8 Signs of Emotional Blackmail From Women Guys Need To Know – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

8 Signs of Emotional Blackmail From Women Guys Need To Know – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

Caring about an emotional manipulator goes to toss you on a rollercoaster trip that can take you from feeling like a champion to a deserted beat-up truck. Things will begin off intense and passionate. You shall be sucked right into a Hollywood fantasy land. Nothing will really feel as highly effective because of the burning, thoughts-blowing love you’re feeling. Until the accusations begin. The anger, the shaming, the lies, the bullying, the management, and the breakups. Before you already know it, emotional blackmail rears its ugly head.

If you might be dating loads, you will expose yourself to some fairly tousled and manipulative girls. These wounded girls need to be in relationships however they’ll make your life hell if you happen to become involved with them.

Most dating recommendation teaches males the right way to get the woman however skips over the hazard of getting concerned with a lady who makes use of emotional blackmail to get what she desires.

I don’t say this to be essential for girls as a result of the overwhelming majority shall be good girls. I say this to encourage acutely aware dating. So you don’t waste your time toiling in a relationship hoping issues will get higher or imagine that you’ll want to put up with shit to obtain some love.

Being in a position to establish an abusive relationship and having the ability to stroll away means you might be giving yourself an opportunity of being with an extremely nice lady.

What is Emotional Blackmail?

Emotional blackmail is when somebody near us makes use of the issues they learn about us (together with our weaknesses, secrets and techniques, and vulnerabilities) as a way to trigger hurt or manipulation.

The cycle entails idealizing, devaluing, and discarding. They will love and adore you. You would be a tremendous particular individual in their life. Then they are going to needlessly begin criticizing you. Then they are going to blame you for all their issues and need nothing to do with you.

This cycle repeats, leaving the sufferer totally confused, dejected, and depressed.

This is strictly what occurred to my buddy, Keith. Things acquired sizzling and heavy in a short time. He had intercourse together with her on the primary date. She advised him that she by no means felt this fashion a few men earlier than and so they moved in collectively.

Just a few months into the connection, she began to level out issues she didn’t like about him. She didn’t like his sneakers or the way in which he used the wink emoji in his texts or why he doesn’t sit down in the bathroom when going for a pee.

It all appeared fairly innocent till she began to assault him anytime he was in a low temper or simply chilling by himself. If he tried to defend himself, he was known as “lazy” or advised how tousled he was as an individual.

Anytime he challenged her on her unhealthy conduct she would play the “maybe this isn’t working out” or “maybe you should leave” card.

It escalated to the purpose of the place she blamed him for every little thing that was improper in her life and the way she could be so significantly better off without him.

The downside?

He was hooked on her. He couldn’t depart regardless of how unhealthy issues were acquired. He tried to elucidate her conduct away by saying “she has a good side too” or “she had a difficult childhood”. He thought issues would finally kind themselves out. Maybe he may assist repair her tough previous. The cycle repeated itself for about 2 years till Keith was discarded completely.

Emotional blackmail will make your life depressing even after the connection ends. It can destroy your sense of self, your confidence, your authenticity, and your belief in folks.

When you will have emotionally bonded with a deeply wounded lady, it may be arduous to see that you’re in a poisonous and harmful relationship. Being conscious of the kinds of emotional blackmail may also help you establish conduct you wouldn’t have acknowledged as manipulative.

So let’s take a look at some indicators that you’re being emotionally blackmailed.

Signs You’re Being Emotionally Blackmailed

For essentially the most half, being emotionally blackmailed begins off with a seemingly nice relationship. All your good occasions then function as ammunition for future emotional blackmail makes an attempt.

So in case your relationship began off rocky otherwise you’re not that invested in her, the likelihood is you won’t be as weak to emotional blackmail. However, if you happen to be head over heels in love together with her (or she’s in love with you) and you may see a future without her, the blackmail turns all the more practical.

They suppose solely in black and white

Normal persons are in a position to come to a compromise about issues. But emotional blackmailers have a “you’re either with me or against me” mentality. This implies that you both give in to their calls (regardless of how unreasonable) or it’s proof that you simply hate them and need to make them upset. It’s extraordinarily manipulative, however, within the warmth of the second, chances are you’ll be tempted to offer them what they need to maintain the peace.

