Knowing When Women Like to Be Chased And When They Don’t – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

Knowing When Women Like to Be Chased And When They Don’t – ChatCat Flirting Keyboard

Do girls like to be chased? This looks like a pervasive perception concerning the dating recreation that does not go away: that when a lady says “no,” she actually means “try harder.” Is this true or false?

I’ve had my fair proportion of girls who “play hard to get.” And because it seems, whether or not girls like to be chased or not is just not an easy query to reply to.

Perhaps the higher query to ask is this: Do girls like to be chased by you?

Let’s begin with the excellent news: Whoever she is, she’s most likely mildly enthusiastic about you—or at the very least curious to see what you’re like.

That means for those who perform your strategy correctly, she’ll finally heat up to you. As you spend extra time along with her, you’ll discover her changing into extra engaged and compliant. She could even agree to the date you instructed.

That mentioned, there are components that have an effect on whether or not she desires to be chased by you or not. These components embody the next:

  • Her persona
  • Her availability within the dating recreation
  • The quantity of expertise she has with males
  • Your total attractiveness as a person
  • Your strategy

So, if girls who need to be chased are your sticking level within the dating recreation, then this text is for you. You’re about to study all you want to find out about “the chase.”

Do Women Like to Be Chased?

The reply depends upon two issues: (1) her standing in dating, and (2) her attractiveness as a person.

Reasons why girls like to be chased

One of the commonest explanation why girls like to be chased is the ego increase. Whether a lady is offered or not, she likes the sensation of being chased—which means desired—by males. It’s flattering, and it does her coronary heart good to know she’s nonetheless engaging.

The older she is, the extra possible she’ll crave this ego increase. So for those who’ve observed older girls main you on, it’s since you give her the enjoyment and validation she wants. She desires to be chased as a result of girls wanting to be extra passive when it comes to relationships, requiring the boys to be the initiators. 

Another cause girls like to be chased is extra sensible: it weeds out her weaker admirers. Here’s how that works:

  1. She meets many males, however she performs laborious to get with every of them.
  2. As time goes by, the weaker males and the gamers surrender the chase.
  3. That leaves the intense, expert, and decided admirers within the recreation.

As an end result, she improves the standard of her “pool” of eligible bachelors. So not solely is it an ego increase—it’s additionally an efficient dating technique, notably if she is engaging.

And thirdly, taking part in laborious to get provides her some management over her love life. Some girls want to control their relationships as an alternative to following their man’s lead, and so she lets him chase her (i.e. work for her love and validation) to preserve that management.

Of course, girls who do that do not know {that a} “follower-type” man is an irritating companion—a weak, indecisive suck-up. Let that be a lesson to you: If she performs laborious to get, don’t play by her guidelines.

There’s a greater means, and also you’ll find out about it within the second half of this text.

Meanwhile, let’s speak about:

Reasons why girls do not like to be chased

Here’s the commonest (and apparent) cause: A girl wouldn’t need to be chased by a person she finds unattractive. Naturally, if he’s bodily unattractive in contrast to her, she’ll really feel like she’s out of his league.

Still, an unattractive man has an opportunity if he can attract her together with his persona and wit. Unfortunately, if his persona can be unattractive (e.g. he’s a simp, a pleasant man, or simply extraordinarily needy, and many others.), he removes any doubt in her thoughts.

If I had been requested, I’d say neediness is probably the most unattractive trait of all. If you’re unfortunate sufficient to have that trait in you, the ideas within the latter a part of this text will provide help tremendously.

Now, a lady may even dislike being chased by males when she’s unavailable. On occasion, she could be fortunately taken, and he or she sees different males’ consideration as placing that happiness in danger.

Other girls would possibly at the moment be laser-centered on their careers, companies, households, church buildings, and many others. It may very well be something that leaves them no time for love or dating.

As an end result, a lady who’s unavailable wouldn’t need to be chased. When she’s 100% certain she doesn’t need your consideration, she’ll possibly reply to your advances with a tough “No, thanks,” or a transparent and particular “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

On the entire, although, most girls are extra accessible than you suppose. So for those who suppose she’s attention-grabbing, she’s most likely value getting to know higher.

That is, after all, if you understand how to chase her without being needy. And that’s what we’ll speak about subsequent.

How to Chase a Woman Without Being Needy

This is an enormous deal, by the way in which. The quickest means to lose a lady—whether or not she’s taking part in laborious to get or not—is to be needy. To girls, there’s no male trait extra disgusting than neediness. So, as an alternative to doing no matter what it takes to win her coronary heart, do these:

Socialize with others

This is for these occasions once you and he or she are in a scenario the place there are different individuals—events, golf equipment, social occasions, and so forth. When she sees you socialize with different individuals with the best of ease, she’ll see you’re not needy. And that’s a step in the correct route.

In the center of your dialog along with her, inform her: “Give me a minute, I want to meet these people.” And then rise up, command the room in her full view, then come again to her.

This is known as “social proof”—that’s, girls are more likely to really feel attracted to males who’re in style, charismatic, and effectively-regarded by others. And when she’s impressed, she’s far much less possible to play laborious to get. After all, it’d be a pity to miss out on such a superb man as you.

Focus on enjoyable and flirting

Instead of making an attempt to “get her in the mood for love,” deal with having an enjoyable. Carry a deep dialog, inform foolish jokes, use chase set off phrases, and make her chortle. The easy act of laughing collectively will break the ice and make her really feel extra snug with you.

Then, after giving her an emotional excessive (e.g. she laughs uncontrollably or will get extraordinarily hooked in your dialog), ask her out. Tell her: “We really should have drinks soon—either this Friday or next Thursday. No more hard-to-get stuff.”

In that transient second, “yes” is the one logical and acceptable reply she can provide. And once you deal with enjoyable and flirting, that’s what you’ll get.

Play her recreation

Is she taking part in laborious to get? Well, two can play that recreation. The subsequent time you ask her out and he or she says “No” or “I don’t know,” inform her:

“Okay, well—you have my number, so let me know when you’re free. Cheers.”

And then you definately cease contacting her for a while. You’ve put the ball in her court docket, and now she’s chasing you. Meanwhile, you go on and stay your charmed life, assembly different girls and simply doing all of your factor.

Next time you meet her and ask her out, she’s more likely to say “yes.” Congratulations—you’ve performed her recreation and received, and also you weren’t needy for one second.

Granted, you would possibly lose some girls with this technique. When that occurs, it’s possible as a result she was far more engaging than you had been, or your preliminary strategy didn’t impress her sufficiently. The excellent news is that these areas—your seems to be and your technique—could be labored on. 

Lead her

Lastly, typically a lady is simply shy. She’s inexperienced with males, and he or she’s unsure what to do—so she performs laborious to get by default. To a shy lady, it’s the most secure means to navigate the dating recreation.

And so once you discuss to a shy lady, flirt along with her, and ask her out, she provides the reply that retains her protection: “No thanks, I’m good,” or “I can’t. I’m too busy.”

Now, you could have the choice to be a gentleman and ask her quietly: “Let me guess—you’re just shy,” at which she’ll say or do one thing to affirm it.

Then you say:

“Tell you what. We’ll go out to the place I mentioned. It’ll be fun, chill, and no pressure. But if after 5 minutes you decide it’s too much for you, let me know. I’ll take you back here, no questions asked. Deal?”

An supply like this can possibly get an “Okay, sure,” even from the shiest of ladies. You’ll be pleasantly shocked at how heat and wild she could be as soon as she lets her hair down.

And that’s how to chase a lady without being needy. Do girls like to be chased? Here’s my recommendation: Assume she does, go in, and discover out for certain. Good luck!

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