Best Tinder Conversation Tips and Examples

Best Tinder Conversation Tips and Examples
Don’t know how to start a conversation on Tinder? Does “hey” not work for you? Do you know what Tinder conversation tips will get you results? If you have joined Tinder recently but don’t know how to proceed, you may need some tips to have better Tinder conversations. In the following, we offer some Tinder conversation examples that can help you get more matches on Tinder.

3 Tips for Having Better Tinder Conversations

Whether it’s real dating or online dating, you must have a strategy in your mind. It’s like picking up a girl in a bar, but this time, she is not in the bar, but on Tinder, which allows thousands of people to visit her profile. The complete Tinder conversation tips consist of three key steps. Below we will discuss each step in detail.

Tip 1: Start A Tinder Conversation

Break the ice and start your unexpected and interesting Tinder conversation. Be creative and try to write something that will make an immediate connection between you and your matches. Enter the text that makes her want to respond.

So make it easier for her to engage with you by giving her a question to answer in your conversation starters. Here are two tips for starting a great Tinder conversation:
Start A Tinder Conversation

Tips for Starting A Tinder Conversation

Send it when she's most likely to see it. Tinder’s activity peaks at around 9 pm, or you can hop on it during the Swipe Surge.

Keep following up. What if she doesn't reply to your opening message? Send another one!

Tip 2: Keep Your Tinder Conversation Going

In general, women tend to be attracted to funny men. They think humor is very sexy. So you need to make a joke, but be a little sensitive and slow, you don’t want to bombard her with crazy humor. Find interesting memes and GIFs and send them to her. It turns out that humor can make the conversation go smoothly.
Keep Your Tinder Conversation Going

Tip 3: Asking Her Out On Tinder

Before inviting the girl out, ask yourself a few questions. Was your conversation interesting? Did you chat frequently? Did she respond enthusiastically to you, or did she just respond with emojis? If she is also interested in you, she will also ask questions about you. Finally, if she mentions her weekend plans, you can ask her to go out online.

You can ask her for her phone number first, or contact her in other ways, such as Facebook or WhatsApp. Then you can ask her to go out online when appropriate. Before calling her out, you also need to provide her with a choice of date and time. Providing some suggestions can help you get a good impression. This will ensure she doesn’t feel that she must now plan the date you just asked her for.
Asking Her Out On Tinder

Best First Tinder Message Examples

Here we have picked a few first Tinder message examples for beginners.

Example 1:

Wow, those blue eyes and that fur, how long have you two been together? Is he jealous of newcomers? (you are referring to her pet cat)

Example 2:

Hey, [her name]! Two truths and a lie, let’s go!
I’ve never been on a blind date, I have never been hospitalized, I have graduated with high honors.

Example 3:

Alright, so what movie title describes your love life best?

Example 4:

My dog started humping my phone after I opened your Tinder profile.
Do you mind coming over? He won’t stop.
dog humping phone


The above are some effective Tinder conversation tips and examples that can help you start a Tinder conversation and keep it going. You already have the skills needed to successfully conduct a Tinder conversation, but there are some things you need to pay attention to. The question now is, do you have time to implement them? You can use Chatcat to save yourself a lot of time and frustration. In addition to Tinder, you can also use this smart keyboard on any other dating website or app! It will automatically recommend suitable responses for you to help you flirt online. Download it and start your conversations now!
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