You doubt your feelings or suppose you may be over-exaggerating

An emotional blackmailer will frequently ignore the feelings of their sufferer. If you’re feeling harmed or unhappy as a result of one thing they did, they are going to possibly let you know that you’re “over-exaggerating” or “too sensitive”. If talking about your feelings or emotions to your associate is a matter then it’s a clear signal that you’re being emotionally blackmailed.

You really feel nugatory and undesirable

An individual being emotionally abused is continually being blamed for every little thing that goes improper. The individual begins believing that they may not be ok. They begin accepting the allegations against them. Seeing themselves as faulty and always attempting to show to their abuser that they’re “good enough” however at all times fall brief. This can result in a collapse in an individual’s self-esteem.

They gaslight you

Emotional abusers are frequent liars. You will hear them say “I never said/did that” rather a lot. This is called gaslighting. This makes you doubt your personal actuality and even query your personal sanity.

You title excuses on your associate’s unhealthy conduct

“She has a good side”, “She isn’t always that bad” or “She had a difficult past”. If any of these phrases sound acquainted, cease, as a result, there is no such thing as a justification for emotional abuse. None in any respect.

You’re pressured to apologize

Emotional abusers don’t have any downside in dishing it out however they hate being held accountable for their very own actions. They won’t ever admit any wrongdoing. Somehow you can see yourself able the place you’re the one apologizing to them and feeling responsible for upsetting them for what began as their unhealthy conduct.

They threaten to break the stuff you maintain pricey

An emotional blackmailer desires to know every little thing about you together with your fears, secrets and techniques, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to allow them to use it towards you. They’ll threaten to smash your issues or destroy your relationships together with your family members. The worry is commonly the worry of abandonment so the abuser will constantly threaten to depart if you happen to problem them with their conduct.

Do they invade your privateness?

Emotional abusers don’t have any downside snooping by way of your cellphone, messages, non-public letters, or anything that may be a private boundary. If you ask them to cease one thing as a result it makes you uncomfortable, they are going to go forward and do it anyway.

How to Avoid Emotional Blackmail

If all of the stuff about emotional blackmail is beginning to make you query being in a relationship, you must take into account all of the methods you may keep away from being blackmailed. Here are a couple of methods you may maintain your sanity and sense of self intact.

Have an exit technique

When you’re being emotionally blackmailed by your girlfriend, you’ll want to begin planning your escape. You ought to have someplace to go if you happen to break apart with somebody you reside with. Start packing your factor and securing vital paperwork so she will’t use them to lure you again in.

If you don’t reside collectively, inform a couple of trusted associates about your ordeal in order that they may also help you keep away from your quickly-to-be-ex. It can even give them the heads up in case your ex desires to blast you on social media in an try to humiliate you.

Run as quick as you may

I should be blunt right here. If you’re feeling you might be being emotionally abused in your relationship then you’ll want to get out of it as shortly as you may. Abusers thrive on inflicting you with emotional chaos. She will burn you out and make you depressing. At first, she might look like she desires to alter and make your relationship higher. Don’t give in as a result of all these pink flags she’s been displaying are her true colors.

Emotional blackmailers might be addicting as hell nevertheless it isn’t wholesome. There is just one approach to keep away from emotional blackmail – delete, block and run as quick as you may.


Self-love is the muse for all of your happiness and success in a relationship. I like to recommend a simple learn, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant. When you like yourself, you’ll stroll away from anybody who treats you apart from the way you need to be handled. This may be an important methodology for avoiding being emotionally blackmailed, so you’ll want to learn to love yourself.

Be an excellent picker and a quick ender

Whatever you place up within a relationship will get worse over time. We see these issues creep into our relationship early on. But we are able to have a tendency to show a blind eye with the hope that issues will get higher or the opposite individual will change. But no matter what you might be coping with now’s simply going to get a lot worse sooner or later.

Having a contented, wholesome, lengthy-time period relationship means having the ability to choose an excellent lady and ending it quickly if you encounter these “red flags”.

There is a boatload of wonderful girls on the market. You don’t have to put up with shit to have a loving relationship. Life is simply too brief for mindless drama and the alternatives to this point and meeting a fantastic lady are too nice.

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