions. This is just not the idea for a wholesome relationship. 

So in case your girlfriend is speaking to different guys, the very first thing I’d suggest you do is… 

Get stability in your life

When you don’t have something occurring in your life in addition to spending time together with your girlfriend, you’ll develop into needy and clingy. You won’t need to lose a very powerful factor in your life. This could make you concerned that she fancies different guys greater than you or that she is just too good for you and simply doesn’t understand it. 

The answer is to make your life your no 1 precedence and have a look at her because the icing on the cake however not the cake itself. Start pursuing your passions, spend time with male pals, strive to do new issues or study new expertise, tackle challenges, and so forth. 

So no less than should you do have to confront her about speaking to different guys, you might be extra prepared to stroll away together with your nice life nonetheless intact. 

Establish a boundary

By working in your life, you’ll begin believing in your attractiveness as a person and really feel much less insecure, jealous, and needy. But in case your girlfriend continues to be speaking to different guys and it’s bothering you, it is in all probability time to lay down a boundary.

I keep in mind a time in my very own relationship when my girlfriend was texting this man she knew was into her. I felt a little bit awkward realizing this man was making an attempt to make strikes to oust me despite the fact that I trusted my girlfriend.

Anyway, I pulled her apart and I informed her that I used to be uncomfortable with her texting that man and if she was dedicated to our relationship, she would wish to minimize it. She did. It was no massive deal to her. 

If she wasn’t ready to minimize out the opposite man then it will sign to me that she values validation greater than our relationship. This would go away me with two decisions – keep within the relationship and flirt with different ladies or stroll away. And on this case, I used to be ready to stroll away as a result I hate it when my girlfriend talks to different guys who’re clearly into her. 

Knowing your girlfriend is speaking to different guys goes to current challenges for you and your relationship. You won’t ever have the option to preserve her attraction if you’re insecure and jealous on a regular basis. So work on constructing a terrific life whereas additionally being prepared to problem any dangerous conduct on her half. 

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