50 Flirty Questions To Ask On Your First Date

50 Flirty Questions To Ask On Your First Date

First date is a lot enjoyable! 

But they will additionally make us tremendously nervous. All sorts of ideas rush by way of our minds: What if the opposite particular person doesn’t like us? What if we do one thing additional foolish? 

What if there are many awkward minutes of silence? 

One of the best methods to keep away from awkward silences in order that the dialog runs easily is to ask flirty questions. 

A flirty query should both be enjoyable, gentle, or a little bit naughty – and even all three concurrently. 

Either method, must seize their consideration and lift their curiosity ranges in you.

In this text, we’ll be going excessive 50 flirty first date questions you’ll be able to ask. 

Flirty Questions To Ask On Your First Date

1. So, playing cards on the desk: Are you really married?

This is an enjoyable query that’s good for breaking the ice. Don’t ask it immediately, after all. Maybe ask it when the date appears to be going too effectively. Ask it in a sort of, “this is going so well that something isn’t right here,” kinda method. 

2. What makes you fall in love with somebody?

Ask this to seek out what you have to do! 

3. What will get your adrenaline pumping?

Find out what sort of thrill-seeker you’re coping with. 

4. If I used to be to test your web browser historical past now, what sort of particular person would I feel you might be?

I really like this flirty query as a result, whereas it may simply be taken as too critical within the unsuitable context, so long as you ask it with a smile and a wink, it ought to draw out a probably naughty and mysterious response.

5. Lay your greatest dad joke on me.

You’re actually placing them on the spot with this one. But, hey, everybody has a dad joke!

6. What phrase are you able to by no means pronounce?

I keep in mind being on a date as soon as with a lady who pronounced the “H” within the phrase “hours.” We laughed about it, and he or she requested what phrase I’d pronounced unsuitable my entire life.

And you understand what? It was an ideal query!

7. Were you enthusiastic about our date?

Come on, they’d butterflies, proper? 

8. Would it hassle you if I informed you I discuss it in my sleep?

Test the waters to see how they react to the concept of the 2 of you sharing a mattress. 

9. Fancy sharing your worst photograph with me?

Will they really comply?

Very probably!

As lengthy as you guys are already in rapport by now, this might be an incredible method of rising nearer on a primary date. 

Just make sure that does not make an excessive amount enjoyable of them if you see the pic! 

10. What could be your superhero identity?

And what sort of superpower would they’ve had if they may have one? 

The most extravagant superhero identity wins, in the best way. The one who loses has to do a forfeit … 

11. What e-book have you ever mentioned you learn to folks … however by no means really learn?

Everyone has an extremely well-known e-book they’ve pretended to have learned!

Ask this flirty and enjoyable query to seek out out what secret your first date is hiding.

It could be hilarious in the event that they claimed to have learned Harry Potter without studying it, however clearly, we’re all rooting for War and Peace. 

12. If you might get your personal personalized quantity plate, what wouldn’t it say?

Their reply to this query will really reveal rather a lot about their persona. 

13. What kind of therapeutic massage do you want greatest?

This is one other flirty query you’ll be able to ask to check the waters to see how they react. Plus, it places intimate concepts into their heads and maybe causes them to imagine you giving them a message!

14. Be sincere, what number of hours a day do you spend on social media?

Who doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on social media? 

That mentioned, that is each a flirty and critical query. Not solely will you see who spends extra (or much less) time on social media, you may additionally learn the way suitable the 2 of you actually are. 

15. What’s the worst kiss you’ve ever had?

We’ve all had a horrible kissing episode, whether or not it’s the kiss itself or the context. And relating it to a primary date is usually an entire lot of enjoyable! 

Just keep in mind, although, that in the event that they share theirs, you must share yours. 

16. How a lot do you spend 12 months on footwear? Answer actually.

Sometimes, what makes a query flirty is the method you ask it.

For occasion, this query is probing away at how a lot a lady spends every year on purchasing. It’s a helpful query as a result it exhibits to you the way good or unhealthy she is with cash and the way suitable the 2 of you might be. 

But you’re not simply going to be direct and crass by asking, “how much do you spend a year?”

Instead, you’re going to make it a little bit flirty. 

17. What’s the clumsiest factor you’ve ever carried out?

Hasn’t everybody in some unspecified time in the future carried out one thing actually clumsy?

Find out when you can believe this particular person with a vase of flowers or not. 

18. What’s the silliest lie you’ve ever informed?

We’d all be mendacious if we mentioned we’d by no means lied. This query ought to yield a brilliant humorous reply that you could each snort about earlier than you say to them, “oh my god you are so bad at lying! Never lie again please.”

19. Tell me one thing about yourself that will shock me?

Maybe they’re actually kinky within the bedroom?

Maybe they’ve received a set of intercourse toys?


 20. What’s the grossest factor you probably did this week?

If they will’t consider something gross they did this week, how about this month? Or this 12 months? 

Come on, nobody’s good – they undoubtedly did one thing gross!

21. Are there any cartoon characters you had been sexually drawn to?

Make positive you don’t ask this in a bizarre method! Timing and context matter, as does your supply.

Other than that, it’s the sort of query that ought to get them guffawing. 

22. (*50*) superstar crush do you severely remorse now?

Maybe they crushed on a light film star who’s gone actually fats now? 

Let’s simply hope it wasn’t Santa Claus. 

23. What’s your naughtiest secret?

I imply, the factor with this one is that they most likely won’t let you know their naughtiest secret – however, no matter what they inform you need to be fairly rattling naughty.

24. Describe your self in a single phrase

You’ll be actually placing them on the spot with this one! 

25. What do you want one of the best about me

This is a cheeky query, however, go for it if the second feels proper!

26. If we went on a second date, the place would we go?

The first date must be going very effectively earlier than you requested this one.

27. Do you kiss on a primary date or do I must see you once more?

Hey, you could as effectively ask this if the 2 of you have got been getting alongside rather well. Don’t ask it when you haven’t been getting alongside (it should sound creepy). 

28. Hey, wanna know a secret

Ooh, this can be a nice method to pique their curiosity.

29. What do you want essentially the most about yourself?

Indeed, many individuals don’t like speaking about themselves, however, possibly after just a few drinks, they’ll loosen up a bit?”

30. What was your first impression of me?

Direct their thoughts again to when the 2 of you first talked (or met) and discover what they considered you.

31. How would you are feeling if we by no means noticed one another once more?

This is one other cheekily flirty query, however, be warned – they’ll anticipate you to reply to it, too.

32. How would you describe me in three phrases?

Maybe “flirty” could be certainly one of them?

And what’s a phrase for “asks tricky questions”!?

33. What turns you on?

Again, this one requires the second to be excellent. Only ask it as soon as the 2 of you might be in rapport. 

34. Do I make you smile?

Surely the reply is “of course”!?

35. What’s the sexiest factor you’ve ever carried out?

Find out what makes them really feel attractive!

36. Are you going to ask me out on a second date or what?

Who mentioned persistence is an advantage? Find out how they really feel about you proper now!

37. Are you kisser?

The factor with flirting on a primary date is that each one modesty goes out of the window. If they’re kissers, they may let you know so!

38. If you might take me anyplace proper now, the place wouldn’t it be?

… And what would the 2 of you do there? 😉 

39. What turns you off?

This one may not be tremendous flirty, but it surely’s nonetheless necessary that you simply discover what they discover unattractive. 

40. Have you ever had intercourse in public?

When you wish to severely flip up the warmth a bit, this can be a query to ask. 

41. What’s the naughtiest factor you’ve ever carried out?

Same because of the above query! Ask it if you wish to ramp issues up a bit. 

42. What’s the craziest factor you’ve ever carried out?

Find out how adventurous and reckless they’re!

43. What is it you want about me a lot?

Ask this in the correct method (clearly jokingly!), and it won’t sound smug in any respect!

44. What’s essentially the most romantic factor you’ve ever carried out?

Asking this query is vastly suggestive of your intentions, which itself is crucial for flirting. 

45. Have you ever kissed one other particular person of the identical intercourse?

And did they take pleasure in it? 

And would they fight it once more? 😉

46. What do you suppose is my greatest characteristic?

Hey, there’s nothing unsuitable with inviting them to make you are feeling good!

Don’t repay the praise, although – simply settle for what they are saying and maintain the dialog going. 

47. How on earth are you continuing to be single? Maybe there’s one thing you’re not telling me..

This tremendous flirty query encourages them to provide you insights into their extra mischievous facet. 

48. What are you doing for the remainder of the nighttime?

Ooooh, this query is a GREAT method to finish the primary date, IF it’s gone effectively. 

49. If you might do one factor tonight, what wouldn’t it be?

Maybe it should contain you? 

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